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Cover art.

The Incredibles: The Video Game is a video-game based on the Pixar movie, The Incredibles. The game was released in October 2004, on Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, PC/Mac and PlayStation 2.



Throughout the game, you play as different supers and fight enemies, including Syndrome's henchmen, Omnidroid v.8, v.9, and v.10.

You start off playing as Mr. Incredible, in the park. You encounter some men, who look somewhat like ninjas, and fight them. The game has a tutorial, telling you how to attack as you go along. Eventually, after getting rid of Buddy, you go on the rooftops and meet Frozone. You then start playing as him. This time, you can't stop moving, as Frozone is consistently sliding on ice. you can, however, move from side to side, collect water to stay hydrated and health ups, and jump from ramps.

After you finish that off, Mr. Incredible returns. This time, you fight Bomb Voyage in the Municiberg Bank. He has many "ninja" henchman that do most of his fighting, although after you've defeated a certain amount, you must take out as much health from as he can when he comes back into range. He has sticky bombs though, which take some effort to get off.

A cutscene with Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible now takes place, which only shows pictures with subtitles.

10 years later, Bob gets a phone call from Mirage, and goes to Syndrome's island. Here, many new robots and henchman are introduced, including a robot which flies, one that shoots bullets, and one that has blades on its sides which spin around wildly. A taser-stick henchman, and a larger henchman are also introduced.

After fighting your way through the jungle, you come face to face with the Omnidroid. The Omcnidroid has many attacks: stabbing at you with one of its arms, launching its claw at you, and slamming its "body" into the ground, which inflicts damage to you, and throws you to the ground.

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