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Hi! My name is Juanmaseta and I'm a great fan of Pixar. I discovered Pixar when I was about three, when Monsters, Inc. came out. After that, I watched every single movie Pixar released. I'm actually pretty excited for The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out. . I'm from Bogotá, Colombia, I really like acting and I'm afraid of heights. 

I'd Like Pixar to Do...

  • The Incredibles 2 (It's just neccesary)
  • A movie about society before WALL-E, something about Buy N' Large's origins and glory. That'd be kinda cool, to see how the normal humans we all know and love became consumist monsters. WOW. My revolutionary self just came free. I think it could be called Before & After. What? I'm not good with names. You know what, I think I could do a fanfiction about it... Hmm...

My Top 14 Favorite Pixar Movies 

14. CarsI liked it, but not that much. I'm more of an zoomorphic guy, so I don't really like movies that have those many cars.

13. Cars 2I liked Cars 2 because of the characters. I didn't really enjoy the plot. Plus, just look at the poster. the protagonist isn't the guy on front, Lightning McQueen. It's they guy at the back, Mater. 

12. BraveBrave was a nice movie and all, but let's face it: It was more for girls than guys. The plot was great, all about changing your fate and such. And, King Fergus was just hilarious. 

11: Toy Story 2: I loved Toy Story 2, but it wasn't my favorite. Still, it's a great movie.

10: The IncrediblesAs a kid, I loved the Incredibles. Not just because of the superhero stuff, but because of the characters. Bob was super cool, Helen really felt like a mom, Dash and Violet were relatable, Jack Jack was too cute and Edna E. Mode was hilarious. The Incredibles was a great movie, but not as heartwarming as the following ones. 

9: WALL-EThis movie is actually really good. It has a beautiful story, adorable characters, and a lot of emotions. Plus, it has a great way of showing us what will happen in the future if we don't start making a difference. So it has a nice message for future generations. 

8: Ratatouille: Ratatouille had a completely relatable story of following your dreams no matter how you look like or who you are or where you come from. Plus, the food looked great. :D 

7: A Bug's Life: I think I never told you I like old movies. Some people my age say that A Bug's Life is the least favorite Pixar film. It's not. It's actually pretty awesome. It has great characters, a cool (but kinda short) story, and plus P.T. Flea was just hilarious. 

6: Toy Story 3: After a REALLY long period of time in which we asked and asked for Toy Story 3. Some said it'd be bad because it was the third. Some other people thought it'd be just like Shrek: The two first movies were great, but the third and fourth movies were terrible. But after I watched it, I knew they all were wrong. IT WAS AWESOME!

5: Monsters UniversityThis movie had the same case as Toy Story 3. And well, it was awesome too. It had many characters, and a relatable story. Maybe it would be cool if we interacted more with minor characters: maybe Rosie Levin, or Reggie Jacobs, Baboso Goretega, and Big Red, and all those minor characters. 

4: Toy StoryToy Story was a great movie about family, friendship and accepting that sometimes people you don't like will show up in your life, but still they can turn in your best friends. So it was great. And, Mr. Potato Head is just da bomb. 

3: UpThis movie was just heartwarming. What other movie have you seen that makes you cry at the beginning with a MONTAGE? That, my friend, it's the magic of Pixar. God bless Pete Docter. 

2: Finding Nemo: Let's just simplify this one to one word: Beautiful. 

1: Monsters, Inc.If I try to explain why this beautiful movie is here, it'll take me at least three years. So let's use two words: My childhood. 

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