Cameos, in-jokes, re-used animation, and other trivia from Soul.


Other Trivia

  • This is the second Pixar film to feature a main female antagonist against the male protagonist. The first being Toy Story 4.
  • In the film's credits, Production Babies are instead listed as "Recent You Seminar Graduates" in reference to the location.
  • This is the first Pixar film to have a protagonist voiced by an African-American voice actor.
  • Tina Fey collaborated with Amy Poehler, who voiced Joy in Inside Out, which was also directed by Pete Docter.
  • Soul was intended for a theatrical release on June 19, 2020, which was later pushed to November 20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film's theatrical release was eventually cancelled in lieu of a Disney+ premiere on December 25.
    • The COVID-19 pandemic also forced Pixar's animators to complete the film while working remotely. As a result, the "created and produced at Pixar Animation Studios" portion of the credits adds the line "...and in homes at least six feet away from each other throughout the Bay Area."
  • This is the first time that Michael Giacchino did not score a Pixar film directed by Pete Docter since Monsters, Inc., which was composed by Randy Newman.
  • When Joe is about to enter the Great Beyond, the two foreign languages that are heard are Inuktitut ("This beats my dream about the walrus.") and Korean ("Where are my pants?").
  • This is also the first Pixar film to have its title appear at the end.
  • During the approximately 5 years of development, the Soul story team delivered 73,811 storyboards.[2]


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