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  • curprev 23:04, 30 July 2021Anti-Buzzfan120 talk contribsm 299 bytes 0 Anti-Buzzfan120 moved page Talk:Turning Red to Talk:TurningStupid: '''Giulia Marcovaldo''' is a main character in ''Luca''. <noinclude>{{delete|Unused, <noinclude>{{delete|Unused, unneeded.}}</noinclude>{| border=0 cellspacing=!!!!0 cellpadding=4 style="float:right; clear|||||| :right; width:308px; background:#f0f0f0; border-collapse:collapse; border:1px solid #999999; font-size:95%; line-height:1.5;" |- |colspan=2 style="text-align:center; margin: 0px; padding:0px;" |{...
  • curprev 04:12, 6 April 2021Dogman15 talk contribs 299 bytes +299 Created page with ""A young girl's devotion to a boy band who uncontrollably poofs into a giant red panda." The way this is worded, you'd think it's the boy band that "poofs into a giant red pan..." Tag: Source edit