The Bensons are the secondary antagonists of Toy Story 4. They are ventriloquist dummies and serve as Gabby Gabby's henchmen.[1]

Role in the film

They are a group of ventriloquist dummies who lives at the Second Chance Antiques, led by a dummy who wears a red bow tie and work as loyal servants for the talking doll Gabby Gabby, obeying her every command without question.

The red-tied dummy is first seen taking Gabby in her stroller while Woody and Forky were looking for Bo Peep in the store. Then, Woody meets Gabby Gabby and Benson and when the doll sees that Woody has a voice box, they coerce Woody and Forky into joining them. Sensing an ulterior motive from Gabby Gabby, Woody flees the shop. Gabby Gabby then sends her dummies to chase them and they manage to capture Forky. The Bensons are then later seen patrolling the shelf, turning their heads around as they guard Gabby Gabby and their captive Forky from intruders.

While Woody with the help of Bo, Giggle McDimples, Ducky, Bunny, Duke Caboom and Billy, Goat and Gruff are trying to recover Forky, the dummies surprise them and Woody nearly got his voice box stolen. The group fails their mission and after an argument with his friends, with Bo being indirectly insulted by Woody's remarks, Woody decides to return to find Forky alone. He then confronts Gabby Gabby and she convinces him to give her his voice box in exchange for Forky, Woody having been moved by Gabby Gabby's backstory. Gabby Gabby, happy to have a new voice box, keeps his word and makes Forky go to Woody. Forky then greets Gabby Gabby and Benson and points out that he scares him. However, when Harmony, the girl Gabby Gabby dreamed of playing so much, did not like her, the doll loses hope and tells Woody (who came back to comfort her) that it was over for her. With Bo Peep, Woody manages to convince her to be with Bonnie. Everyone then leaves the antique shop and the first Benson pushes the stroller with Woody, Gabby Gabby and Bo Peep in it to give it a boost before he hops into it. However, the stroller stumbles against a fairground barrier and falls to the ground. A lady then runs to it, raises it up, and sees Benson inside which makes her scream in horror. The Bensons then are not seen again and it is unknown if the Benson in the stroller was brought back to the antique shop or it might be lost somewhere in the carnival.


  • It's possible that the Bensons can't talk because they are ventriloquist dummies and thus can only talk if a ventriloquist uses them to speak "through" them.
    • Although the Bensons can't talk, they still make a few grunting noises, done by Steve Purcell.
  • They resemble and parodying Slappy the Dummy from the Goosebumps franchise, specifically the movie version of the character.
  • The Bensons are resembles the original Woody concept art.


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