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  • I was born on March 15
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  • TheBABAMStudios

    Cars: Race Around the World is a fan-made video game by me that is about another racing series with seven races, one in each continent.

    The Radiator Springs will be the same one from Cars Race-O-Rama except that it will have new features. You will be able to enter buildings/stadiums from the doors; Ramone's House of Body Art, Rustbucket Stadium, etc.

    Cars will take crash damage, about same physics as Grand Theft Auto V.

    You can change your character during free roam and also play multiplayer duing free roam too.

    Have to refuel gas everyonce in a while.

    Will have Piston Cup stadiums also.

    Will include the airport from Cars: Mater National so you can get in an airplane to go to a different continent.

    Will include the interstate that was at the end o…

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  • TheBABAMStudios

    "Hey Mater, did I tell you about the time I raced in a 1000 lap race?", Lightning asked. "No, buddy! Why don't you tell me!", Mater replied. "Okay then. I was in Hawaii with 100 opponents. Including my Piston Cup rival, Chick Hicks. Boy he was eager to win. The race was on January 24, 2006. One of my first races. I barely knew he crashed other racers."

    "Looks like this rookie is in for a suprise.", Chick said. Chick had rammed McQueen right in the side of his front left tire, causing it to pop. "Aw great now my lucky bolt has a dent in it.", Lightning said. "Don't worry I'll fix it for you.", Chick said. He rammed McQueen one more time causing him to go into the wall. He spun out into the grass.

    McQueen went into the pits and told his pittie…

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  • TheBABAMStudios

    "Hey Lightning, I need you to come and help me find two droids.", Uncle Owen said. "Sure", responds Lightning. Once they find the Jawas and their sandcrawler, they purchase the two droids: LU-GI and GU-DO. As soon as they get home they have a conversation about Lightning's father. "Aunt Beru, can you tell me about my father?", Lightning asks. "Okay Lightning. Your father was a powerful jedi who fought in the Clone Wars with Finn Wan-Kenobi. But soo...", Aunt Beru says before she's interupted by Lightning. "Who was Finn Wan-Kenobi?" "Finn Wan-Kenobi was a powerful jedi. Not more powerful than your father, but powerful. He had worked with your father since he was only nine years old.", Uncle Owen says. "I'm gonna go find Finn-Wan!", Lightnin…

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  • TheBABAMStudios

    My Top 3 Wikis

    August 9, 2012 by TheBABAMStudios

    For Wikipedia's non-encyclopedic visitor introduction, see Wikipedia:About.


    [2] The logo of Wikipedia, a globe featuring glyphs from several different writing systems

    Screenshot [show]
    Slogan The Free Encyclopedia
    Commercial? No
    Type of site Internet encyclopedia
    Registration Optional (required only for certain tasks such as editing protected pages, creating pages or uploading files)
    Available language(s) 275 active editions (285 in total)
    Users 35,000,000 (total registered in all editions)[1]
    Content license Creative Commons Attribution/
    Share-Alike 3.0 (most text also dual-licensed under GFDL)
    Media licensing varies
    Owner Wikimedia Foundation (non-profit)
    Created by Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger[2]
    Launched January 15, 2001 (…

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  • TheBABAMStudios

    Hey guys I found a new website to create your own pokemon card!

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