Topper Deckington III is a character in Cars 2. He is a classic British double-decker bus in a vivid shade of red who relishes in his daily Killswitch route through London's famous bustling Petroldilly Circus.

There are many double decker buses that appear in London, and in consequence, it is unknown which one would be Topper Deckington.


  • Topper Deckington III is modeled as an RM-class AEC Routemaster.
  • One of the double decker buses has an advertisement for "Calahan's Gastropub & Knittery", which is an allusion to Lighting Director Sharon Calahan.
  • Topper Deckington III will appear on a loading screen for Cars 2: The Video Game on occasions. Double Decker Buses appear in Buckingham Sprint races and if you hit one, they will make you spin and slow down.
  • The die-cast version of the double decker bus looks nothing like Topper, since he is assigned to a different route number while Topper is assigned only to Killswitch.
  • The right half of Topper's windshield resembles a monocle. This is because in real life, a Routemaster bus' windshield (which houses the bus' cockpit) is completely asymmetrical, with the right windshield being protruded more than the left. Topper is also given a more protruding nose and his grille resembles a mustache.


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