Stormicide's NSA file.

Stormicide is a character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

At the time of the writing of her NSA file, Stormicide was a graduate student studying chemistry and also cared for her ailing uncle.  Stormicide was one of the Supers targeted by Syndrome for Operation Kronos. She was killed by the Omnidroid 5 during its training sessions.


Stormicide could absorb and emit vapors of various properties (e.g. absorbing oxygen to extinguish flames). Her power acted like a sponge, meaning she could not create gases but had to absorb them before emitting them. She could achieve flight via vapor emission. Her equipment consisted of a pair of polarized, sonic-imaging lenses.


Stormicide was described as an excellent multi-tasker in her NSA file, though was also said to be sensitive to criticism. It was also stated she was committed to hero work. Due to the nature of her powers, she was teased and made the "butt" of the joke frequently. 


  • Much like Downburst, Stormicide's Kronos file mistakingly labelled her powers, listing them instead as the ability to generate electrical discharges and gale-force bursts. As with Downburst, this was disproven by her NSA file and interview tape.
  • The background for her NSA file photo is identical to that of Frozone
  • According to her NSA file, she is a graduate in chemistry and an excellent multi-tasker.
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