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Tyler Nguyen-Baker is a major character in Turning Red[1]. He is a former bully of Mei but becomes friends with her at the near end of the movie. He is presumably well-off financially, judging by his ability to pay $200 for Mei to appear at his birthday party.


Before, when Tyler was bullying Mei, he liked to embarrass her in any way possible, including mocking her verbally and going around school hanging posters to embarrass her as well. He is shown to have a bit of a temper, as seen when he chases Mei after she pops his basketball saying, "Oh, you're dead!" and when he yells at her at his party, insulting her mother and her family temple.

At the end of the movie, Tyler is embraced into Miriam, Priya, Abby, and Mei's group. He enjoys the concert with them, crying, and grinning along with them, and even helps the girls enlist 4*Town so that they can perform the ritual to save Ming.


Tyler wears sporty clothes, including a basketball jersey, shorts, high tops, and a sweat band. His hair is brown and curly and he has brown eyes and tan skin. Later in the movie, he is shown wearing a friendship bracelet like the girls in his friend group, presumably made by one of the four girls.


  • Tyler's favorite member of 4*Town is Aaron Z.



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