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The reviews for Cars 2 are starting to trickle in, and for almost the first time in Pixar-Disney history, they are not overwhelmingly positive. Pixar's dominating streak in family franchises and CGI flicks have been astounding thus far, but several critics are calling Cars 2 a misstep.

Although Cars 2 was always expected to perform slightly below expectations, critics believe that scores of families will go see Cars 2 regardless. After all, the first was a success and children will undoubtedly be excited. But they won't love it. Why?

According to Patch, "The studio is coming off one of its best stretches — "Up" and "Toy Story 3" have both been instant classics — while the studio's signature director, John Lasseter, is back for the first time in several years as well. But Cars 2 has the feel of a desperate cash-in in a way that neither "Toy Story" sequel ever did. Cars 2 is the first Pixar film that was sincerely made to sell toys first."

The biggest draw for children was the shiny cars and their likable personalities, but even that will disappear with the second movie! The awesome protagonist of Cars, Lightning McQueen isn't even the main character of Cars 2. This coupled with a complicated plotline might lose some children's interests.

It's a sad day for Pixar devotees, but not so for Pixar or Disney. As NY Post so succinctly puts it, "even if Cars 2 has a lousy opening weekend, children are going to hound and nag their parents into buying enough Cars-branded merchandise to equal the GDP of a small sovereign nation."

It doesn't sound promising. What will you do Pixar fans? Should we give Cars 2 a chance anyways?

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