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Subconscious Guards Frank and Dave are characters in Inside Out. They are two Mind Workers in police officer's attire who are in faction in front of Subconscious's massive door. Frank has hair and no mustache while Dave is bald and has a mustache.

Inside Out[]

When Joy and Sadness attempt to enter Subconscious, Frank and Dave are busy arguing as one of them claims the other has his hat, to which the latter answers that the hat reads "my hat", and that it is therefore his. This does not stop them from noticing Joy and Sadness sneaking behind, and they imprison the two Emotions.

Later, they are seen arguing again, as both claim that the "my hat" inscription is written in their own handwriting. However, they are stopped short in their discussion when suddenly the door of Subconscious is smashed to pieces and gives way to Jangles the Clown, Riley's worst fear.


  • Frank and Dave are voiced by (and named after) legendary Muppet performers Dave Goelz and Frank Oz, respectively. The recording session, which was the first time the two had worked together on a production in sixteen years, was essentially two hours of the two improvising different conversations, and was described by producer Jonas Rivera as "one of the most inefficient recording sessions we've done."