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It has happened to all of us, parking our car and not noticing that where we left it could not be possible and when we returned for it we saw that it was no longer there. We can go crazy and think that it has been stolen or look and see if we had parked in a place that we should not. If this happens to us, it is very simple how to know if the tow truck took your car by following these simple steps.

Before we get scared and think that our car has been stolen, we must make sure that where it was we could park without any problem and, above all, see if that was really where we had left it. It would not be the first time that someone thinks that their car has been taken and then it is a few meters apart.

Steps To Follow To Find Out If The Tow Truck Took Our Car

The steps we must follow to know if the tow truck took our car and how to recover it if so are:

  • Once we have verified that our vehicle is not there, we must look on the ground or around the place to look for a sticker that indicates that the car has been towed away. If we do not find any of this we can proceed to call the town hall of our municipality to find out if our car is in a deposit. It is also possible that in your municipality this procedure can be done online by entering your registration number.
  • If your vehicle is in the warehouse we will have to proceed to pay the corresponding fine, the longer we take, the more expensive it will be. We will have to pay not only the price of the fine but also that of the withdrawal of the car from the deposit, the price will be higher or lower depending on the time the vehicle has been in it. In some, if you withdraw it before 24 hours it is free, so be careful, whatever happens, the sooner you withdraw it the cheaper it will be.
  • Something that most people do not know is that if when we get to the place where we have parked and we see how the crane is taking it, we can interrupt it and demand that it not be taken. Of course, you will have to pay an interruption fee, which will be lower than what we would have to pay if they took it away.
  • When we go to the withdrawal of the vehicle we cannot forget to bring all the corresponding documentation. It depends on who is going to get the vehicle, they will have to carry one documentation or another: 
    • If you are the owner of the vehicle you will have to present your ID, driver's license, residence permit or passport. You will also have to bring all the relevant documentation, including Auto For Trade
    • If the person who goes to the depot for the car is not the owner, they have to present their ID, driver's license, residence permit, or passport, together with a photocopy of the ID of the person who owns the vehicle, an express authorization signed by him and vehicle documentation.  
    • If the owner of the vehicle is a legal perso
      n, the person who withdraws it must present the original ID, driver's license, passport or residence permit of the authorized person, a photocopy of any of the previous documents of the authorizing owner, vehicle documentation, the deed or the copy where it appears that the representative will remove the vehicle, if he is not the one who picks it up, you can authorize another person with an authorization in which the stamp of the corresponding company must appear.

Finally, we recommend that when you go to remove the vehicle you make sure that it has not suffered any damage or scratches, if this happens do not hesitate to notify it and take photos.