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The First 7 toys of the Toy Story Collection

Thinkway Toys is a Canadian-base toy company that is responsible for creating and distributing several toys and figures from Pixar films, notably WALL•E and Toy Story.


Back when Toy Story was coming out in 1995, Disney was having trouble finding distributors willing to produce the toy products for the film. With the film coming out in only 8 months, larger toy companies such as Mattel and Hasbro as well as Disney Consumer Products had turned down the daunting task of having to produce the Toy Story merchandise. Then in February, after bringing their idea for Toy Story brand toys to the New York Toy Fair, the small retailer Thinkway Toys agreed to produce them. And by December, despite the relatively short period of time given, Thinkway Toys had created the first Buzz and Woody toys.

Toy Story Collection

When Toy Story 3 was being developed, the idea of the Toy Story Characters being recreated into toys being sculpted from Pixar's data came into mind. The Toy Story Collection toys were made with 2 modes; One mode being regular Toy Mode, and the Interactive Mode. Each toy came in film-inspired packaging (For example, Buzz comes in his spaceship box and Woody comes in a Woody's Roundup box) and also came with certificates of authenticity signed by John Lasseter. Woody, Buzz, Rex, RC, The Aliens, and The Army Men came out in The Fall of 2009. Mr. Potato Head was delayed and came out in late March of 2010 and Jessie, Lotso, and Utility Belt Buzz were released in May of 2010. Bullseye has yet to be released. According to a picture in the San Diego Comic Con Convention, There was supposed to be a Toy Story Collection Hamm, but was cancelled due to another Hamm toy looking too much like it being released.

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