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(Blog post created or updated.)
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Jess Harnell - Mr. Soil
Jess Harnell - Mr. Soil
Alex Rocco - Thorny
Rodger Bumpass - Thorny
David Ossman - Cornelius
David Ossman - Cornelius

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Ok, let's say I LOVE "A Bug's Life", and I think it deserves a sequel. So let me give my opinion on what happens.

After the untimely death of the Queen, Atta takes the throne. She likes Flik a lot more now, but before she can make him her king, the despicable Queen Honeycomb threatens to overthrow Ant Island and make her new hive and kingdom there. Flik has no choice but to track down the Circus Bugs, and with a new friend from the circus troupe (Molt the grasshopper), Flik and the crew plan to overthrow Queen Honeycomb, her faithful allies Bizz and Buzz, and her Bee Drones themselves.

The cast will be...

Dave Foley - Flik

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Queen Atta

Hayden Panettiere - Princess Dot

Jennifer Saunders - Queen Honeycomb

Andrew Stanton - Bizz

Lee Unkrich - Buzz

John Ratzenberger - P. T. Flea

Denis Leary - Francis

Jerome Ranft - Heimlich

David Hyde Pierce - Slim

Bonnie Hunt - Rosie

Tina Fey - Gypsy

Bob Peterson - Manny

Brad Garrett - Dim

Michael McShane (or Kenn Navarro)- Tuck and Roll

Richard Kind - Molt

Jess Harnell - Mr. Soil

Rodger Bumpass - Thorny

David Ossman - Cornelius

Edie McClurg - Dr. Flora

If you want this to be different, let me know by commenting, and I'll see if I like your ideas!

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