Toy Story That Time Forgot

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Deleted Scenes

Battlesaurs Christmas

The toys are watching a TV show called Battlesaurs. The toys ask Trixie why she watches Battlesaurs, to which she replies, "It's all about the Battlesaurs and they are the the ulitmate dinosaur". A toy replies, "But you are the ulitmate dinosaur." Trixie replies, "I'm not, I'm whatever Bonnie wants me to be".

At this point, Bonnie and her mom enter, holding a box. Bonnie is asked to put away the Christmas decorations. She picks up Trixie and imagines the dinosaur is a scientist and says as she picks up Angel Kitty, "She has laid many eggs (baubles); we have to store them carefully." So Bonnie puts them away very carefully. She then asks General Elf to help with his laughing ray to put all the Christmas decorations away. But before the lid is put on the box, Buzz says, "Buck up, gang, Christmas will be here before you know it," and Woody says, "Haha, just try to stay jolly" before a Christmas decoration from the box says "Be grateful for your gifts".

Light of Play

Bonnie and her best friend Mason are playing an imaginary game with Mason's toy Battlesaurs and old toy monkey wearing armour with Bonnie's toys, Rex and Trixie, who are also wearing armour so that they look like Battlesaurs, as well as The Cleric, Goliathon and Reptillus Maximus. The toys are having a space party. In the game it is time for tea, so the toys are all fed. When it is time for Bonnie to go home, Mason wants to know when she will be back, as he always has fun when she comes to play.

Prisoners of Bone


Trixie's Proposal

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