Tyler Gremlin is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"While other boys in school had cool racing stripes, Tyler Gremlin was stuck with hockey-stick stripes, and they were cheap decals to boot. Picked on in school for his goofy graphics and lack of horse power, it came as no shock that his personality got a bit menacing as time went on. The mischievous Tyler would drive without his headlights on after the dark, or chain a police officer's chassis to a lamppost. He became so salty that if any car so much as tooted their horn they would get T-boned. Most cars learned to yield to him. If a car tried to stand up to him, they'd have to hit-and-run because he always came back swinging ... just like a hockey stick."[1]

Tyler's only known appearance in the movie is in Rod Redline's death scene in the group of Lemons behind the Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter. Another red Gremlin appears connecting the tank of Allinol to Rod and later appears as one of the Lemons in the back alley. He/she, however doesn't have black stripes like Tyler.


  • Tyler's last name "Gremlin" is the name of his model.
  • On the packaging for his die-cast version, his eyes are brown, but on the actual toy, they're incorrectly green.
  • According to his die-cast version, his license plate is WREKD, short for "wrecked", which is the same as Grem's and Don Crumlin's.



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