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Event photos, how to manage them? If this is your question, know that the photographs taken during the events (corporate and commercial) you organize are a gold mine because they lend themselves very well to being reused for your social marketing activities and to always maintain direct contact. with your target , enhancing your brand awareness .

So, when organizing your event, or your events, plan your photographic activity well, by hiring a professional photographer and then carefully file and preserve the material. Your marketing expert or your social media manager (you can also hire him as a figure if he is not already in your company's staff), will make good use of it for the following months. Here are some ideas to better manage your event photos… later.

Photo events, plan and don't improvise

An event, as we know, has a high percentage of "randomness" in the sense that when it starts… nothing is pre-established as it happens for photo sets.

However, you can do a great job of planning upstream. First of all, avoiding DIY. If you plan to immortalize your event by shooting only with your smartphone, you may then find that most of your shots will not be usable. Hire a professional photographer, to whom you will describe your event and the use you intend to do after the related photos (e.g. social marketing or gadgets). It will be the professional himself, if he does not know the location, to ask you to be able to make an inspection to become aware of spaces, lights, etc .: all information that will be essential for him to shoot well. A few examples?

With the inspection, the photographer will "take the measures" to take optimal photos, easily reusable in the client's brand awareness and social marketing . He will realize how to make any "false full", the brightness and how to make the shots as natural as possible by focusing on discretion and personal experience. In this way you will have really good photos that will accompany you for a long time and the investment of hiring a professional will be amply repaid.

Event photos, what to commission to exploit them afterwards

Alessandra Boiardi of Meeting & Congressi interviewed Daniele Molajoli who takes care of photographing events . The photos of events, in the words of the professional, “should convey a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and elegance regardless of the communication objectives “. Taking a photo of an event in progress is not easy at all, because “what awaits us does not always happen during the event and so it becomes difficult to fulfill the client's requests to the letter. In such a case people also want to know that Video Animation Company , the photographer resorts to technique and experience, for example looking for shots that allow the creation of false fulls even with a low number of people “.

However, several experts agree that it is rather useless to commission an avalanche of photos from and above all it is forbidden to go "haphazardly". You would find yourself at the end of the meeting with many messy photos and without a logical thread, therefore difficult to reuse. Event photographer Giovanni Albani Lattanzi e

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 09.24.24.png

xplains: “ All events can be divided into different phases: the preparation, the main attraction of the evening, the finale and the moment of evacuation. All these phases of the event represent different moments of photography “. And therefore they must be documented. Thus divided, the photos can then be used for social marketing and brand awareness.

From this perspective, therefore, it is essential:

·         View the portfolio of the professional which shows his experience also in the "events" field

·         Describe your event

·         Invite him to an inspection

·         Ask him to sequence the shots in the 4 main phases (indicated above).

Event photos: here's how to use them "after"

Once the event is over and the professional has delivered the photographic material, the social media manager and / or marketing expert comes into play and will use the shots to enhance, as we have said, both brand awareness and presence on company social networks.

Your marketers, also possibly with engagements, can use live photos to post your event live on corporate social channels. In particular, this technique is used on Instagram and Facebook and if the company already has a large group of passionate followers, this live photo technique will be appreciated and followed.

The professional photos taken by the photographer, on the other hand, are precious material to enrich the company social profiles and the pages of the official website, as long as they are (and will be) in high resolution, of excellent quality and with an intrinsic narration. Furthermore, they can be the ideal base for corporate gadgets, posters to put in the office (this is also communication), totems for a future stand and material for making flyers, brochures and corporate presentations.

Therefore, images are rightfully included in the communication strategy of your business and should be treated as such. On social media, be sure to post self-narrating photos, which highlight your core business and its use, public participation, some details including the company logo. Finally, identify the right hashtag to promote your event and if your business is closely linked to a territory, also tag the geographical location.