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It's from the stuff I've read recently and what I'd say likely to fit this brave Princess's spirit especially if you want her really active for a good reason. Templar lessons she's close enough to the medievel time the Templar stuff started, her orginal Princess scenes and new princess scenes especially her really cute scenes with bear cubs in the picture, Explorer scenes of her own because this princess loves to go places for sure and there are even real explorers who have history of going to Africa to find the places like Timbuktu, More magical scenes of her culture's old fairy tales legends and folklore books, because Princess Merida she's brave enough to feel welcome even with supernatural creatures with magic, and she's also brave enough to be the rescuer again. From a historic fiction book of the Templars  call the Grey  Griffin Triology I've started to think of this extremely brave princess also once in while saving her kindgom from the shadowland king similar to what Elena of Avalor does in her TV series but different magical monsters, some ancient monsters are even scarier than what Elena has fought in her episodes.

Bog Beast

Bone Cruncher

Crypt Sentiel


Fireball Pixie

Ice Imp

Inferno Imp


Numerous types of trolls

But this is a Scottish princess brave to also make friends with some other fae people and have them bounded with her, Cautious with cool things like the Pooka, friendly sprite, powerful pixies, puny magical fairyland foxes with wings of butterflies because they're common in unique fox art, and then her bird friends could be Swallows and Kingfishers, while her forest friend who comes and goes is the Wildcat whose range is from Scotland to Africa. Magical horses that haven't been shown in Merida's tales yet she could even be the Disney  / Pixar princess to introduce to thick coated Gaelic Unicorn from Scotland's areas such as Argyll. Princess Merida's sea friend could sure be a seal, whether natural seal or the magical Selkie. She could introduce old tales of Ness, and show the city of Glasgow to her Disney friends for sure, Edinburgh is where new withcraft scenes would make sense, historical fiction books of Edinburgh even mention the old dragon stuff, and the Island named Skye looks lovely and worth showing on TV in a tale of the Scottish princess too.