"Unparalleled Parking" is the second episode of the first season of Pixar Popcorn.


On a sunny day in Radiator Springs, several cars attempt to parallel park with varied results.


At the Cozy Cone Motel, Sheriff sets up a parking test for the cars. Guido then demonstrates how to park successfully without knocking over a half ring of cones. Lizzie goes first, but fails her test by knocking over three cones (as marked by the traffic light icon shining its red light on it). Lightning McQueen comes up next and passes his test gallantly (as marked by the traffic light icon shining its green light on it). Chick Hicks comes up next and tries to pass like Lightning, but gets enraged after tipping one of the cones just as Chick angrily knocks over the cones, failing his test. Ramone comes up next and tries to pass the test without knocking over the cones just as he lifts his hydraulics, followed by Luigi and Guido parking under him, causing Ramone to pass the test. Mater follows up and tiptoes to pass the test like what Lightning McQueen did to which he successfully passes it. Suddenly, Miss Fritter passes by and speeds past the area where the cars practice without hitting any the cones just as she knocks over all the cones and the parking sign, causing her to fail the test. Lizzie comes back and Guido puts the parking sign on the spot where Miss Fritter knocked all of the cones, causing her to pass the test successfully.



  • At the bottom left of the screen, a traffic light pops up flashing red and green lights whether each car passes or fails.
  • Chick Hicks is erroneously identified as Brick Yardley in the short in the English Audio Description. This is because Chick Hicks's number is 86 and Brick Yardley's number is 24.
  • This is the first Cars production without any involvement of John Lasseter.
  • This is the second Cars short to not have dialogue.

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