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Set after the events of Incredibles 2, Supers have been made legal again, and The Parrs think everything is finally back to normal, but the sudden return of Syndrome changes all that. The Incredibles must not only deal with the return of Syndrome, but also, live lives as normal civilians, but that is difficult, especially with Jack Jack’s new powers, and there are also old and new villains a-popping up, but fear not, The Wannabe Supers also get in on the action, and The Incredibles must do all they can to prevent the city from falling under the villains’ control, fight for justice, and honor, and also learn a few life lessons on the way.



  • Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: The husband of Helen, and the father of Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack, a stay-at-home father, learning on the job. He is also a superhero known as Mr Incredible, with superhuman strength. Whilst he struggles at times with his new role, he knows that he can always turn to help from his wife and his kids. 
  • Helen Parr/Elastigirl: The wife of Bob, and the mother of Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack, and is also a superhero called Elastigirl, with super elasticity powers, which allow her to stretch like rubber. She is able to resolve all types of problems, and is the brains of the family.
  • Violet Parr: The eldest child of the Parr family. She is usually shy and lacks confidence, but in danger, she puts her doubts aside to help out when she can. She has the powers of invisibility and creating force fields. She has a romantic interest on Tony Rydinger.
  • Dash Parr: The middle child of the Parr family, who has the power of lightning fast super speed. He is very eager to fight bad guys, and mostly uses his speed for pranks and jokes, especially on defeated bad guys. Sometimes, he can have difficulties telling right from wrong. But he has a good heart, and is never afraid to protect his family in danger.
  • Jack-Jack Parr: the youngest of the Parr Family, a baby with multiple uncontrollable superpowers. He develops different types of powers throughout the series.
  • Lucius Best/Frozone: Bob Parr's best friend, who, when he gets the chance, fights crime with the Parr family, as Frozone, a super with ice powers. He likes to go bowling, and also has his own music and fashion label. He lives with his wife Honey Best.
  • Voyd: Also known as Karen, Voyd is The leader of the Wannabe Supers team. Is a mega-fan of Elastigirl, and Her power is to create portals that can transport objects and people from one place to another. 
  • Brick: Also known as Concretia 'Connie' Mason, Is one of the Wannabe Supers. Her powers are super strength and invulnerability, and she can expand to the size of a brick wall on command. 
  • He-Lectrix: (real name Tom Current) Is one of the Wannabe Supers. His power is to generate electricity (electrokinesis). However, exposure to water can temporally short out his power, and also has no effect on non-conductive materials. At times, he gets rather cocky, and full of himself.
  • Krushauer: (real name Blitz Wagner) Is one of the Wannabe Supers. He has the power of telekinesis, and can crush a car without even laying a hand on it. However, he is unable to "un-crush" something, stating that 'un-crushing' something is just silly.
  • Screech: (real name Strig Tyton) is one of the Wannabe Supers. Is a fanatic on owls. His head can rotate 360 degrees and he has big owl-like eyes, imitating the features of an owl. He also made wings to make him fly. His power is the ability to make high-pitched screeches that can break glass. However, Screech fights crime mostly at night, which leaves him tired and less focused during the day.
  • Reflux: Also known as Gus Burns, is a senior wannabe super, one of the Wannabe Supers, and is able to generate lava by barfing it. As an old man, he gets tired easily and has motion sickness problems, which can be fatal for someone who can barf hot lava, especially when he overheats. He doesn't like it when Edna tries to remove his cape. 


  • Syndrome: The Incredibles' arch nemesis. Once thought to be dead, but it was revealed he survived his death in the first movie. He is voiced by Jason Lee.
  • The Underminer: The villainous earth-dweller villain, He is voiced by John Ratzenberger.
  • Bomb Voyage: A returning villain from the Golden Age. He is voiced by Dominique Louis.
  • Gilbert Huph: The former boss of Insuricare. He was brainwashed and 
  • Rock Meister: A rock-n-roll music themed supervillain. Once the guitarist of the popular rock band 'Huff n Puff Pigs', he always hogged the spotlight, and claimed he's 'number 1'. Before a important gig at the opening of a new museum, he secretly cranked the music volume to 11, and he soon rocked the stage so much, it collapsed around him and the band, trashing the museum in the process. His band-mates were furious, and they kicked him out of the band [literally]. He swore vengeance on them, and tooled his guitar to be a weapon, created rocket boots, earpieces to protect his ears, and soon The Rock Meister was born! He is voiced by John Paul Karliak.
  • Baron Gear Grinder: A steampunk themed supervillain. He is revealed to be the son of Bob's dad's arch enemy, Colonel Clockwork. He is voiced by Tim Curry.
  • Dreadwalker: A muscular Rastafarian supervillain, with superpowered dreadlocks. Once a former hairdresser, an accident with a new experimental shampoo caused his hair to fall out, making him ridiculed by everyone. However, his dreadlocks grew back, but they weren't the same as before; they were super powerful, uncuttable, and, they had a life of their own. He saw this as an opportunity to get his own back on the people who mocked him. It wasn't long till he used his new superpowered hair for commiting crimes.
  • Kid Gamer: A supervillain kid who loves videogames. 
  • Vince Thundire: Kelly's father, and the leader of the FireStorm duo. 
  • Kelly Thundire: Vince's daughter, and the other of the FireStorm duo. 
  • BrainFreezer
  • Anchor-Man


  • Edna Mode: The fashion designer for the Parr Family and the Wannabe Supers. She is voiced by Brad Bird.
  • Winston Deavor: The owner of DevTech, and the one who the Supers thanked for making them legal again. He is also the manager of the New Urbem Order of Supers. He is viced by Bob Odenkirk.
  • Charlie Dicker: Rick Dicker's niece, who runs the New Urbem Order of Supers, after she heard her uncle's program was teminated after the Underminer's attack in the second film. She is good with technology, especially with the memory erasing machine that her uncle used to erase people's memories. She is voiced by Felicia Day.
  • Rick Dicker: The former manager of the SuperHero Relocation Program, which closed down. Now, he lives a life of retirement, but is still able to keep in touch with the Parrs and his niece. He is voiced by Jonathan Banks.
  • Graham: The Parrs' new neighbour. Strangely enough, he's someone who doesn't like supers, even though they've been made legal again. He is the only one who knows about Bob's super identity.

Voice Cast

The cast from the films reprise their roles for the series, with the exception of Mirage, Brick and Screech. 

Main Cast

  • Craig T. Nelson as Bob/Mr Incredible
  • Holly Hunter as Helen/Elastigirl
  • Huck Milner as Dash [credited as Huckleberry Milner]
  • Sarah Vowell as Violet
  • Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack
    • Nicholas Bird as Monster Jack Jack
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius/Frozone
  • Sophia Bush as Voyd
  • Phil LaMarr as Krushauer and He-Lectrix
  • Paul Eiding as Reflux
  • Lea DeLaria as Brick
  • Tom Kenny as Screech
  • Brad Bird as Edna Mode
  • Jonathan Banks as Rick Dicker
  • Felicia Day as Charlie Dicker
  • Tara Strong as Mirage
  • Travis Willingham as Graham
  • Jason Lee as Syndrome


[in particular episodes; some guest stars, some later on as more recurring characters]

  • Bill Wise as Syndrome's Disguised Voice
  • Dominique Louis as Bomb Voyage
  • John Ratzenberger as The Underminer
  • Brad Bird as Edna Mode
  • Bob Odenkirk as Winston Deavor
  • Wallace Shawn as Gilbert Huph
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Gilbert Knight [Voice], ShapeShifter
  • John Paul Karliak as The Rock Meister [credited as J.P. Karliak]
  • Khary Payton as Dreadwalker
  • Ilan Galkoff as Kid Gamer
  • Tim Curry as Baron Gear Grinder
  • Christian Lanz as Vince Thundire
  • Kelly Osbourne as Kelly Thundire
  • James Corden as Jake Viralson
  • Bret Parker as Kari McKeen
  • Catherine Cavadini as BrainFreezer [credited as Cathy Cavadini]
  • Fred Tastasciore as Anchor-Man, 
  • James Van Der Beek as Gregory/Vam-Power
  • Michael Bird as Tony Rydinger
  • Raymond Ochoa as Casper
  • Rhys Darby as Jerome Patten/Scuttlefish
  • Leigh-Allyn Baker as Ms Ni/Nanny Ninja, Kari's Mom
  • Jim Hanks as Kari's Dad, Captain Al Bertram
  • Tim Allen as Future Jack-Jack
  • Jess Harnell as Santa Claus
  • Phill Lewis as Ian Bankington
  • Bridgit Mendler as Penny Bankington
  • Alexander Armstrong as Malcolm Musical/Sir Musica
  • David Tennant
  • Mark Gatiss as Monty/Mechanitaur


Season 1:

# Episode Name Plot Episode Moral
1 The Return of Syndrome [double-length special] Supers are legal once again, but The Parrs think everything will finally go back to normal for a while, but there are still many challenges to face: Jack-Jack's superpowers, civillian life, and the New Urbem Order of Supers. Matters are further complicated with the sudden return of Syndrome, who apparently survived his death in the first film, and is planning his vengance! It takes time to get used to new things in life, even when bad things happen.
2 Job Well Overdone Hoping to cover the bills for their new house, Bob vies to get himself a part-time job, but after a string of failures, he soon gets a job working at the newly reopened Municiberg bank. But the next day, Bob is falsely accused of robbing the bank, so he, Helen, Lucius and the kids will have to work hard and clear his name. Crime doesn't pay, even if it has good or responsible intentions.
3 The Neighbour and the Supers The Parrs get a new neighbour, a donut shop owner called Graham, but Bob is surprised to discover he doesn't like supers, especially the Wannabe Supers, and tries to befriend him and find out why. But when the villainous Bomb Voyage returns, and captures Graham, the Parrs will have to rescue him. Not everyone can like you all the time.
4 Curfew Club Dash hears of a new secret club, and wishes to join it. But his family are more concerned with strange acts of vandalism popping up after the curfew starts in the neighbourhoods of Municiberg. When the family realizes the new 'Curfew Club' is behind it, can they stop it before Dash does something that will get him into something potentially even worse than getting grounded? It's not worth hurting people or breaking the law just for fun.
5 Dread Man Walking Dash learns that the quickest solution isn't always the best solution when he and his family, and the other supers face new villain Dreadwalker, a man with super powerful dreadlocks of hair.  The quickest solution isn't always the best solution.
6 Shock and Roll He-Lectrix thinks he's unappreciated. But his electricity powers will be needed when the supers face Baron Gear Grinder, the son of an enemy of Bob Parr's father. But will He-Lectrix be willing enough to put himself to use? Don't take anything or anyone for granted.
7 Game Over, Supers! Tony signs up for a sports contest based and designed on different videogames, and quickly becomes addicted, to Violet's confusion. However, they don't know that new supervillain, Kid Gamer, is the creator, and he's making a plan to defeat the supers! Cheaters never prosper.
8 Screech Gets Grounded During an attack with the Underminer, Screech's wing is damaged, and is told he cannot fly until it's repaired. When the Underminer attacks again however, Screech ignores the warnings, and as a result, ends up damaging both his wings. To make matters worse, the Incredibles, Frozone and the other Wannabe Supers soon get captured by the Underminer's new robot minions! Can Screech follow doctor's orders and save the city and his friends from the Underminer and his robots? Always follow the doctor's orders.
9 Father's Day When Helen goes out, Bob plans to spend Father's Day with the kids, but with Jack Jack developing his powers, and feuding with raccoons, it may not be the most relaxing Father's Day ever, especially when he and the kids have to face FireStorm, a father-daughter supervillain duo who use electricity and fire in their crimes. Always stick up for your family.
10 Rock On Reflux is much older than the other supers, so the others try to respect his safety, which soon becomes a hassle, especially with new supervillain the Rock Meister causing chaos. Reflux must step up and bring the rockstar supervillain down to size. Everyone is useful no matter how young or old they are.
11 Honey's First Date? Honey Best befriends a man after she inadvertantly saves him from falling into the path of a car, and before long, starts hanging out with him, but Lucius is suspicious of her new friend, and before long, his suspicions are proven correct, for little does Honey know she's actually befriended the villainous Dreadwalker in disguise! Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.
12 Power Cut The Incredibles, Frozone, and the Wannabe Supers face down an anti-technology group, called the No-Powuh Clan [led by the disguised Syndrome and Bomb Voyage], who plan to drain all the power from the city, but things get worse when they're caught in a blast from one of Bomb Voyage's newest bombs, a bomb which when detonated, temporarily nullifies the powers of all Supers caught in the blast radius! The supers must find a way to stop Syndrome and Bomb Voyage without their powers. You are a hero even without superpowers.
13 The 7th Wannabe When the Supers meet 'ShapeShifter', a man who can shapeshift, Voyd thinks he is a superhero like her and the other Wannabes. But what are his motives? And can he be trusted? Meanwhile, Krushauer babysits Rusty McAllister, and is forced to bring him on a mission to stop the Rock Meister. Never go for looks alone.
14 Jack-Jack of the Future The Incredibles keep getting beaten to crimes by a mysterious being. When they confront that being, they discover he is a grown-up Jack-Jack from the future! He has come to warn the Incredibles of the past that a terrible thing will happen very soon. Trouble is, he isn't allowed to say what it is... Knowing too much can be a dangerous thing.
15 The Pirates of New Urbem The supers discover a group of pirates attacking New Urbem, and fight them off, then later, the Parr family travel to their lair, and Bob befriends the captain, Captain Al Bertram. However, the others discover that the pirates are hiding some dark secrets, including the reason how Syndrome survived... People aren't always what they seem.
16 Mother Knows Best

After a plan she makes goes wrong, Helen is left to question her own genius thinking. But can she think again to stop Anchor-Man and his goons from terrorising the city?

Note: this is set during the events of the 'Father's Day' episode.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it's ok to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them.
17 Zombie Attack! Kid Gamer returns, and he has two secret zombifying code words: say either one of them and you turn into a zombie. Unfortunately, the two words are "no" and "yes". The Supers must stop him, but it's not long till all but Violet is turned into zombies! Can she find a way to hack the Kid Gamer's plan before the whole of the city is zombified? Stay calm in the face of danger.
18 The Switch Glitch During an attack with Syndrome stealing dangerous technology from DevTech, an incident with a body swapping device occurs, and Bob and Graham [who accidentally ended up in the crossfire] end up switching bodies! Now Graham is stuck in the body of a Super, whilst Bob is stuck in the body of a human without powers! The two must embrace their differences to live the other's life. It's not easy to walk in someone else's shoes.
19 VamPower After a incident involving a faulty faucet, ice powers, and a sock, Lucius has to move in with the Parrs until the apartment thaws, but before long, gets into a heated argument with Bob over their differences. And their feud threatens the battle against VamPower, an ordinary civillian turned supervillain! Even best friends argue too, but you gotta make up fast.
20 The Gilbert Knight  A mechanical menace called the Gilbert Knight is on the loose in the city, so the Incredibles are called to stop him. However, Bob gets a shock when he discovers the identity of the knight's master; his old Insuricare boss, Mr Huph! Don't let the past consume you.
21 Were-Bob Whilst fighting a civillian turned into a werewolf-like monster, Bob gets bitten, and, as a result, becomes part werewolf. The others have to find a cure and quickly, so they turn to help from Kelly and her dad, but not before they have to deal with Syndrome, who's planning to spread a wolfifying virus all over the city. A problem can sometimes bring a solution.
22 The People vs Lucius Best Frozone is falsely accused of committing crimes and robberies around New Urbem, and Bob Parr is the only one who can prove his innocence, so he's given 24 hours to prove his best friend did not cause any crimes to happen. Never give up on your friends, even if it makes things harder for yourself and others.
23 Movie Mystery Violet and Dash are both roped into making a daredevil action movie. But there's more to the movie than meets the eye. And why are there problems happening all over the city? Don't take things that don't belong to you. 
24 How The Supers Saved Christmas [double length Christmas special] Don't blame others for things they didn't do.
25 Jack-Jack in Charge Hasty decisions lead to trouble.

Season 2

# Title Plot Episode Moral
1 The Super Bad Five A new team of villains is on the loose
3 Leader vs Speedster Whilst Bob and Helen go away on their wedding anniversary, Violet is in charge of the house and the siblings. But 
4 Mechanitaur A new villain is on the loose - Mechanitaur: a man in steel robot-based armor that resembles a minotaur.

Pixar Film references in the series


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