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Tri-County Landfill.jpg
Buzz: "Where are we now?"
Rex: "In a garbage truck on the way to the dump!"
Buzz and Rex, while inside a garbage truck en route to the landfill

The Tri-County Landfill is where Lotso and Andy's toys are taken to after a garbage truck in which they are trapped in dumps them onto the earth, along with the rest of the garbage collected from Sunnyside Daycare and other places in the film Toy Story 3.

The name of the landfill is written on an overhead sign that the garbage truck drives under on its final approach.

Locations within


This is where garbage trucks, property of Tri-County Sanitation, dump garbage from Tri-County Area. Lotso, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys get dumped here. Bulldozers plow garbage onto a conveyor belt that leads to the following locations below.


The shredders crush large objects into small chunks. There is a magnetic ceiling that pulls metal objects from a bottom conveyor belt full of garbage. To avoid the shredders, the toys must grab metal objects that pull them to the magnetic ceiling.


Andy's toys as they almost go into the incinerator at the landfill.

This is where garbage, cascading down an enormous bowl, is burned to ashes by an incinerator at the very center of the bowl. Woody, Buzz and the other toys end up here as a result of Lotso's betrayal and face certain, inevitable death until they are rescued by the Aliens operating a giant claw.

Outside the furnace

The claw carries the toys here and they, after rejoining with the Aliens, hitch a ride home via Sid's garbage truck. It is also where Lotso is found and picked up by a garbage man who had once owned a Lots-o'-Huggin Bear as a kid.


  • The incinerator scene is the darkest scene ever made in any Pixar film.
  • The Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode "Stranger Invasion" has Emperor Zurg requesting incinerators instead of a standard garbage smasher in a new base, as they would be far more difficult to escape from.