"Most superheroes have the alter-ego so they can have the so-called 'normal life'. Me, I choose not to."
—Universal Man in his NSA file

Universal Man is a character in The Incredibles .

The Incredibles

Universal Man was one half of Beta Force alongside Blazestone, though the two had a dysfunctional relationship. 

He was the first Super to be targeted by Syndrome for Operation Kronos. He was killed by the Omnidroid v.X1.


Universal Man is listed as having the power of atomic density manipulation in the Operation Kronos database. His NSA file elaborates, showing that he can fly by transforming his molecular structure, and likewise make himself indestructible at will. The danger of this is the possibility of him turning into a black hole, which could have massively destructive effects. The Operation Kronos database assigned him a threat rating of 2.9. 


Universal Man is one of the only Supers to not possess any secret identity, and has received "flak" from fellow Supers due to this. As a result, he has devoted his entire life to crime-fighting. His NSA file mentions he has low self esteem, and does not enjoy secret identity life.


  • Universal Man is most likely named after the special morphable models that Pixar created for the film in order to create all its different background characters and extras, with this character being one of them. [1]
  • He could also be named in reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger, based on his title as "Mr Universe", which he first won in 1969 for his bodybuilding work before holding the title five more times. This is backed up by his thick Austrian sounding accent in the audio to his NSA file, an obvious parody of Schwarzenegger's own distinct voice, as well as the background noise of weights being lifted in a gym.
  • Despite the ability to make himself indestructible, Universal Man was still defeated by the first Omnidroid, it can only be assumed that he was taken by surprise and killed before being able to change his molecular structure.


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