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During the film Stinky Pete tells woody and Jessie that the last episode and Woody's round up was cancelled. Stinky Pete turned off the TV himself. It's possible that he lied to woody and jessie.

When Buzz and the gang come to rescue woody you can hear the TV in the background playing an episode saying "

Everybody Okay?

Sherif Woody I knew you'd make it!"

See 0:58 in this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiPNEL9ealA

It could be argued that this was an older episode but Woody then seems to watch the episode quite attentively bearing in mind he binge watched the entire series earlier.

Also the museum was willing to pay a whole load of money for the toys. Would they really want to do that for toys of a cancelled forgotten TV show which no one seemingly cared about? Seems more likely that Stinky Pete lied and Woody and Jessie didnt realise they were watching the last episode because of everything that was going on.

What do you think?