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CARS 2 - Tokyo Arrive Montage

Tokyo is a location that appeared in Tokyo Mater and Cars 2. It's the location of the first out of three races that comprise the World Grand Prix.

Tokyo Mater

Tokyo is the setting of the whole story that Mater tells Lightning McQueen.

Cars 2

Tokyo (Japanese 東京都 Tokyoto "eastern capital city") is the capital of Japan. The numerous colorful advertisements that abound in its center give the town a distinctive look at night. It hosts the first of the three races of the World Grand Prix, as well as the competition's welcome party.

Unlike the other races that take place during daytime, the Tokyo race takes place at night. The track is in the town's streets and passes on the Rainbow Bridge and also past the Tokyo Imperial Palace. It also includes a dirt section. It is also where the first three cars flame out.


Buildings and Attractions


Starting Positions

Position Number Name
1 06 Raoul ÇaRoule
2 5 Miguel Camino
3 4 Max Schnell
4 24 Jeff Gorvette
5 9 Nigel Gearsley
6 2 Lewis Hamilton
7 10 Rip Clutchgoneski
8 7 Shu Todoroki
9 8 Carla Veloso
10 95 Lightning McQueen
11 1 Francesco Bernoulli

Finishing Positions

Position Number Name
1 1 Francesco Bernoulli
2 95 Lightning McQueen
3 8 Carla Veloso
4 7 Shu Todoroki
5 9 Nigel Gearsley
6 2 Lewis Hamilton
7 24 Jeff Gorvette
8 06 Raoul ÇaRoule
DNF 4 Max Schnell
DNF 10 Rip Clutchgoneski
DNF 5 Miguel Camino

Max Schnell's engine got fried at the end of the race

Rip Clutchgoneski's engine got fried in the middle of the race

Miguel Camino's engine got fried on the 2nd lap of the race


  • In Toy Story 2, Al was planning to sell his Woody collection to the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo.
  • Several brands who sponsored Piston Cup teams in Cars appear in Cars 2 on advertisements. These includes Nitroade, RPM, Easy Idle, Vitoline, Mood Springs, Clutch Aid, Tank Coat, Gasprin, an allusion to Lil' Torquey Pistons and also Dinoco. A concept art also shows Octane Gain.
  • A billboard of Harryhausen's from Monsters, Inc. makes a cameo.
  • An advertisement for a Lotso bear from Toy Story 3 is seen.
  • An advertisement for BnL advertising "Lugnut in a cup", and that first appeared in Tokyo Mater, appears in Tokyo.
  • The snow runoff on Mount Fuji looks like tire tread-marks.[1]
  • The race is inspired by the Formula 1 race through the streets of Singapore.[1]
  • The Rainbow Bridge is made up of automobile parts, including valves, rocker arms and springs.[1]
  • Two companies named after the ancient Japan warriors, the Samurais, are seen in Tokyo: a tire brand named "Samuride", seen on advertisements, and "Samairai", an airline company.
  • The Tokyo National Art Center first wasn't planned to appear so prominently in Cars 2. However, while the research trip the developing team took to Tokyo, they had the building close to their hotel, which consequently attracted their attention on it. They found it interesting and decided to use it in the movie for the World Grand Prix welcome party.[2]