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Todd is from Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3. He is a Pizza Planet truck from the Toy Story franchise.


Todd in Cars.

"Todd is one of a legion of devoted Pizza Planet Delivery trucks delivering fresh off the line Pizza Planet brand air filters to cars all over California. Every now and then in Todd's quest to make it to his customers, as soon as possible, he stumbles upon an unavoidable detour like: construction, flooded roads, or worst of all, free tickets to the race of the century at the Los Angeles International Speedway."[1]

In the movie, he appears at the Los Angeles International Speedway watching the tiebreaker race between Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, and The King.

Cars 2

Todd's first cameo in Cars 2.

Todd's second cameo in Cars 2.

Todd makes his first cameo in Cars 2 when Guido is serving some drinks at the restaurant. He appears on the LCD television as a guest on a show named the "Tire Talky", just before the Mel Dorado show comes on.

Later in the film, he can be seen in the crowd attending to the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

Cars 3

Todd is seen at the demolition derby race, where he loses his rocket topper in the crowd, and one spectator catches it and declares "I got it!"


  • He is the only car so far known with a frontal wiper on the windshield, although his wiper disappears in Cars 2.
  • He is among the few cars that have the inside mouth shared with their mudguard without any kind of division like the other cars. The reason of this and his wiper is maybe because he is just a modified version of the original Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.
  • Car Finder states that Todd is a Gyoza Poky 2.4 Liter Inline 4, which is consistent with the model the truck was given in Toy Story.
  • Todd on the London panel of the Triptych poster made for Cars 2

    Todd can be spotted in the background of a Cars 2 triptych poster, in the middle London portion near the Victoria Memorial.
  • Todd appears at Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy in the hexagons of racers when Chick Hicks hacks into the simulator.




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