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<gallery widths="210" captionalign="left">
Lecardhawaiian.png|''[[Hawaiian Vacation]]''|link=Hawaiian Vacation
Hawaiian Vacation title card.png|''[[Hawaiian Vacation]]''|link=Hawaiian Vacation
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front.jpg|''[[Small Fry]]''|link=Small Fry

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New TS shorts behindthescenes

Angus MacLane, Bobby Podesta, Mark Walsh, and Tom Hanks.[1]

Toy Story Toons is a short series based on the Toy Story franchise. The first episode, Hawaiian Vacation, was released with the theatrical release of Cars 2. A second episode titled Small Fry was attached to The Muppets.[2]



The first episode of the series, Hawaiian Vacation, was first announced by Lee Unkrich in July 2010. As quoted: "We have announced we're going to do a short film in front of Cars 2 that uses the Toy Story characters. We're going to keep them alive; they're not going away forever."[3]

On February 3, 2011 Tom Hanks recorded new dialogue for Woody as seen in his tweet on Twitter: "3 directors boss "Woody" around for Toy Story shorts. Come on, guys!", meaning he was recording for more than one episode.[1]


  • Tom Hanks' tweet, followed by a link to the third image to the right above, suggests that Angus MacLane, Bobby Podesta, and Mark Walsh will direct one or more of the Toy Story Toons. Each Pixarian mentioned is a proven leader - one director and two supervising animators, respectively.
  • The series has been created due to the big success of Toy Story 3 and constant questions from fans of a Toy Story 4.


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