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Terry is one of the abstract figures in the You Seminar in Pixar's film Soul.

She holds an abnormally obsessive nature in which a mere miscount would make her feel uneasy. The figure went as far as thoroughly scanning every soul's surname just to find 'the missing soul' (Joe Gardner). The many Jerries (Soul) respect Terry's work to some degree, but also view Terry as bureaucratic and egotistical.


Terry spends most of the film perusing Joe and preventing him from reviving himself after learning of his escape.

Terry does accidentally extract Paul's soul. Terry undoes this mistake, even though Paul is traumatized by the existential experience.

Terry manages to capture Joe (and also 22) and awards herself for the achievement while lecturing Joe for cheating death. She is then eager to send Joe back to the Great Beyond, but the Jerries urge her to let them handle the situation, so she heads back to her post.

Joe does manage to revive himself again, but this time without the Jerries and Terry knowing. This resulted in Terry's award being relinquished after she and the Jerries discover that Joe didn't return to the Great Beyond as instructed. In the end, Joe returns to the Great Beyond as Terry wanted. The Jerries, however, were impressed when Joe successfully managed to get 22 to find her spark; so Joe was allowed to be permanently revived as a reward. A Jerry then tricked Terry to ignore this exception by altering the count so that she is unaware of Joe's absence.


  • Terry's antagonism is similar to AUTO, as they were both just trying to do their jobs. Unlike AUTO, Terry never tries to harm the main characters by taking her responsibilities to radical extremes.