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    New Brave Trailer!

    April 24, 2012 by Crazyhead88

    Well, I realize that I haven't made a blog post in a while...skipping out on two Brave featurettes, a trailer/clip, and lots of images. Well, we have here a new trailer, which is probably the final one. Watch it here:

    Finally, I'm starting to find some trivia. First off, many people thought it would be impossible to hide some pieces of trivia in this movie, such as the Pizza Planet Truck, as it takes place in the 12th century. Well, in according to some staff, they will all be there. That is a relief.

    First off, I do believe I've found a Hidden Mickey.

    And.......that's it.

    I cannot find anything else! Geez, this movie's easter eggs are going to be a tough find! Anyway, if you have found any, please leave a comment or write a blog post about it…

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  • Crazyhead88

    I'll just throw this out there now: La Luna didn't win. The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lesmore did. Now I'm going to go get it on iTunes before the price goes up.

    Good news: Did anyone else see the Brave commercial during the Oscars?

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  • Crazyhead88

    IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! IT'S FINALLY HERE! Now lets see if this embed thing works:

    So, the first thing is that this is more of a clip then a trailer. But the clip is so cool! The cleverness of the way the arrow splits the other arrow! The coolness of the way the guys are not as cool as they look! (See, that shows that you should base things on skilll, not looks.) The trailer just has that way of keeping the drama, even without music or a montage or anything. It just makes you want more.

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  • Crazyhead88

    Before I say anything, just look for yourself.

    Okay, that was to emphasize the detail. Now that you've looked long enough at it zoomed in, lets see just a

    normal, regular sized picture. That's easier to look at. Not that it isn't hard to look at this stunning poster zoomed in! This is just incredible, putting an emphasis on the bear and the bow (ha, original title), the Wisps, and, of course, the HAIR. Need I continue about the hair? No. Everything you need to know is right in the picture.

    Oh, did I forget to mention that the NEW TRAILER IS COMING OUT in 1, count em, 1 day? (Actually, there isn't much to count. THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!!!!)

    What are your thoughts on this poster? Are you excited for the trailer tomorrow? (That was a rhetorical qu…

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  • Crazyhead88

    Rotten Tomatoes has released a list of the 75 best animated films of all time. You can see the list here. As you could expect, Pixar had a very high place on the list. Not that neither of the Cars movies appear though.

    In #36, is A Bug's Life! A Bug's Life earned 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The descriptions are as follows:

    In #26, is Monsters Inc, which earned 95%.

    In #11, is Ratatouille, which earned 96%.

    In #10, is The Incredibles, which earned 97%.

    In #9, is Finding Nemo, which earned 98%.

    In #8, is WALL-E, which earned 96%.

    In #4, is Toy Story, which earned a whopping 100%!

    In #3, is Toy Story 3, which earned 99%.

    In #2, is Up, which earned 98%

    In #1 is............if you havent figured out from the name of this blog post...........or that it is the …

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