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As seen in Heavy Metal Mater

Top Down Truckstop is a truckstop located along the highway Mack and Lightning McQueen take to California. It appears in Cars and the Cars Toons short, Heavy Metal Mater.


Right after the "Life is a Highway" scene, Mack is very tired and wants to stop. He is longing to go over to the Top Down Truckstop, but McQueen convinces him otherwise, wanting to hurry up and get to California so he can gain sponsorship from Dinoco.

The truck stop uses the same model as the Dinoco gas station from Toy Story.

Deleted Scene: Top Down Truck Stop

An alternate way of Lightning McQueen getting separated from Mack takes place at the Top Down Truckstop. Mack has to go to the car wash, and says he'll be back soon. McQueen gets impatient, so he goes out and looks around. He gets mobbed by fans immediately, including Dusty, Rusty, Mia and Tia.

Getting distracted, he doesn't notice that Mack, who has just had a ton of caffeine, is energetic again and driving away. McQueen drives after him, but ends up on the wrong side of the road. He tries to turn around, and by the time he ends up on the right side of the road, he cannot see Mack anymore.

According to storyboards, the scene was created in July 2003.

Cars Toons: Heavy Metal Mater

Top Down Truckstop makes a brief appearance in Heavy Metal Mater where Mater and his band performs his first gig. Mia and Tia, who are waitresses, ask them if they have a record, which inspires Mater to record a song.