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Tippy is a young orphan girl in the animated short One Man Band.

One Man Band

At the start of the film, it shows Tippy, a young orphan girl who was walking over to a wishing fountain in the center of what appears to be a town plaza. As the girl is about to place her coin in, she is suddenly distracted by Bass, a man who was playing several brass instruments.

She runs over to give him her coin, but then Treble, another one-man-band with string instruments appears. As the two compete for Tippy's coin, she accidentally drops it, and it falls into a grate.

Upset, she takes a violin from Treble and the offering cup from Bass. After some tuning, she plays an unexpectedly impressive tune. As she goes to the fountain with her newfound coins, she begins waving two of them in the faces of the one-man-bands, but she tosses them into the top of the fountain.