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Toy Story Treats (also known in some regions as Toy Story Shorts) is a series of short interstitials made by Pixar Animation Studios that were used for commercial breaks on ABC's Saturday morning lineup in 1996 shortly around the time of the VHS and Laserdisc release of the original Toy Story.


The shorts largely focus on Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, and the Aliens, as well as some of the minor toys seen in Andy's room (however, some of the other main characters from the film, such as Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, and Bo Peep, did not appear in any of the shorts).

Voice Cast[]


Short # Title
01 "Green Army Man Chant #1"
02 "Hands Down Winner"
03 "Thrill Ride #1"
04 "Shadow Warrior"
05 "Magic Mirror"
06 "Woody's Nightmare"
07 "Itchy Rex"
08 "Staring Contest"
09 "Hat Dance"
10 "Thrill Ride #2"
11 "Alien Encounter"
12 "Ticklish Rex"
13 "TV Time"
14 "Hamm's Scam"
15 "Nervous Rex"
16 "Checker King"
17 "Global Swarming"
18 "Who's There?"
19 "Team Work"
20 "Thrill Ride #3"
21 "Shell Game"
22 "Channel Surfing"
23 "Aliens On Board"
24 "Thrill Ride #4"
25 "Professor Rex"
26 "Green Army Man Chant #2"
27 "New Sheriff"
28 "Mrs. Nesbitt's Return"
29 "The Invasion"
30 "Remote Control"
31 "The Shark's Tale"
32 "Alter Egos"
33 "Space Cadet"
34 "Woody's Dream"
35 "Shadow Puppets"
36 "Spine Tingler Rex"
37 "Ranger Rex"
38 "It's ABC"
39 "Used Car"
40 "Buzz Box #1"
41 "Ancient History"
42 "New Improved Buzz"
43 "Rex Can't Sleep"
44 "New Toy Orientation"
45 "School Day"
46 "Power Failure"
47 "Basic Training"
48 "Force Field"
49 "Optical Confusion"
50 "Buzz Box #2"
51 "Art Class"
52 "Flip Flop"
53 "Go Fish"
54 "Roadblock"


This was one of the first times outside of the video games and merchandise that Jim Hanks had to replace Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody, who returns as a main character of the series (Pat Fraley also replaced Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, who also returned as a main character of the series) due to his and Allen's unavailability.

Due to time constraints and the large number of shorts in production, the characters in Toy Story Treats are quite roughly animated and do not have Pixar's standard fluid animation as seen in their feature films.


  • Composer: J. Eric Schmidt[1]

Home Video[]

These shorts were eventually released onto the Toy Story & Toy Story 2: Ultimate Toy Box DVD set and again as Easter eggs on the Toy Story: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD and as non-Easter eggs on the Toy Story 2010 Blu-ray. Some of the shorts can now be found on Disney's official Toy Story site.

Some of the shorts were re-dubbed on the direct-to-video compilation Tiny Toy Stories to introduce the Pixar short films, with Jim Hanks and John Ratzenberger returning to re-dub some of Woody and Hamm's lines respectively; while Jeff Bennett replaced Wallace Shawn as Rex and Dee Bradley Baker replaced Jeff Pidgeon as the Squeeze Toy Aliens.


  • These shorts are considered non-canon, due to inconsistencies with the Toy Story films. Also, their purpose was simply for gags, meant to be taken lightly.
    • In many of the shorts, Woody and Buzz are still portrayed as rivals, and Buzz acts like a Space Ranger (likely for comedic purposes or to avoid spoilers).
    • The shorts are set in Andy's old house, though they have moved by the end of Toy Story (likely to avoid spoilers).
    • In some of the shorts, the Mutant Toys and Squeeze Toy Aliens appear in Andy's room, though they don't belong to Andy (though Andy does own three Squeeze Toy Aliens after the events of Toy Story 2).
    • Woody's hat is destroyed by Babyface in one of the shorts. In Toy Story 2, it is implied that this is a rare collector's item, which would make it difficult for Andy's mom to replace it.
    • Buzz still has the sticker on his wrist communicator, even though he pulled it off in the first film (likely to avoid spoilers).
  • In Channel Surfing, a clip from the 1927 silent film, Metropolis, appears on the TV, and the clip of the dancing pigs is from the 1949 Famous Studios cartoon short, Farm Foolery. The latter clip can also be seen in Team Work.
  • The idea of toys finding mini versions of themselves, used in The Invasion and Alter Egos, was reused in the Toy Story Toons short, Small Fry.
  • Rex's goldfish bowl with suction cups, used in Ranger Rex, was later used in Toy Story 2.
  • The gag used in Force Field was reused in the Toy Story: Animated StoryBook PC game; when Buzz sees two characters fighting in a Pizza Planet arcade game, he attempts to break them up but cannot get through the "force field".
  • A clip from Roadblock was used at the end of the Glenn McQueen tribute, a bonus feature on disc one of the Finding Nemo: Collector's Edition DVD (possibly because he directed the shorts).