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Flik: "Your Highness, don't you see? We could send someone to get help!"
Princess Atta: "Leave the island?!"
The Queen: "Oh, now why didn't I think of that? Oh! Because it's suicide!"
Flik and the Queen arguing over the "bug problem"

The Queen is a character in A Bug's Life.

A Bug's Life

The Queen is the ruler of the ant colony. She is an elderly lavender ant who is due to give up her crown to her eldest daughter, Princess Atta. She also admonishes her younger daughter, Dot, for trying to fly before her wings grow in. She has a pet aphid called Aphie, whom she adores. She is also shown to have a possible romantic relationship with another elder ant, Cornelius.

When P.T. Flea arrives looking for his troupe and blows Flik's cover in the process, she banishes them along with Flik and firmly but kindly stops Dot from reaching Flik, putting herself, Atta and the entire colony in danger. The Queen is very beloved by her people, so Hopper decides to teach the ants a lesson about disobedience by plotting to kill her.

She later participates in the magic act of the circus troupe to distract Hopper, in which she is placed into a Chinese Cabinet (actually, she stowed away hiding under Dim's wings) and cackles while observing the chaos the fake bird has caused amongst the grasshoppers. However, the plan is immediately disrupted by P.T. Flea who mistook it for a real bird and sets it on fire, accidentally aiding Hopper in the process. When the Queen learns of Hopper's plot to kill her, she is horrified, and after listening to Flik's inspirational speech, she charges at the grasshoppers in a rage and expels them from the colony, leading Hopper to get killed by the real bird and her chicks, and thus ending his reign of terror and insult on the ant colony.

In the Queen's last appearance, she removes Atta's tiara and replaces it with her own larger crown, officially retiring and making her daughter the new queen.


The Queen is a very kind, caring individual with a good sense of humor. While her daughter Atta gets very stressed about becoming queen and is concerned with every detail, the Queen is more relaxed and can make a joke out of situations that aren't super serious. She is also nicer to Flik than most of the colony, just like her younger daughter Dot. However, when she discovers Flik's deception, she reprimands him for his lies and orders him to leave. She forgives him later, though.