This is a blog with what stuff look like in the Cars world, what names are used in it and how cars are able to do, hold and use stuff.


When people use a camera to take a picture of themselves, a forklift is able to set up the camera, but it is unknown about a normal car, like in Time Travel Mater.

And forklifts can push switches like changing volume on recording music and people singing.

Also, the tyres/tires seem like that they would be shoes in the human world.

In Porto Corsa, when it shows the boats, but before the race starts, you can see cars on the water. A few cars are on floats that are round and don't have holes like the lifebuoy. These might be those floating things for when a person relaxes on them. Another car is on a plank on a boat, was wearing an altered floating thing on its back as to float, looks similar to armbands, the car bounced to do a jump and somersault and land in the water, that thing to have the car able to float, and the car might do the same as a human to swim, which humans do have their bodies along the water when they swim anyway.

When Fabrizio appears driving with his bodyguards, there is a forklift who is able to use his forks to hold some luggage.

And look for other stuff of what the stuff look like in the Cars world and how cars will be able to use, do and hold stuff.

Red used his tyre/tire to move his flowers, which he put his tyre/tire out and have the flowers between it and his body, when he moves away and hides his flowers from McQueen when he asks to wash the bit of tar off his sticker. And Chick Hicks put his tyre/tire out and have his Piston Cup trophy between it and his body when he moves away with it after everyone boos and throw stuff at him for causing the King to crash. But I don't know how the cars would be able to throw the stuff at him, especially when Mia and Tia threw the "C" models. Maybe they move themselves to throw the stuff at him.

Forklifts can use their forks to hold, use and do anything like lighting the rockets on McQueen in Mater the Greater, hold some tyres/tires, take a hudcap off and put it back on, rotate a "open" and "closed" sign at a shop, and others. Tow trucks can use their hooks for stuff, like Mater pulling McQueen out of the cactus, holding the cape for the bulldozers, tow a car, hold onto a biplane, open a hood/bonnet like Miles Axlerod's hood/bonnet to show his engine, and hold a balloon.

Red uses his hose to get the bits of cactus of McQueen in the first film, but the water doesn't get the bit of tar off his sticker. And when Red is watering his flowers, it looked as if in the Human world, it would be a watering can, but when Red gets the bits of cactus off McQueen, in the Human world, that would be a hose.

After McQueen had helped everyone by getting something from them, he asks if it is getting dark out, Red then uses his wheel to push a button to turn the radio on, and the lights turn on, followed by the song Sh-Boom.

When McQueen tries to do perfectly well on the bend that he keeps driving off before Doc teaches him the trick "Turn right to go left", one time he gets a tumbleweed on his head. When Doc tells him that this is dirt, not asphalt, McQueen moves himself to get the tumbleweed off.

In Time Travel Mater, Mater uses his hook to open McQueen's hood/bonnet and take off his radiator cap and throw it into the distance and try to get Stanley's attention so that he will stay and Radiator Springs will exist. McQueen moves himself to close his hood/bonnet.

Ramone has something on the side of his wheel to hold a water hose and a hose for painting cars. He presses a button on the floor to make a ramp carrying Otis go up. Finn McMissile seems to have something on the side of his wheel or that thing covering his wheel to hold a fire extinguisher to put foam on the eyes of Acer and the blue Pacer. He presses his wheel on the ground to start firing the foam. Acer presses a button on the ground to open the door to McQueen's pit before he and the Blue Pacer see Finn, which they got confused because they thought they killed him at the beginning of the second film. Of course there would be a button on the floor or ground.

In Time Travel Mater, Mater would sneeze to travel back in time, I wonder how he is able to time travel to the right events when he does that. When he gets the clock on his "nose" and causing it to itch and make him sneeze, it causes him to go backwards very fast, which I heard from a comment on a YouTube video that he was going 88 miles per hour like the time-travelling car in Back to the Future. In Backwards to the Forwards, he travels back in time by driving backwards after being struck by lightning. He would be in the air and going backwards to move forward in time to the future while moving backwards to the past.

In Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, in the second level, the player's avatar has a device that deactivates a bomb at very short range. The player's avatar doesn't seem to do anything to use the device to deactivate the bomb so it could be that the device does it automatically. After the bomb is deactivated, Holley Shiftwell uses a gadget in her undercarriage to pick it up.

In Air Mater, when Mater was falling down after his parts broke off, McQueen in the story was able to catch Mater by his hook, McQueen might use something on his undercarriage or his wheel to grab Mater's hook. In Cars 2, while Mater was talking on the phone, contacting the Mel Dorado Show, McQueen then moves him away and goes to the phone to talk, when Francesco was then talking to McQueen. McQueen seems to use the part that attaches his wheel to his body to grab Mater's hook and move him away. He did the same thing of the part that attaches his wheel to his body for when he grabs onto Mater's hook which when he was chasing Mater through London and Mater trying to get away because of the bomb, and when Mater then drives off and flies to Buckingham Palace to tell everyone that Miles Axlerod is the mastermind.

Mater uses his hook to tap on the glass to get Zen Master's attention.

In Air Mater, at the end, when the Falcon Hawk leader tells Mater that they're down one plane and need him, he uses his hook to grab onto a rope that the Falcon Hawks were holding.

In the first film, when Chick Hicks' pit crew make fun of Guido, and Luigi tells him he will have his chance, Guido had his forks folded, this shows of when a human has their arms folded. Guido also does that in Cars 2 when he says that he doesn't believe Mater has got a date on the day of the race. When Mater says to believe it and that his "new girlfriend" just said so and then he sees Holley Shiftwell and says to her, "Hey! Hey, lady! See ya tomorrow!" While Mater was saying it, it shows how he was able to wave, which he puts his front right wheel out and move it in the same way as a human's hand. At the end, it shows how it is like when a forklift's jaw drops, for when Holley confirmed the truth that she is Mater's girlfriend, Guido's jaw dropped and his forks fall to the ground. It may be when a human's arms fall down.

Before Mater asks Guido what is McQueen's usual drink, you can see that Guido has something on his forks, looks like they are modified or something, he uses them to pick up these bottles and catch them, pour them into something, then shake it, then pour it into the glasses and move them to the side in front of Fillmore, Luigi and Sarge, which Guido then uses his forks to pick up the straws and put them in the glasses so they can have their drink.

The lift/elevator that Finn and Holley go into moves automatically and has no buttons to move it, but it's not a problem because it only moves to one floor and back to the ground floor. For lifts/elevators that may go to more than one floor, there might be buttons that are lower on the wall or on the floor.

Grem pushes the pulse generator after Professor Z explains to Rod about Allinol becoming dangerous when interacting with a electromagnetic pulse. And a car pushes the stand on wheels which it has a television that shows pictures of the cars Rod talked to. Maybe there's a car in the background with something like a remote or a button to scroll through the pictures.

In Air Mater, Sparky uses both of his forks to move the different pages on that drawing stand. Sparky uses his forks to take off the sign and hold it and put it back. He was on a rack lift, which he might use a button or a remote to move it up and down or something. I figured out from another film called The Simpsons Movie that there is a handle on the rack lift to move it up and down, so Sparky would use one to make the rack lift go up. It is easy for him to suit Mater up for flying because he's a forklift.

When McQueen and his pit crew were reading Mater's letters about him leaving on a plane to Radiator Springs, Luigi used his front tyres/tires to move the main page and the pages with "P.S.". And it was interesting that in that scene, Guido had larger pupils in his eyes, poking at Japanese Anime stylings, and similar to Mia and Tia in Tokyo Mater.

Forklifts can hold cameras and set them up when people are taking a picture of a lot of people, for example at the end of Cars Mater-National, Guido is able to hold a camera and set it up and have it take a picture of everyone who appeared in the game. However, in Time Travel Mater, a normal car, not a forklift, was using a camera to take a picture of Stanley and Lizzie on their wedding. And it doesn't show how the car was able to make the camera take the picture as it doesn't have the same thing that the pulse generator and cameras for races had for rotating.

Mater points his tyre/tire out at Miles Axlerod when he tells everyone that the mastermind is him, which when he points out his tyre/tire, that is when a human points their finger at someone.

As well as tapping each other's tyres/tires and touch them for a few seconds to do a handshake, they tap the tyres/tires to do a high-five.

When Holley Shiftwell opens out her wings and afterburners, that might be a when a human uses a rocket pack on their back. Or it might be a winged rocket pack.

Cars move their antennae with/without something on them to wave and clap like for example, at the beginning of the end credits of Cars 2, the Queen waves her antenna with a white flag when Mater and McQueen leave Buckingham Palace, meaning she is waving goodbye to Mater and McQueen.

Also, in the closing credits of Cars 2, there are versions of Sarge, Fillmore, Guido and Luigi as giant Russian dolls in Russia, which McQueen and Mater come out of the Guido Russian doll. When it shows McQueen and Mater at St. Basil's Cathedral, you can see them wearing earmuffs and a snow hat for when it is snowing in Moscow, Russia. In that bit, you would be able to see the look of a snow hat and earmuffs. In Hawaii, there are forklifts, who are wearing Hawaiian clothing paint and those green skirts and move themselves and move their forks about to do Hawaiian dancing. Also, a forklift on the left picture is using the forks to hold and play a guitar. In the background in the picture, you can see some animation of McQueen and Mater surfing. If they are water skiing and are or not attached to a boat, a car might use move their wheels about as a human's legs or roll to move on the surface of the water or something. When cars are swimming, they might do the same thing as humans to move in the water because their bodes will be flat across the water and not standing up. On the right picture, Mater uses his hook to hold a stick with a flame on it when there is a human in Hawaii waving and throwing sticks with flames on them, which is fire dancing, and in Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation, Buzz uses a glow stick as a flame.

Telephones are hand-free, and a car use their wheels to press the buttons. In Mack's trailer, McQueen presses a button on the floor to answer Harv. Yes, buttons would be lower on a machine and on the ground or floor as well as other stuff like tables. When Mater contacts the Mel Dorado Show, the phone that he's using is attached to the wall. The phone will be lower to the floor, and Mater might have his wheels reach out to press the buttons on the phone. Mel Dorado presses an unseen button on the floor to talk to the people who are calling the show, including Mater.

Cameras recording a race would have a ramp attached to them and with a button to rotate them. It is the same for the electro-magnetic pulse generator.

When Sally explains to everyone that McQueen should fix the road, Doc honks his horn before saying, "Order in the court!" That might be for when you bang a hammer in a court. I wonder if cars would still sometimes use hammers in a court.

Most of the time, there were characters saying, "Ladies and gentlecars." However, near the beginning of the first film, Dusty Rust-eze and Bob Cutlass said, "Ladies and gentlemen." So that means both "gentlemen" and "gentlecars" both exist in the Cars world, especially when you say, "Ladies and gentlemen."

Sparky has stuff on his sides, which seem to be a tool belt, as they contain some stuff like tools.

A forklift uses its forks to hold these red things to control planes.

In LEGO Cars 2: Mater's Brick Tales, Mater gets out what seems to be binoculars when he sees that McQueen is in the lead. But when he is wearing the binoculars, he seems to have long things between his wheels and his body. That may be when someone uses something to see better in a better crowd.

Mater's hook might be a fishing rod in the Human world, for example, when McQueen falls into the cactus, Doc says, "Have fun fishing, Mater." Which Mater then uses his hook to get McQueen out. As well as for Tokyo Mater, when Kabuto rams Mater off the tower, Mater uses his hook to grab the tip of the tower, that might be using a fishing rod.

After Acer says, "Come on, guys. These crates aren't gonna unload themselves," he and Grem then open the doors of one of the crates. Maybe they have something attached to themselves or the doors to open it. When Muggsy Liftsome puts the container with the pulse generator down, it then opens when he moves back. So I guess it does that when he moves back. He closes it by pushing the lid with the top of the thing that holds his forks.

When Finn attaches his mounted quad harpoon gun to the sides, it looks like there is a forklift carrying some stuff out of the crate.

The cranes use their hooks to pick up stuff. The crane puts the crate with the cube of Leland Turbo down. Acer uses his tyre/tire to take off the bottom part of the crate from the rest of the crate when the crane lifts these parts back up again.

I think spy cars might close their eyes for a few seconds to take their disguise off, and perhaps on, as Rod closed his eyes for a few seconds to take off his disguise, and Finn does the same to take off his security guard disguise. Also, Rod's disguise which is composed of physical pieces could be a human dressed up in a bad guy's clothes and wearing a face mask.

The lemons move themselves to move their welding helmets down to cover their eyes, and move their wheels to turn the lighters and flamethrowers on. So I guess it is the same for when cars do welding. They have something on the side of their wheel to hold the lighters and flamethrowers.

The lemons might use buttons to pick up and release the combat ships, like when they release the combat ships to go after Finn. Acer presses a button to use Tony Trihull's independent shooter. It looks as if he might press it again to stop using it, for when he says, "He's getting away!"

Before the start of the race in Tokyo, when Brent, Darrell and David are first shown, you can see a forklift working for the RSN. He is using a camera to show Brent, Darrell and David on the TV. He would use his forks to control it and rotate it.

The forklifts in the World Grand Prix racers' teams seem to use their forks to hold these containers of Allinol and put the pipe into the racers' fuel tanks. Forklifts hold something to put fuel into a racer during a pit stop.

At the start of the race in Tokyo, McQueen moves his tyres/tires out to the side, this may be how a car does stretching.

In Tokyo, Finn uses one of his grappling hooks to knock down a vending machine of flowers to trick the shopkeepers into thinking that the red Gremlin nearby did it, as to prevent him from capturing Mater.

When Acer uses the flamethrower to try to kill Finn while in Tokyo, he has tanks attached to his side. He might have used a device or had a forklift attach them to his side.

Finn presses his wheel on the ground to activate the steel magnets on his wheels.

When Brent mentions about McQueen losing the race in Tokyo to Francesco before mentioning about the crashes, Francesco is moving his tyres/tires about, that might be what a human does.

Holley has a telescoping utility arm, a small screwdriver-like arm that permits Holley to more precisely use the buttons of a control panel and hold small devices.

The lemons and spies might sometimes move themselves to activate and get out one of their weapons.

How does McQueen hold and move that cardboard avatar of himself to prevent the rusty cars from seeing him? Maybe he used his wheel to push the legs of it that hold it up and hold its leg between his wheel and body, but that he accidentally knocks it over, causing the rusty cars to see him.

Cars do use the red stop lamp, amber turn signal and white reversing lamp. For example, Mack and the minivan use the amber turn signal for turning to the truck stop. However, the minivan has the wrong turn signal on, and Mack drives back on the highway/motorway when McQueen says to drive through all night until they get to California.

Mater uses his hook to move the handle to get Mator free from the magnet in Unidentified Flying Mater.

In Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, in the second level of Cars called Bomb Squad, one of the random lines that Francesco says in the gameplay in the level is: "You want Francesco to give you a piggy-back ride?" I've figured out that to give a car a piggy-back ride, you have the car on top of you, and for when you're out of breath, it would be if that car is on you for a while. And if a car is too heavy for you to lift, it would be the same.

In one of the Opel commercials, there is a director with a clapperboard. We only see the clapperboard. It could be that the director is a forklift.

Grem puts his tyre/tire out onto a white cloth over the pulse generator in London. He might be pulling it with his tyre/tire or rolling his tyre/tire to move it.

When Mater's guns are shooting bullets everywhere in the meeting, a few of the lemons try to protect themselves with the table, which they use their body and/or tyres/tires to move the table up and have it on its side. They hold on to it.

In Cars Mater-National, when McQueen revs his engine after telling Doc to go easy on the tyres/tires after they meet Philip, Fred's bumper comes off. Fred moves it with his tyre/tire. Mater puts his tyre/tire out to balance a camera when the player starts the game. Guido uses his forks to pick up these barrels. When Mater and the other cars at the Rustbucket see Emma, they try to act natural, which they then put themselves on top of each other. Before the 4th Rustbucket, Mater seems to be stretching, only before Emma accidentally bumps into him. Before the first race with Gudmund, Sarge puts his night-vision goggles onto McQueen. He just moves towards McQueen and then moves himself to put them on him. After the tractor stampede, Sheriff scares Mater with the Ghostlight. When Mater wasn't looking, Sheriff puts the lamp on Mater's hook. Maybe he has a device to pick it up or something on his body.

In the video game based on the first film, in the beginning cut-scene for Lizzie's Postcard Hunt, McQueen back knocks down a stand, moving a nut on a button on a fan, blowing the postcards away. It shows the look of everything there. When McQueen finds all of the postcards, he is unseen when he comes in, and the postcards are then shown on the table. McQueen might have them on his roof and move himself to put them on the table. In High Speed Heist, Snot Rod is hooked to the ramp so Boost can get onto Mack's trailer's roof and open the door. Wingo might have something hidden behind him to carry McQueen's gear.

The garages like Doc's garage seem to be hospitals. However, in Rescue Squad Mater, Mater the Greater and Monster Truck Mater, it is revealed that real hospitals also exist as well as ambulances. Mater puts McQueen into the ambulance to the hospital, so it is possible for an ambulance to transport a car. It could be that garages do both hospital and fixing cars.

McQueen and Sally might press a button to show the banner saying that the Wheel Well Motel is open.

It would be easy for Guido to put the blue lamp on Mater in Mater and the Ghostlight as he can use his forks. It's the same for the two forklifts Teki and Paki in Tokyo Mater for when they modify Mater.

In a deleted scene of the first film, Sheriff presses a button sticking out of McQueen when his motor was put into a steamroller, which the button caused the tar and paint to come out and sort out the road.

In the cancelled episode Stunt Mater, a remote for the TV is on the floor. Cars can press the buttons to control the TV. The boxers have robotic arms on them to do boxing, and there's the look of motorcycles. Mater is putting a tape in, which we only see the tape and not his body. He may have something on his body or had his wheel horizontal to carry the tape and put it in the VHS player.

The Abominable Snowman as a snowplow might have something on his body to hold the snow cones. I saw that it is his snowplow/snowplough that is holding the snow cones.

On the Radiator Springs Racers ride at Cars Land, Ramone has a machine that sprays paint onto the guests' car. He could use this for when he changes his paint job.

Sally seems to have something on her body to hold a rope to show the "Grand Re-opening" sign for the Wheel Well Motel being re-open.

Cars move their tyres/tires and perhaps their body to do the stuff that humans do when they move their hands, arms, feet and legs, such as pointing and showing something. Forklifts do the same with their forks.

When McQueen is getting new tyres/tires from Luigi and Guido, Luigi puts the front of his body on McQueen. I think this might be how a car does a hug.

The minivan heading to the trucks stop moves itself to take its mattress off.

While McQueen is fixing the road, Luigi is making deals for him on the tyres/tires. Guido uses his forks to hold a can and to perhaps clean McQueen's tyres/tires and roll them to get the bits of cactus off. He uses his forks to squeeze the can and use the spray.

Wingo moves himself to move his windscreen/windshield, and perhaps the same thing to turn a light on. DJ might be doing the same to put a CD on and play Songbird.

Guido uses his forks to keep a tyre/tire upright when a sign keeps tilting it.

In the final Piston Cup race, Mack, Fillmore and Sarge have stuff on their body to hold fuel containers for putting more fuel into McQueen.

Cars can move stuff using their tyres/tires.

A car might have something on it or its antenna to turn around the open/closed sign on a shop when the announcers mention about the country almost shut down to watch what many experts are calling "the race of the century."

While a forklift is seen whistling using its fork as the fingers in Mater Private Eye, normal-shaped cars might still be able to whistle, as the trailers/caravans in the Piston Cup races are heard whistling.

While small helicopters have their whole body hidden, you can sometimes see a car in a big helicopter, such as Mater in the Dinoco helicopter, and Professor Z in his helicopter.

In Mater Private Eye, we see newspapers being put onto the table in Mater's office, but we don't see how Mater and Tia are able to put them on the table. Maybe they have the newspapers on their bodies, and especially the top or the back to hold the newspapers and move themselves to put them on the table.

In Monster Truck Mater, Mater has his hook on the bars to pull back and defeat Captain Collision, and to catapult Dr. Feel Bad, but of course, Mater also has his hook on Dr. Feel Bad. Rasta Carian uses his wig to try to pull Mater towards him. Mater also has his hook on the I-Screamer. Maybe he also uses it to put on his disguise as a kid, and perhaps the same for in Unidentified Flying Mater.

At the end of Monster Truck Mater, Mater's biggest fan asks for his autograph, which Mater says yes. He puts his tyre/tire on his biggest fan's door, making a tyre/tire mark on it. This is one of the ways of getting autographs.

In Mater Private Eye, Mater would have some whitewall tyres/tires on his back. He moves himself or uses his hook to put them on the table.

In Heavy Metal Mater, when Mater was asked by Mia and Tia if he has a record, one of the forklifts in his band shook his head just like a human. So a car can nod or shake their head.

This website shows a booklet of news from The World of Cars Online (closed). It shows the looks of barbecues, zombies, sand cars, sand cones, tilting Tiki torches, umbrellas, tents, sand towers of tyres/tires and sand castles.

In Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, the player as a car has different paint jobs depending on the colors/colours of the clothes. For a male, the color/colour on the shirt or T-shirt is the main color/colour on the car, while the color/colour on the pants/trousers or shorts is two lines across the top of the body. For a female, the color/colour on the shirt or T-shirt is on the inside of the model, while the color/colour on the pants/trousers or skirt or shorts is on the outside of the model.

In the Mad episode "Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth," a Lightning McQueen spoof gets squished from a car squisher. Oil is then seen coming out of the car after it is squished. The oil represents blood.

A blog on Pixar Planet mentions some Easter Eggs in the first Cars film, including about some stuff in it, like if you look into the sky, you can see that the aeroplanes'/airplanes' exhaust trails look like tyre/tire tracks, and the flowers are made of cars' fins and tailgates, and the ceiling fans in the courthouse are actually engine fans. as well as that when Lightning McQueen dreams of him being sponsored by Dinoco, the big spark plug tripods resemble the tripods from Steven Spielberg's adaption of War of the Worlds. There should also be proper versions of planes' exhaust trails, flowers, ceiling fans and tripods.

Cars 2 edition of the Operation game shows a mistletoe (used for Christmas) made up of missiles and a hook. But there should also be a proper version of mistletoe.

The Disneyland Resort "Mater Bells" TV Spot shows Mater as Santa attached to some tractors (cows) as the reindeer. The ropes are attached to the inside of the wheels under Mater's undercarriage.

All of the vehicles in the series appear to have their windows completely opaque and blanked out, and no convertibles nor any vehicles without roofs actually appear (the vehicles that do resemble convertibles always have their roofs up), and it's heavily implied that they all may not be hollow.

At the Cars Land Grand Opening Ceremony, John Lasseter talks about what Bob Iger would be like in the Cars world. He says that Bob is always amazingly dressed, so he might be a sports car. However, he's also a family man, so he might be a station wagon. But he's also the leader of the greatest company on Earth, so he might be a semi truck. Then he thinks about what Thomas O. Staggs might be. He thinks he might be a muscle car, based on how he feels. However, he's also really smart, so he might be a smart car. But also, with the amazing editions to the Disney Parks, he is bringing joy to millions with his intelligence, his grace, and his humor, so he might be an ice cream truck.

In Cars 2: The Video Game, there are some stuff shown in different locations like London and Tokyo. London's finest Truckingham Brake Pads (Truckingham may be a pun on Buckingham), Royal Rotors, a menu stand for Gentley's Grill, showing Livercool pints 2.95, Oilsters w/your choices of coolant 5.95 and wingnuts 3.50. There is a sign for Bumpernickel cafe, maybe there's a wheel or flower on it. A newstand has News World Updates, London News, Breaking News, Cutest News and Newspaper words. The flammable and explosive symbols on the explosive barrels are normal. There is a movie poster for a film called An Axle to Grind (possibly not real in the human world). The car has stuff on its body to hold some guns shooting. Its license plate seems to say "KENEL" or something. The London trains look similar to the Eurostar. The road signs like the speed limit, no entry, give way, no parking and level crossing with steam train picture are normal as well as the traffic lights, with a car-ified red man and green man. There are many statues of cars, as well as bushes shaped as cars. A few car statues looking like angels seem to hold a stick or a wand or something between their wheel and body, perhaps with something on them to hold it. Another statue has a grill and headlights resembling Mickey Mouse. A few statues are "standing up" with their two front wheels in the air. There is a commercial waste and recyclable container, which has text on it saying "Must be placed on hard level surface". There is also signs for Clutchworth's Clutch Shop. The car on the sign has a bow on its bumper, representing a bow on a human's shirt. The car is white and is a pick-up truck with a monocle or something. The word fragile on the crates is normal. There is a sign for Lug Nuts of Nottingham. It shows a wheel or lug nut. On the buses are advertisements for A-Pillar of Society with a description saying "Tickets on sale now!", "Seating limited".

The ramps besides the crowd seats and lead away from the track are stairs. Some of the lamp posts in London have a four-point star with a wheel in it. The storm drains/drainage wells are still normal. There seems to be ramps on the London Eye. The canisters are normal, without the seats. A roof above a shop's entrance looks normal.

In the Porto Corsa Casino, there seems to be a game called Road Roulette, and is a pun on roulette, even though it is not roulette.

In Tokyo in the Cars 2 video game, there is an advertisement for a clockwork toy called "Toyka", a pun on "toy" and Tokyo. In London, there is a sign for Trafalgarage Inn, a pun on Trafalgar and a garage. In Italy, there are advertisements like Revioli, Rotelli, Anti Gelato, Veloce, Pasta Potenza, Olio Motore Car, Bonara, Barille Olio Motore, Car Bonara, Rotelli Tires, Carzano and Pericolo. The balconies may be car-ified as well as the windows and doors. The cliff sign might be car-ified with the car and also has red and yellow lights. An aqueduct has the shapes of two headlights. A building above a race track in Italy has the shape of a grill and headlights. The matching picture game machine in the building may be car-ified, as well as tables with green tops, wine bottles and game counters. The railings have the shapes of a grill and headlights. The yachts have their eyes on the front of their bridge.

The crowd seems to move themselves to throw the merchandise and others into the air.

Sarge seems to move his antenna towards his eyes, like a human moves their arm towards their head.

Fillmore uses his tire to move his cans of organic fuel, and Mater pushes them with his front.

Mater presses a button to shut the door on his house. Fillmore and Sarge have something on their bodies to hold cans of fuel that are to give McQueen more fuel for the race.

Lizzie seems to use her back tire to grab McQueen between his tire and body after he asks Sally for a cruise.

In Hiccups, Fillmore pushes the can of organic fuel with his body. Mater puts his tow cable through one of the gaps in Red's ladder and onto McQueen's back to pick him up and have him upside down. The water squirted by Red onto McQueen makes him spin. Again, with kissing on the cheek, a car would kiss on another car's side, like with Lynda Weathers kissing McQueen for helping The King, and when Sally kisses McQueen to cure his hiccups.

The stand of radiator caps that Stanley had has text saying "Automotive age."

In Hiccups, we get to see what it looks like when a car has hiccups. When McQueen is holding his breath, he stamps his front tyre/tire at Guido due to needing to breathe. This is probably a human stamping their foot, but McQueen stamped his front tyre/tire. Also, Flo seems to move her tray up and down to make the can of oil come off and onto the ground. She seems to have done it quite right so the can is upright.

In Planes (not Pixar), El Chupacabra spins himself round and round like a normal person, so I guess the cars can do that, especially the planes. Also, we see the look of portable toilets in the Cars world, although I don't know how the cars open and close the doors. Also, it shows a car holding a magazine, but I'm not sure how he was able to hold it, maybe with something sticky on his tyre/tire. Also, in the control tower at Propwash Junction, a forklift uses its forks to hold a cup.

Also in Planes, it looks like the steam train in it has its eyes on the windscreen/windshield while the mouth is on the front where the buffers are, although I don't know about steam trains with two separate windscreens/windshields.

Chug uses his fuel pump to hold stuff like a book (although I don't know he is able to) and press buttons on a machine to rewind a tape of Ripslinger. He also uses it to whistle. There is also a proper version of a telephone held by a forklift. Other forklifts use their forks to hold the other stuff shown in the film like Sparky holding a cloth.

We also see the look of mask for going underwater in Planes, as well as the look of a steamroller as shown after the final leg. The navy planes also turn their wings towards their heads like with navy humans moving their hands towards their heads with their elbows curved.

Throughout Planes, we see the looks of radios, loudspeakers and fridges like the fridge shown in the scene when Dusty explains to Skipper that he hopes to do more than he was built for. It seems to have a long handle down it so cars, forklifts and planes can open it. We even see the look of some mugs like the special ones designed after Dusty. Fuel trucks can use their fuel pipe to hold the mugs, and the same goes for forklifts with forks. Chug also uses his fuel pipe to move the stand of Dusty's merchandising as well as to pick up a whistle. The television that Chug, Dottie, Sparky and Skipper use to watch Dusty in the Wings Around the Globe has round switches for the channels and volume. Maybe a vehicle would put their fork, tyre/tire or wing onto the switch and turn it. Also, in the building that Dusty's team are in, you can see a plant and globe. Also, we see the look of drain systems and manholes when there are forklifts watching a video of Dusty on a phone. The radio that El Chupacabra uses to play "Love Machine" has buttons and switches which may be able to be pressed by a car or other vehicle, and to use a button for its round system volume switch.

Ripslinger using one of his front wheels to destroy Zed's skyPad (iPad, but actually has different buttons) may be a human using its foot to destroy an iPad.

Muir in Planes: Fire & Rescue has his eyes on his windshield as well, and his mouth is on the steam motor unlike the train in the first film, due to that Muir has a cowcatcher.

We also see how a vehicle sunbathes, as Lil' Dipper does it in Planes: Fire & Rescue, the look of a security officer's hat as worn by Chug, more of the look of glasses as for Mayday, the look of headphones for a plane as shown by Cabbie, and how cars get into a steam train. Also, when Dipper puts a part popping out from her wing onto Dusty's side, that represents a human putting his/her hand onto his/her love interest's side.

The stuff I'm confused with

Most of the buildings are 50% bigger, but not the taxis or buses, and especially those buses in Paris.

And how will cars be able to use bikes and motorcycles, and wooden boats like rowing boats?

Are rowing boats and other boats with no roof alive or got no eyes and mouth?

And the same for parade floats?

If cows are tractors and all tractors are cows, then how will people be able to plough fields?

If all bulldozers are bulls, then will people be able to remove stuff like buildings?

Would the giant dump trucks like Colossus XXL be similar to tractors with the sleeping, tipping, mooing and backfiring? And what animal would he supposed to be? Because Colossus XXL is a giant dump truck but I don't think there is such thing as a giant animal.

About when cars play American football, rugby and soccer (British football) and which tyres/tires they use. You have to use your feet to kick a ball, however, McQueen is seen using his front tyres/tires to hit a can and it goes into Doc's garage and knocks some stuff down, and when Fillmore uses his front tyres/tires to move a can of organic fuel away after Mater and Mator go past him and Sarge. I think it's more likely humans use their feet to move a drink away. And also when a car uses its front tyres/tires to hit a can of Allinol after seeing Carla Veloso and Nigel Gearsley crash. Mater was seen at the end of his song in his band kicking his microphone by turning around and using his back tyres/tires to hit it. So it might be both ways of kicking, but I think more likely the back tyres/tires for kicking a American football, rugby ball or soccer ball (British football).

The tyres/tires might be shoes but I'm confused for the front tyres/tires because you don't have shoes on your hands.

Also, I'm confused for in the Human world when a car's tyres/tires are taken off and can't move, like when Guido took the tyres/tires off some of the Lemons and they couldn't move, but you can't take a human's arms and legs off, which if something like that happened in the Human world, they have to have the human not able to move but you can't take their arms and legs off as they're attached to the body and it is not easy to take them off, unless you have a bad injury that has you lose your arm(s) and/or leg(s). So I'm confused.

Also, I don't know how Sheriff was able to put the parking boot on Vladimir Trunkov.

And I can't seem to remember how Lizzie is able to put her stickers on a car like Van and McQueen. I've looked at, which it looks like she might be using her mouth to hold the sticker she puts on Van. When I saw the film, it actually looks like she had the sticker on her tyre/tire. She might have something sticky to hold it.

Sometimes, a car ends up upside-down but I don't know how they will be able to get the right way up again. In Air Mater for example, when Mater tries to land after learning to fly, he ends up upside-down when the Falcon Hawks ask him to join them, which it doesn't show how he was able to get the right way up again. It just skips to the next day, when the air show is on. In the video games, the character that the player uses sometimes gets upside-down for reasons like falling off a edge or something, but the game just automatically gets the character the right way up again instead of showing how the character is able to get the right way up.

When Mater gets back to the pits, he had his headphones on, but when McQueen came in to talk to him and argued about losing the race in Tokyo, Mater was no longer wearing his headphones. I wonder how he was able to take them off.

Mater wrote some letters mentioning about him leaving on a plane back to Radiator Springs, but I don't know how he was able to write on the letters when he doesn't have hands or fingers.

Cars can use a straw to have their drinks in a glass or other container. However, Francesco's drink doesn't seem to have a straw (it might actually) as well as those glasses of beer at the inn in London, so how are those cars and others able to drink without a straw and hold their glasses, cups and other containers? Also, humans don't always use straws.

Miles Axlerod was leaking oil and blamed it on Mater. In the Human world, if a human has wet themselves, how will they be able to blame someone for it when you are able to see the urine on the clothing of the person who has been urinating and that cars don't need clothing? If cars don't wear clothing except stuff like hats, headphones and stuff, and having paint the same colour/color as clothing, when a human wets themselves, how will a car be able to leak oil without the oil going onto the floor or ground? And also, a electric car doesn't use oil, so it is like that electric cars don't need to go to the toilet, but how will it be in the Human world? Because all humans have to go to the toilet, and they can't do updates on their body so that they don't need to go to the toilet. As well as that Leak Less has drip pans that prevent oil leaks, which that might also mean some cars don't need the toilet, but all humans need the toilet.

Telephones are hand-free. However, I don't know how a car will be able to use a mobile phone because you have to hold them, even when you're playing games, and sometimes, they have touch-screen, but the tyres/tires might be bigger than a hand and the buttons might be small for the tyres/tires unless mobile phones are bigger in the Cars world. As well as the controls for playing a mobile game like Angry Birds, which the player holds their finger or thumb on the screen to pull the Angry Birds on the slingshots, and tabs the screen to activate their powers. Also, when there are careless people using phones while driving, how will they be able to hold the phones? Also, the telephone that Mater uses to phone the Mel Dorado show seems to be one of these telephones that require inserting coins in to call. How will Mater be able to hold coins and put them in through the slot?

I don't know how Lizzie and Stanley were able to put the "Just Married" sign on the door.

It looks like Wingo has a windscreen/windshield that moves. But I don't know if the other cars in the Cars world do have one like that, and how will they be able to wipe the hail, sleet, rain and snow off without a windscreen/windshield wiper. The Pizza Planet truck is the only one to have a windscreen/windshield wiper. Then how will other cars be able to wipe the rain, snow, sleet and hail off? Also, the Falcon Hawks have windscreens/windshields that move.

Maybe a car can lift the handle of an outside rubbish/garbage container, but I don't know how they will be able to put it back on, maybe a device.

It is weird that the spacesuit helmets on Mater and Buzz are not over the mouth, which you need the helmet covering your mouth to protect it from the Sun’s radiation and breathe with the oxygen tanks.

In Mater Private Eye, Mater puts on a disguise (made up of crates) when he tries to rescue Mia from Big D. I don't know how Mater was able to put the disguise on.

I don't know what it means in the human world for in Mater Private Eye, when Clyde takes Mater's headlight off. However, in the film Chinatown, the private eye has his nose cut. However, as Mater says that he was down to one headlight, but he can still see just fine, maybe it means torches/flashlights, which one of them would be taken, but I don't know about that Mater says, "Ow!", like that it hurts.

I'm not sure if I know how the Black Hugos were able to put that mask on Mater’s mouth when he was being captured.

Mater has his front tyre/tire on a ball in a Brazilian Cars 2 poster for Brazil, this represents a human's foot on the ball, but I don't think cars are supposed to use their front tyres/tires for kicking stuff like a ball, because they are the hands. Also, in some games like soccer, you might not use your hands on the ball. It’s the same with when McQueen kicks a can that goes into Doc’s hidden room, which he used his front tyre/tire. And when a car kicks a can of Allinol when they see Carla Veloso and Nigel Gearsley crashing in Porto Corsa, which that car used its front tyre/tire. In Unidentified Flying Mater, Fillmore moves his can of organic fuel to the side with his front tyre/tire, although I don’t know what it looks like in the human world when he and Sarge are looking at the yellow blinking traffic light. However, in Heavy Metal Mater, when Mater finishes his record, he turns around and uses his back tyre/tire to kick his microphone. And in Tokyo Mater, when McQueen attacks Kabuto's ninjas, he sometimes uses his back tyres/tires.

Just before Rod spots Grem and Acer behind him in the bathroom, the tap at the sink was on, but I don’t know how he was able to turn the tap on. Maybe these things on the sides of the sink, or something on the tap.

A few forklifts like Daniella Muffler and a wine vendor in Porto Corsa have no forks and still have a tray attached to their side like when a normal-shaped car is holding when they are waiters or waitresses.

The stairs for tourists walking on the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge are changed to be flat so that cars can use them. However, it looks as if the stairs are as wide as the bridge itself in those photos. I don't think they need to have them that wide, just perhaps have them wide enough for when one car goes past another. I think this thing of the stairs in these photos of the car-ified version of Sydney Harbour Bridge may be an error and mistake. Anyway, you can see the looks of earphones again, and Mater uses his hook to hold on to the side of the bridge.

The stairs for tourists walking on the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge are changed to be flat so that cars can use them. However, it looks as if the stairs are as wide as the bridge itself in that image. I don't think they need to have them that wide, just perhaps have them wide enough for when one car goes past another. I think this thing of the stairs in these photos of the car-ified version of Sydney Harbour Bridge may be an error and mistake.

I don't know how the cars would be able to throw the stuff at Chick Hicks after he rammed the King off the track, especially when Mia and Tia threw the "C" models.

When Red is watering his flowers with his hose, it looked as if in the Human world, it would be a watering can, but when Red gets the bits of cactus off McQueen, in the Human world, that would be a hose. But if he uses the same thing for these, does that mean watering cans don't exist in the Cars world? It might be interesting if watering cans exist in the Cars world, which they might if normal-shaped cars that don't have a hose attached to them like a fire truck are doing stuff like watering flowers.

In Time Travel Mater, Mater would sneeze to travel back in time, I wonder how he is able to time travel to the right events when he does that. As well as that he time travelled to the future to find no Radiator Springs, but he was still able to time travel to the present when there is a Radiator Springs and get McQueen.

Forklifts can hold cameras and set them up when people are taking a picture of a lot of people, for example at the end of Cars Mater-National, Guido is able to hold a camera and set it up and have it take a picture of everyone who appeared in the game. However, in Time Travel Mater, a normal car, not a forklift, was using a camera to take a picture of Stanley and Lizzie on their wedding. And it doesn't show how the car was able to make the camera take the picture as it doesn't have the same thing that the pulse generator and cameras for races had for rotating. I don't know how that car was able to take the picture of Lizzie and Stanley.

When Holley Shiftwell opens out her wings and uses her afterburners, that might be when a human uses a rocket pack on their back, or maybe a winged rocket pack. But Mater has rockets jets and is on the ground, while Holley is in the air. So I don't know what it is when McQueen is holding on to Mater's hook and Mater using his rockets, and when he goes fast on the circuit of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, but it would possibly be on a car as it would be possible for in a race to be in a car in the Human world and have rockets, and have a parachute for when you're using both the parachute and rockets at the same time.

How will it be in the Human world for a car pulled by a magnet by some bad guys and they do that to a human but a human can't get pulled by a magnet?

About the cars having beer, how will they be able to hold the glasses and drink the beer? Mater was drinking one of the drinks that he was ordering to McQueen and Sally, which the glasses as well as the ones with Fillmore, Sarge and Luigi's drinks, have straws. It looks like that there is a straw in Francesco's glass. However, the glasses of beer in the London inn have no straws.

How does the Pope get in and out of the Popemobile's glass box?

How will a car be able to hold lighters and light fireworks without getting harmed?

Tex Dinoco seems to have what seem to be bull horns, not sure how it will be with the bull horns in the Human world. I actually don't know what they are.

Leaking oil means urinating, but in the human world, how would someone who has urinated blame someone for it without being proved until later on? Towmaterofficial has however said that leaking oil means the car broke down and needs repairing, and that you can't pee out oil, and also saying that cars may have normal urine that is yellow like humans and dogs' urine.

How would a car be able to put a bomb on someone?

How will cars be able to hold chopsticks and forks and knives and spoons? Cars can actually eat sometimes without a fork, knife, spoon or chopsticks, however, the Harryhausen's sign has chopsticks, and the sushi chef Mater was talking to had a knife to put the wasabi on the tray. So I don't know how cars will be able to hold chopsticks, forks, knives and spoons.

How does the Ferrari car at the casino throw the dice, and how does another car move some game pieces in another casino game?

The tyres/tires seem like that they would be shoes in the human world. But what would the front tyres/tires be?

On the car versions of P.T. Flea's Circus Gang, I only know that I think Heimlich is the green truck, but I don’t know who the others are. Could you help please?

I wonder how the cars will pick up anything at a market stall, a stall, a shop, a supermarket and other places where you buy stuff. As well as handling money and other stuff like getting tickets for transportation.

I don't know about how cars will be able to make calls on mobile phones, hold them, play games on them, and hold stuff like DVD and Blu-ray remotes, video game controllers, computer keyboards and computer mice, and how cars will be able to cook. Mama Topolino cooked some stuff for McQueen but she wasn't shown doing it so I don't know how she was able to do it.

What is that blue thing Mater is wearing on his back while he and McQueen are on the plane to Tokyo?

A security gate scans for metal; a car is made of metal, but it was still normal. It could be that the security gates in the Cars world do not count cars.

Does the parking boot on McQueen look like it might be a real parking boot or handcuffs or cuffs for feet?

Where would a GPS be? I might not understand it when McQueen asks Van and Minny if they understand what he said, which they then beep their car alarms, then they frown and just drive off, and McQueen says "No, no, no, no! It's the truth! I'm telling you! You've gotta help me! Don't leave me here!"

I don't know how Mater was able to take his "95 and lightning bolt" sticker off, as well as how he was able to write on those letters.

How will a car be able to put coins into a vending machine and pick up these things out of the vending machine? As well as when coins come out due to that maybe they are not valid.

I wonder how the Lemons were able to put those party hats on when they weren't wearing any before the end of the race in Porto Corsa.

How would a car be able to play the game and hold the game pieces and throw them?

If there aren't many cars with hair, how would it be when people wash their hairs?

How will cars be able to pick up and hold the antenna balls and other stuff when they buy them from a merchandise seller?

When the Queen moves a little white flag on her antenna down, what does that mean?

How will it be when there's family driving on the motorway/highway to see a few of their family members which when there are some of these people are doing stuff like watching a film on a portable DVD player and playing on a DS when they have to be careful with the other traffic? I've now figured out that it could be that the people in the family driving are attached to each other like a rope or a hook, and to carry their stuff on top of their roof, perhaps in those containers like Van's.

In a film called Aliens in the Attic, there was a policeman who tells someone about their car that doesn't have a front number/license plate. But many cars in the Cars world don't have a front number/license plate, just Fred and Fillmore.

The pavements/sidewalks in London might look like as if they are still the same width as in the Human world, for when you pass another person on the pavement/sidewalk. Maybe that car would go on the side of the road when they pass someone on the pavement/sidewalk, but they will have to be careful of the cars on the road.

What does it mean in the Human world when Fred's front bumper falls off? Because humans' lips can't come off.

And what does it mean in the Human world for rusty cars as people? Maybe that the humans are dirty and that the people who hate rusty cars would hate dirty people.

How does McQueen hold and move that cardboard avatar of himself to prevent the rusty cars from seeing him? Maybe he used his wheel to push the legs of it that hold it up and hold its leg between his wheel and body, but that he accidentally knocks it over, causing the rusty cars to see him.

Axlerod uses bolts to attach the bomb to Mater's "nose". It would make sense for a bomb attached to someone's nose, but in the Human world, how will a bomb be attached to a human's nose, as well as when Mater sniffs out, which his air filter comes off to show the bomb, which how would it be in the Human world for the air filter coming off with a human sniffing out?

What does it mean in the Human world when a car rides on the wall? Like when McQueen rides on the wall to overtake a few of the race cars in the race. And when Finn rides on the wall of a building when trying to stop the Lemons when they were using the pulse generator.

What does a radiator cap mean in the Human world? It can't be a hat because Lizzie was already wearing a proper hat in Time Travel Mater. As well as when Mater opens McQueen's hood/bonnet and take his radiator cap off. What does it mean in the Human world if Mater opens the bonnet/hood, which the "nose" is inside?

In Moon Mater, when Mater starts his story, he is seen towing a car, which he's driving on the left side of a road in Florida, but all parts of the United States drive on the right, not the left.

How can a car get hurt by cactus? Because McQueen gets hurt by the cactus when missing that turn, but cars are made of metal, which the spines might not be able to go through metal. Also, in the Human world, how does a human get hurt by cactus when they are in a car?

In Monster Truck Mater, when Mater's biggest fan gets Mater's autograph, he says, "I will never wash this door again!" How would it be for a car's door, for when you can't open it?

In Cars 2, when Finn McMissile gets spotted by the Lemons on the oil rig, a car on the tannoy can be heard saying, "All hands on deck! All hands on deck!" But cars don't have hands. They have tyres/tires.

Because that all cars have different colors/colours on their bodies, including their faces, it is confusing for human characters who have fictional skin color/colour like that many LEGO minifigures and The Simpsons characters have yellow skin, but some cars are yellow all over.

In Planes, how does Skipper open and close the curtains, as well as how does he and other planes open and close doors? Also, how does Dusty pull the plug of the radio out when he helps El Chupacabra win over Rochelle? And when Dottie, Chug, Sparky and Skipper get ready for their journey to Mexico to meet Dusty, Chug says that he's got stuff like beachwear, dinner wear, underwear and clothing. But how can a car wear these kind of clothing? And the suitcases seem to be normal-shaped along with having normal handles or something. And when El Chu tries to win over Rochelle, how do the doors to the buildings the other planes are in close and open?

How does it work out in the human world when in Planes: Fire & Rescue, all of the tourists run away from a fire heading for the Grand Fusel Lodge, but a boat is left behind and screams due to not having wheels, before a pickup truck quickly pulls him away?

Tables of versions of animals and names of stuff

Versions of animals shown in the Cars world, but there should also be some proper versions of animals existing
Human World Cars World
Snakes Mini-trains
Fish Mini-submarines
Birds Mini-planes, although in the first film, the birds from For the Birds are shown and are still proper versions.
Hamsters Mini micro-cars
Cows Tractors
Bulls Bulldozers, although in the first film, when Doc tells McQueen to fix the road properly, he says he's not a bulldozer as in to remove stuff. And Frank resembles a bull but is a combine harvester, not a bulldozer.
Jackalope Unknown, and the Jackalope from Boundin' is seen on a trailer in the first film, which he is still a proper version.
Flies Mini-cars with wings
Bees Unknown, and in the teaser trailer for the first film, there's a bumblebee that is still a proper version.
Cats Unknown
Dogs Unknown
Lions Unknown, though there are statues in London made up of lions in the human world.
Bugs Possibly mini-cars and mini-trucks and others.
Abominable Snowman Abominable Snowplow
Snowman Snowplow
Reindeer Snowmobiles
Easter Bunny Easter Buggy
Bed bug Little car with wings
Deer John Deere tractors

In Moon Mater, when Mater's story starts, you can see a road sign mentioning about crocodiles, which it shows a crocodile with car wheels as arms. The sign is a warning sign that warns about wild preserve that could bite.

WM Cars Toon Moon Mater Screen Grab 05

The road sign there shows a crocodile with car wheels as arms.

In the cancelled episode of Backwards to the Forwards, the dinosaurs are shown to be proper versions, also the proper name for the dinosaurs was mentioned in Cars 2 by Miles Axlerod on the Mel Dorado Show, which when he talks about that oil costs a fortune and is making pollution worse (as well as global warming, which is actually not mentioned), he mentioned, "I mean, come on. It's a fossil fuel. Fossil, as in dead dinosaurs. And we all know what happened to them." And after he finishes talking with: "Nobody will ever go back to gasoline again," Mater then says to Luigi, "What happened to the dinosaurs now?" Yes, that does mean that Mater actually doesn't know what happened to the dinosaurs, but it's weird that Luigi did not answer Mater's question, even before Francesco is shown. And yes, it is actually unknown what happened to the dinosaurs, we just know that they died, and it's most likely a meteorite. However, World of Cars Online Wiki and another website show pictures of a car-themed version of Jurassic Park, which shows dinosaurs as excavators and cranes.

Anyway, also, when you crash into Flo in Cars Race-O-Rama, she says, "I'm a show car, not a donkey!" Another proper name for a animal.

In Sacramento in the first film, when Sven is shown saying that Lightning McQueen must be found at all costs, you can see California's flag, which has a bear on it, but the bear on the flag isn't car-ified.

The book Mater Saves Christmas shows Santa's reindeer as snowmobiles. But I'm hoping there is also proper versions of them.

In the comic book Cars: Rally Race #2, there is a page featuring a seagull, a crab, and a starfish.

At the start of the last Piston Cup race in the first film, that van in a paddling pool is surrounded by plastic flamingos, the same ones from Knick Knack.

The Abominable Snowman in the car-themed version of Monsters, Inc. was changed to and renamed a snowplow. And the Mater Saves Christmas book has the Frosty the Snowman song renamed Frosty the Snowplow. However, in that snow globe in Lizzie's shop, you can see the snowman from Knick Knack, which the snowman is still a proper version.

In the Cars Toons video game, there's one paint job with paw prints and another with cheetah/jaguar spots.

In the teaser trailer for the first film, there is a bumblebee, who is still a proper version.

The symbol for the Mack trademark is a dog, which it is still a proper version.

Some car company logos have animals on them (Ford Mustang=mustang, Ferrari=horse, Jaguar=jaguar). Which they are still proper versions.

The Dinoco logo in the Cars films shows a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex (sometimes red or orange), who is still a proper version. However, the logo in Toy Story has a red Apatosaurus.

In Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, in the second level of Cars called Bomb Squad, one of the random lines that Francesco says in the gameplay in the level is: "You want Francesco to give you a piggy-back ride?" So the word "pig" would still exist.

At the beginning of the first film, during the race, you can see on the back of a van a picture of the Jackalope from Boundin'. The Jackalope is still a proper version.

Vitaly Petrov's paint job includes a car-ified version of Russia's coat of arms, replacing the two-headed eagle with a composition of wrenches, tailfins, nuts and cogs.

A few other car companies like Alfa Romeo and Abarth have their logos showing animals.

In McQueen's daydream of Chick signing with Dinoco, in Hollywood, on the wall is a painting of Chick, which it seems to show an eagle as a proper version.

There are diecasts of McQueen and Mater that have them wearing hats of Mickey Mouse and Goofy. So the proper versions of Mickey Mouse and Goofy might exist in the Cars world.

The book Mater and the Easter Buggy shows the Easter Bunny as a buggy.

In Moon Mater, we see the Moon, which the shading of the rabbit on the Moon is still a proper version, as well as the shadings of the man and woman, which are still human.

The Cars 2 edition of Operation shows a bed bug as a car with wings. There should also be proper versions of bed bugs.

Safe image

These little white planes seem to be doves or seagulls. But again, I also want proper versions of animals.

In the Cars 2 video game, little cars as flies are seen in Radiator Springs, and red and white mini-planes as birds are seen in London.

The red kangaroo on Rochelle in the Australian version of Planes is not car-ified.

Also in Planes, Miguel, the plane that asks if El Chupacabra is the name of the monster, says "small vehicles". He seems to mean small animals. I also hope they have the proper name of animals.

Planes: Fire & Rescue shows deer as John Deere tractors, unlike the the regular tractors portrayed by cows. During Dusty's journey to Piston Peak National Park, we also see a mini-plane feeding baby mini-planes, which they all represent birds.

Please NOTE that I hope that Cars 3 will reveal that the PROPER versions of all animals also exist in the Cars world by showing some animal characters as new characters and having major roles. Also, I hope it also reveals that the proper versions of statues and landmarks such as Ayers Rock and Matterhorn also exist in the Cars world by showing them.

Names of stuff in the Cars world
Human World Cars World
Greece Grease
Yugos Hugos
Zaporozhets Trunkovs
Tahiti Towhiti, though in the first film, McQueen mentioned the normal name when asked where his lawyer is.
Tokyo Towkyo, though sometimes it's spelled its normal name like on the airport timetable and the DVD/Blu-ray subtitles.
Finland Fin land (extra space, I actually don't know if it's actually called that)
Africa Africar (although the normal name is shown on a map of the Wings Around the Globe in Planes)
Jeff Gordon Jeff Gorvette
Prince William Prince Wheeliam
Periodic Table of Elements Automotive Table of Elements
Lederhosen Materhosen
Matterhorn Mater-Horn
Jay Leno Jay Limo
Bob Costas Bob Cutlass
Darrell Waltrip Darrell Cartrip
Brent Musburger Brent Mustangburger
David Hobbs David Hobbscap
John Lasseter John Lassetire
Tower Bridge Tyre Bridge
Big Ben Big Bentley
Karate Carate, though it's spelt "Karate" in the DVD/Blu-ray subtitles.
Tarmac Carmac, as shown in the titles for the clips, however the proper name is still used in the title of a part of the score.
Tea Oil tea, as shown on a sign in the background in London when a light blue Gremlin is shown telling Grem and Acer that McQueen and Mater are coming their way.
Abominable Snowman Abominable Snowplow
Area 51 Parking Area 51
Derby Days Crazy Days
Astronaut Auto-naut, although at the end of Mater's story in Moon Mater, when Mater was asked a joke by a reporter, that reporter still mentioned the proper name of "astronaut".
Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Trucks
Great Wall of China Great Tread of China
Alcatraz Island Alcartraz Island
Kung Fu Car Fu
Aikido Carkido
Moulin Rouge Moteur Rouge
Boo Boomobile
Gusteau's Gastow's
Daily Telegraph Daily Exhaust
Carnival Car-nival (although on the sign at the entrance in the cancelled episode of Mater Goes to the Car-Nival, it has shows the normal name)
The Jay Leno Show The Jay Limo Show
Frosty the Snowman Frosty the Snowplow
Easter Bunny Easter Buggy
Trafalgar Trafalgear
Piccadilly Circus Petroldilly Circus
Le Mans Le Cars
iPad skyPad

This website here mentions that the Great Wall of China is called "Great Tread of China", as a large car tread that can be seen on the wall's path.

About Derby Days, in the first film, Minny mentions that Van did the same of refusing to ask someone for directions due to having a GPS when they were heading up to the "Crazy Days", a parody of Derby Days, in Shakopee, Minnesota.

U.S. Route 66, taken off the map in 1985, is conspicuously absent from stored maps in automotive aftermarket GPS units — an omission also noted by Harv, Lightning's agent, and a minor running joke in the film.

When Mater was changed to look like Dracula, he says, "I vant to siphon your gas!" Which is a reference to that vampires want to suck blood.

V12 TV has got other names for stuff, although the real ones and versions would probably still exist as the video said that they actually made up V12 TV. It has Law and Auto: SUV, parody of Law and Order: SVU. It has made-up credits saying, "Morgan Freeway as Evil Car #1, Executive Producer: Speed Martin." Morgan Freeway is Morgan Freeman and Speed Martin is Steve Martin. The moving tyre/tire mark might be an advert indicator. It then shows Dancing with the Cars, which is a parody of Dancing with the Stars. And then, it shows I Didn't Know I Was Leaking, which is a parody of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. It then shows Dr. Fill It Up, which is a parody of Dr. Phil. And then, it shows American Idle, which is a parody of American Idol. But I think that all of these proper names for the shows and people still exist, as V12 TV is actually made up.

RSN (Racing Sports Network) seems to parody actual sports channels like Speed and ESPN.

In Cars 2 a few of the planes in Japan have text saying "SamAirAi", which recalls the word "Samurai". But it is not Samurai because Samurai does not have anything to do with planes. It has something to do with Japan's anicent warriors. It is just named after Samurai, as well as a tyre/tire brand called "Samuride", seen on advertisements.

In the Cars 2 Answer Seguros Commercial, there is a building called "Carfé", though in Porto Corsa, there is a building called "Café Frizione", so the proper name of "Café" still also exist in the Cars world.

In the Ye Left Turn Inn, there is a sign showing a glass of beer and says, "Diesel Ale", which is a pun on "Real Ale". But it might not replace the real ale as it is a British beer trademark and there might be both every proper beer trademark and car-themed beer trademark.

GRC (Global Rally Championship (Global Rally Cars)) is a parody of the WRC (World Rally Championship, World Rally Car), but the WRC should also exist in the Cars world.

In Mater Saves Christmas, there is a song called "Ol' Timing Belt", but I don't know what it is a parody of, as well as some made-up titles of car-themed versions of films, such as "Trash Talkin' Cop", and "Bat Rat Cuda". I don't know the titles of the proper versions (if they do exist).

A website mentioning the shapes of the landmarks in Cars 2 mentioned Notre Dame Cathedral having 24 "car-goyles", which are gargoyles. But there should also be proper versions and names of gargoyles.

On a poster for a concert in Heavy Metal Mater, there is some text saying "Rust & Roll", which is a pun on "rock and roll". The proper name should also exist.

The new billboard for Christmas at Cars Land shows some text saying, "Season's Speedings," which is a pun on "Season's Greetings." But "Season's Greetings" should also exist in the Cars world.

In the credits of Cars 2, there is an airline company called "Pixair," named after Pixar. Because that it's an airline company, it's not really the Pixar studio.

In Mater Private Eye, when Tia mentions to Mater that Mia has been captured, she says, "carnapped." This is a pun on "kidnapped." But I would also like if they also the proper word of "kidnapped" also existing in the Cars world.

Usually, we hear characters saying, "Ladies and gentlecars," a pun on "Ladies and gentlemen." Also, in Planes, Ned and Zed said, "Ladies and gentleplanes." However, a few times in the first Cars film, there were actually a few characters saying the proper words of "Ladies and gentlemen," which they are mentioned by Bob Cutlass, when he says that they have a three-way tie for the first time in Piston Cup history, and Dusty Rust-eze, when he and Rusty Rust-eze introduce everyone to McQueen, which they say, "Ladies and gentlemen, Lightning McQueen!" So they should also have the proper words of "Ladies and gentlemen" existing in the Cars world, and sometimes usually say it.

This website showing news of The World of Cars Online (closed) shows some changes of names, like that Thanksgiving is renamed, "Tanksgiving," zombies are renamed, "zombie cars," barbecues are renamed, "CAR-B-Q," and on Spring Break, some information mentions "funbrellas," a pun on umbrellas. However, the same picture showing barbecues shows the proper name of umbrellas.

In the Cozy Cone Motel, on the table is a sign saying, "Honk for service." This is a pun on, "Ring for service," when a person rings a bell on the table to ask for service. I hope they also have "Ring for service" also existing in the Cars world, as well as to use a bell.

The Cars 2 edition of Operation has a mistletoe made up of missiles and a hook was called, "Missile tow," but it is a bit confusing for people in the United Kingdom because they pronounce "missile" different to people in the United States. There should also be the proper name and version of mistletoe.

A few of the Cars 2 posters have puns on stuff like: The Paris international poster says, "Fuel the love," a pun on "Feel the love." The Alps international poster says, "Oc-tow-berfest," a pun on Germany's Oktoberfest festival. The Santa Ruotina international poster says, "Ka-ciao," a pun on Lightning McQueen's catchphrase "Ka-chow" and "ciao," the Italian word for "hello" and "goodbye." One of the Tokyo international posters says, "Heart braker," a pun on "heartbreaker." The Russia international poster says, "Dobro pozhalov-tow," a pun on "dobro pozhalovatʹ," or "добро пожаловать," a Russian word for "Welcome."

In the Disneyland Resort "Mater Bells" TV Spot made for Christmas, Mater is singing Winter Wonderland, but has "walking" replaced by "towing", making "Walking in a winter wonderland": "Towing in a winter wonderland". But there should also be the proper version with "walking". Also, "Mater Bells" is a pun on Jingle Bells. There should also be the proper names of jingle bells and the song.

In the Mad episode "Class of the Titans / Zeke and Lex Luthor," an ad product called "Cloudy with a Chance of Flavor" (based on the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) shows a Cars-themed cereal named CARshmellows, a pun on marshmallows. But because this is a Mad episode, which Warner Bros. makes it and not the film companies like Pixar, the proper name of marshmallows should also exist.

A few of the Cars merchandise shows a few words with the word "car" in them, such as that the Cars 2 website says, "car-acters", a pun on "characters", and the Disney Annual 2013 says, "car-azy", a pun on "crazy". A page in the Mater Saves Christmas book has in the line from 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" the "to" replaced by "tow", making it, "Merry Christmas tow all, and tow all a good night!" But the proper names of all these should also exist in the Cars world.

In Cars Mater-National Championship, Otto says that he races in "Le Cars", a pun on Le Mans. But they should also have the proper name of Le Mans existing as well.

Gasprin, the sponsor of Floyd Mulvihill, is said to sort out "hood aches", a pun on headaches. But the proper name of headaches should also exist as well.

There is a sign in London in the Cars 2 video game which shows a fuel container and says "Oil hail the Queen", a pun on "All hail the Queen".

The An Axle to Grind poster shows "Rim Diesel", a pin on Vin Diesel.

There are advertisements for Livercool, possibly a pun on Lucozade. It is anti freeze. They show a blue and green car with a similar model to Chick Hicks.

In Planes, the forklift in the control tower at Propwash Junction says "For flying out loud!", a pun on "For crying out loud!" But I really hope that "For crying out loud!" exists in the Cars world as well.

Also in Planes, Sparky says "Dusty la vista", which is a pun on "Hasta la vista", although it could be that Sparky was only doing a play on words.

Also, the website showing a video of Dusty on the iOS devices during the leg to China is called FlewTube, a parody of YouTube. But YouTube must exist as well.

When Leadbottom and Dusty argue about competing in the Wings Around the Globe, Leadbottom says "For the love of Peterbilt!" This is a pun on "For the love of Pete!" But the normal word could also be used.

Planes: Fire & Rescue shows a television show called CHoPs, which is a spoof of CHiPs, although I think that CHoPs would also exist in a world with real-life and film events due to that it has Blade Ranger and Nick Loopin' Lopez, who would both not be in CHiPs.

PLEASE NOTE that I hope that Cars 3 will reveal that the proper versions and names of EVERYTHING also exist in the Cars world by showing them on stuff like signs and maps and having the characters mention the proper names and versions.


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And also, if there's anything else that I missed, just tell me if you find these.

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