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TYP-E is a supporting character in WALL•E. He is a typing robot that is stationed on the Axiom.

When an EVE unit came back with a positive ID on a plant, TYP-E allowed the escort to let her onto the bridge. When TYP-E saw WALL•E at the back of the MVR•A trolley robot that carried EVE, WALL•E waved TYP-E good-bye. He imitates this gesture, intrigued. When WALL•E and EVE were being escorted back through the area, TYP-E gave WALL•E another wave.

TYP-E is seen creating holes for seeds during the credits.

TYP-E appears to have a keyboard only consisting of 0's and 1's, a reference to a computer's binary code.


TYP-E is a robot who is unable to speak, only to communicate with deep electronic noises. He has a bright red eye with a deep black sclera. His only appendages are two 'arms' consisting of a 'wrist'. His finger is a small pin, able to type in the keys. He has a heavy set of black wires attached to him on his back. He appears to be static, presumably fixed to the ceiling aboard the Axiom, so it is unknown how he was able to leave the ship to plant seeds once it landed.