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Cameos, in-jokes, re-used animation, and other trivia from Turning Red.


  • Sid's skull design appears on Miriam's skateboard, alongside stickers of Sox the Cat and the Star Command logo.[1]
  • A sign reading "Bao Restaurant" is visible when Mei hurriedly exits the cable car.
    • The upside down Chinese sign from Bao is also visible in Mei's living room.
  • The rabbit from Burrow appears as a sticker on Mei's notebook[2] and again during the film's credits.
  • A Purl keychain hangs on Mei's desk.
    • Domee Shi had also done background voices in Purl.
  • During the school escape scene, a sunglasses store called "Brooks Optical" is seen, which is a possible nod to tailoring & simulation supervisor Jacob Brooks.
  • Packs of TripleDent Gum appear on the Daisy Mart's counter.
  • Carter Murphy-Mayhew's shirt reads "Escápula," one of the talent show competitors from Coco.
  • A skeletal model of Kevin from Up appears in a classroom where Ming spots Panda Mei.[3]
  • Papeles picados from Coco are hung from a building Panda Mei hurriedly passes.[3]
  • A Nemo sticker briefly appears on one of the bathroom stall doors.
  • Some donut holes and balloons at Tyler's party are arranged in a "Hidden Mickey" formation.
  • The Luxo Ball appears during the party, floating in Tyler's pool.
  • The brand of the camera Mei and her friends used for their video is an "Elwood" camera, which is a nod to sets shading artist Luke Cutler Elwood.
  • The Pizza Planet Truck is parked along the street as Mei runs to the concert.
    • Pizza Planet boxes and advertisements respectively appear at Tyler's party and the SkyDome.
  • A113 appears on "The Chalker" that Jin uses at the SkyDome, as well as the 4*Town tickets in the credits.
  • The blue jay from Dug Days makes a cameo in front of the destroyed SkyDome.

Other Trivia

  • Turning Red released for all Disney+ subscribers on March 11th, 2022.[4] Like its predecessors, Soul and Luca, the film was originally slated for a theatrical release.[5]
  • A Disney+ behind the scenes documentary entitled "Embrace The Panda: The Making of 'Turning Red" was released alongside the film.
  • Some characters' eyes sparkle and dilate when they become excited or emotional, similar to the anime art style.
  • Priya is first seen reading a vampire novel entitled Nightfall, a nod to the Twilight saga and the anime series Little Witch Academia.[3]
  • Mei refers to the temple's red panda statues as "Bart" and "Lisa", a reference to The Simpsons.
  • While running to the 4*Town concert, Mei jumps in a similar manner to Makoto Konno in the official poster for the The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006).
  • Donut boxes from Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Hortons are visible throughout the film.