The Blueberries are minor characters in A Bug's Life.

A Bug's Life

The Blueberries are a group of young ants who are somewhat similar to a scouting group. Dot is a member of the group. There are about six to eight members, including her. When the circus bugs arrive with Flik, they perform a play for them, which they like at first until they learn that it involves killing grasshoppers, and it also causes a distraught Francis to faint. Francis later becomes the group's honorary "den mother" due to his help in saving Dot and they even change their bandannas to match his pattern. As Hopper and his gang wreak havoc, Dot hides this group into their clubhouse so they can't be found. They help Flik pilot the fake bird to frighten away Hopper. However, the plan is disrupted by P.T. Flea, who mistook the fake bird for a real one and set it on fire, accidentally helping Hopper in the process. When the circus troupe is about to leave, Rosie spots some members under Dim's wings, and a few others, including Dot, are seen crying as they hug Francis a tearful farewell.


  • The Blueberries are actually a parody of the Girl Scouts.
  • The leader of the blueberry scouts is voiced by Ashley Tisdale, who coincidentally also auditioned to voice Dot.


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