Tony Rydinger is a minor character in The Incredibles and a supporting character in Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles

Tony is a popular student of Western View Junior High on whom Violet Parr has a huge crush. She tries to talk to him, but is too shy and disappears whenever he looks at her.

At the end of the film, he finally notices Violet while attending Dash's track meet in the epilogue to the film, and invites her to go to the movies. He does so with a stutter, and Violet shows she has overcome her shyness by finishing his sentence.

Incredibles 2

Immediately after the end of Dash's track, Tony meets with Violet again at the parking lot just as her family battles against The Underminer. He then becomes too scared and flees without listening to Violet's explanations. Much like Kari McKeen did in Jack-Jack Attack, Tony goes to Rick Dicker, who erases his memories about what happened.

Though Violet and Tony had set a date up in the original Incredibles movie which was still expected to take place in Incredibles 2, Tony stood Violet up. Upon being confronted by Violet in school the next day, Tony did not remember standing her up and even asked who she was. Violet realizes that all his memories of her were completely erased when Dicker wiped his brain. 

Later in the movie, Mr. Incredible tries to fix this issue by taking the family (minus Mrs. Incredible) to Tony's family-run diner, where he is a waiter. Violet is shocked upon seeing Tony there and spits out her water. She is then embarrassed by her family making awkward small talk with Tony and runs out of the booth. 

Towards the end of the movie, Violet approaches Tony in school once more. Though his memory was never fixed, they engage in casual conversation again, befriending one another. Violet's attempts at getting to know Tony once more end in success, as she plans to go on a movie date with him. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, alongside Dash and Jack-Jack, are seen driving the couple to the movies. However, police sirens can be heard in the distance, and the family realizes they need to jump into action. Violet pushes Tony out of the car, tossing money outside the window behind him, and tells him to buy tickets and that she will return shortly. The movie ends with a cliffhanger as the family drives towards the sound of crime while putting their masks on, leaving Tony bewildered at the theater.



Tony in Incredibles 2

  • His appearance was heavily altered in Incredibles 2.
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