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Riley's memory of the TripleDent jingle


Tripledent Gum

"Did I ask for the gum commercial?!"
Anger, upon hearing the jingle

TripleDent Gum is a brand of "spearmint flavored gum" in Inside Out. At some point in her life, Riley saw a commercial for the company, and its jingle got stuck in her head ever since then. Indeed, the memory of this commercial is one of the strongest Riley has, to the point Forgetter Bobby says it "will never fade." The voices in the jingle are sung by Nick Pitera and Andrea Datzman.

Much to the annoyance of the Emotions, the memory has a tendency to come up to Headquarters randomly without being called out. This is in part because the Forgetters love it so much they sometimes send it to Headquarters for no reason.

During the credits, it is revealed that a bus driver named Gary has the same memory, and that it annoys his emotions much more than Riley's, so much that they turn into the shape of his Anger.

Jingle Lyrics

TripleDent Gum
Will make you smile
TripleDent Gum
It lasts a while
TripleDent Gum
Will help you, mister
To punch bad breath right in the kisser
TripleDent Gum!


  • TripleDent Gum may be inspired by Trident Gum, which Pixar had produced a commercial for prior to making Toy Story. The commercial bears no resemblance to TripleDent Gum though.
  • TripleDent Gum also appears as the sponsor for Terry Kargas and Cam Spinner, two of the Piston Cup racers in Cars 3.