StateFarm-Cars TV Spot-2006

StateFarm-Cars TV Spot-2006

2006 TV spot.

State Farm® - CARS 2 Pitties

State Farm® - CARS 2 Pitties

2011 TV spot.

State Farm Insurance is a group of insurance and financial services companies in the United States and Canada. The group's main business is State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

State Farm Insurance is the lead sponsor of the Cars 2 "Agents on a Mission" tour.

In 2006, to promote the release of Cars, Pixar created a commercial for State Farm featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater arriving at the world premiere of Cars. Upon their arrival, Lightning suggests that Mater should get an agent now that he is a big star. But when a photographer snaps a shot of Mater right in his face, he flinches and drives backwards into a pole, where he is seen dangling. Lightning then tells Mater he needs a different kind of agent (a State Farm agent). This commercial is non-canon with the Cars films.

In 2011, Pixar again created a commercial for State Farm to promote the release of Cars 2 featuring Mater, Holley Shiftwell and Finn McMissile driving through a street. Mater then gets cocky and drives backwards without looking in his rearview mirrors. He then crashes into a pole again and the pole crashes into a pet store window which causes the planes, miniature trans and miniature micro-cars to get out. Then Sara Safestreet, a State Farm Insurance agent, shows up and honks the State Farm jingle, and a dozen State Farm Insurance Pitties show up and clean up the mess. Mater suddenly pops a tire, so the pitties change Mater's tire. This commercial can be considered canon with the Cars films. Also in the video, the Pixar Ball can be seen on two "pet" trains.

In 2015, an advertisement for State Farm was made to promote the release of Inside Out.


  • In addition to the advertisements, Mater references State Farm in Cars 2. When McMissile and Shiftwell tell him he is a secret agent, Mater thinks they mean an insurance agent, and sings, "Like a good neighbor, Mater is there!" a reference to State Farm's jingle, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!"
  • The 2011 advertisement shows some animals as vehicles. It shows some birds as "mini-planes", snakes as "mini-trains", and hamsters as "mini micro-cars".


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