hey...a very angry 27finsprincess here from Aventure Time wiki,

okay so there has literally been a WAR, between Adventure Time...which Adventure Time wiki website is based on...and MLP, which doesn't have anything to do with AT...and there are more ponies and pony talk then AT?? I respect that they llike, or love (which everyone does LOVE) MLP, but people are now saying a show about pony friendships is better and more popular then the awesome and epic adventures of an adorable kid and his strechy dog with his crazy, magical friends. I mean isn't this show why we are all there beacuse of AT??? THIS ENDS HERE!!! If MLP is more popular then AT, then I will scream and hide myself in a closet forever, which it may be because almost all of the users are "bronies" and "pegasisters".

Which show is better????

The poll was created at 17:06 on July 9, 2012, and so far 14 people voted.

If MLP gets more votes then that show is more popular *tear*, if Adventure Time gets more votes then that is the most popular show. But, EVERYONE HAS TO VOTE to get an accurate answer. And one question, why do adults like MLP?? I mean I used to play with the dolls and stuff, but when I was like 5 and then grew out of playing with them. And there are even guys who like the show....Is it funny or epic?? Just show me some videos and comment to prove MLP is NOT a kids show. cause from the name i don't know how adults enjoy it...


from Adventure Time wiki

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