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"Who dares summon Transitron?"

Transitron is a character from Toy Story of Terror!.

Toy Story of Terror!

When Jessie needs to get into a box, she opens one only to find Transitron inside. Transitron is at first annoyed to be summoned, but then expresses gratitude to Jessie for freeing him. Jessie explains how she needs to get into the box, but to not tape it. Although puzzled by this request, Transitron proceeds to do so. As he is putting a second box on top of Jessie's box, a shipping person walks into the room, prompting Transitron to transform into four separate vehicles and run off.

He is also seen in the end, driving away on the shipping van with the other stolen toys.


A mock commercial for Transitron was included on the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Toy Story of Terror!. It is made as an 80s Japanese stop motion show. All voices are in Japanese, made by Dice Tsutsumi. In this commercial, Transitron is sent to annihilate a kaiju wreaking havoc in a city.


Toy Story of Terror Transitron Toy Commercial


  • Transitron is a homage to Japanese transforming robot toys from the 80s, the best known of which are Hasbro's Transformers.
  • Transitron's part placement and combination is similar to Kousoku Gattai Great Five (Minus a vehicle that makes up his head since he has a head hidden in the vehicle that makes up his entire torso.) from the 11th Super Sentai Hikari Sentai Maskman.
    • Ironically the vehicle that makes Transitron's body is a twin drill vehicle just like the mecha that forms Great Five's body Masky Drill.