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The Parr family and Frozone Supers

Supers is a term for superheroes in the world of The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. While it hasn't been confirmed if Supers are 100% human; they all appear to have an ancestral genetic trait that gives them a random superpower. This trait arises only in infancy, though it is possible for the ability to be inert longer than normal. It's also possible for a Super to have multiple superhuman abilities at once.

Normal humans who use gadgets to mimic superhuman abilities like Syndrome do not classify as Supers. In addition, Supers don't need to be superheroes or supervillains to classify as many can be normal civilians.

List of Supers

Unless otherwise stated, all listed Supers are deceased, killed by either capes accidents or by Syndrome's Operation Kronos. Characters with their deaths directly confirmed will be marked with †.


All the Supers in Incredibles 2

Behind the scenes

In a deleted scene for the film, it was originally implied that Supers were forbidden by law to marry each other and have children. When Mr. Incredible, going by the name of Bob Smith, was caught in a trap set by Syndrome (who was originally a one-off villain who sought revenge against Mr. Incredible), Helen Smith walked in on it, resulting in Syndrome paralyzing her, only to discover that she was actually Elastigirl. He then hears the crying of their baby and realizes that they have a child, causing Syndrome to say, "You know Supers aren't supposed to breed."

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