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'''Ziah Sarah Fogel''' (also known as '''Ziah Fogel''') is an animator who works for [[Pixar Animation Studios]].
At Pixar, Fogel worked in departmeants such as Character Rigging, Cloth modeling and simulation, Lighting, Shading, Layout, and Crowds Animation. On Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and the short film Boundin’ she worked as a Lighting technical director.
==Personal Life==
In 1996 Fogel graduated from Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley, CA, and in 2000 she graduated from University of Southern California with a B.A. in Cinema-Television Production and a B.S. in Computer Science.
* [[Finding Nemo]] (2003) CG artist
* [[The Incredibles]] (2004) lighting artist
* [[Frozen Fever]] (2006) simulation & crowds supervisor
* [[Cars]] (2006) crowds supervisor
* [[Ratatouille]] (2007) crowds supervisor
* [[WALL-E]] (2008) crowds sequence lead
* [[Cars 2]] (2011) crowds sequence lead

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