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Do we need different pages for Paris in each film? Pixarfandom 16:44, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, I know...It's very strange to have 3 pages for the same town...But I don't think the Ratatouille and Cars 2 Paris stuff can be mixed together...Cars 2 does not "really" happen in the Paris we know, since Cars 2's Paris has been "car-ified"...
A solution I propose is to make the Paris page bigger. Like "ranking" it as a normal page (instead of a disambiguation page), and link the Paris and Paris pages as main articles of the Ratatouille and Cars 2 sections...Gray Catbird 16:56, May 22, 2011 (UTC)


Hi, welcome to Pixar Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Lightning McQueen page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- RaptorWiki (Talk) 18:12, February 20, 2011

Main page

I guess the pictures could be changed a bit. I'll see what I can do. Pixarfandom 08:06, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

Cars pages

We don't really need a summary of the cars characters. Its way to messy when we have to many paragraphs on their pages. We should edit those pages like what we're doing to the cars 2 characters. Endrizzi427 18:53, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

Like for all the characters of every film, the description of the character won't be only their official description. I don't think it makes messy to add further information. Isn't having the most information one of our goals ? If the information is correctly ordered, it's not messy. And an other problem is that you removed the quotes and references of the official descriptions. Since this text is not written by one editor, the source should be cited...Gray Catbird 19:27, April 30, 2011 (UTC) But it's a good idea to order it in a better way, like you just made for Snot Rod's page.Gray Catbird 19:31, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

Blocking TheSitcomLover

Well I suppose recently his edits have been improved by far. I've changed my views a bit now, he has improved since when he was last blocked. Perhaps he learnt his lesson. Pixarfandom 12:16, May 3, 2011 (UTC)

La Luna

I've tried to NOT write June 6 for the release. The festival starts on the 6th but goes through the 11th. I haven't seen anything official that La Luna is opening the festival or that it will be shown on the first day. Maybe I'm just not reading the news releases closely enough. --Jeff (talk) 03:14, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

I think you know as much things as I do. I didn't know that detail. Now I realize the date of the premiere is more incertain then I thought. I thought that if the date wasn't complete, it was because someone was not sure if it would be released with Cars 2 (which is false), or because of the year problems (2012 instead of 2011). Sorry ! Now what do we do ? We can either put the date back to june only, or precise it's at that festival that starts the 6th and continues to the 11th.Gray Catbird 12:13, May 6, 2011 (UTC)
I just changed it back to June. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 13:17, May 6, 2011 (UTC)


Hey, thanks for cleaning up the mess from this user. I'm deleting all the pages he created and blocked him. I should have everything deleted within 10 minutes or so, but if you notice anything I missed let me know. Thanks! --Jeff (talk) 01:04, May 8, 2011 (UTC)

Todd the Pizza Planet truck in Cars, appearing in Cars 2 posters

Could you show me one of the posters? Thanks. Pixarfandom 17:31, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

I'll try to explain you what made me write that. But I warn you that it's not a good image at all, but I'm sure it's him. It's on the London panel of the triptych poster. If you zoom a lot on the race track visible in the background, one car really looks to be Todd (see image).
Someone who had access to a better quality (a poster in a cinema) said (here : that it was indeed Todd.Gray Catbird 01:02, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for showing me. Pixarfandom 12:07, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

Deleting images in the Lightning McQueen customizations.

Sorry I deleted them. The reason I did was because I thought File:Lightning cars 2 piston cup paint job.jpg and File:Lightning mcqueen2.jpg were the same, and File:CFLMQ4.jpg and File:Sc-radiator-springs-lightning-mcqueen.jpg. Pixarfandom 13:03, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

I understand. I must agree these paint jobs are very similar...Gray Catbird 15:33, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

Lauren Topal

Wasn't quite sure what category to place on for her page. New editor on this wiki, but have been an editor for almost 11 months. All abord the S.S. Izzy! Next stop:Danvilleland! 02:14, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

It's ok. Nobody really knows how to categorize all these pages... Anyway, welcome on Pixar Wiki !Gray Catbird 12:18, May 20, 2011 (UTC)
If the person does not fit into one of the existing Crew categories (like Animators, Directors, Writers, Producers, etc), then just put them in the Crew category. --Jeff (talk) 15:20, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

Mater customization

That image you added isn't an actual paint job, Gray Catbird. He is just wearing headphones. Pixarfandom 13:28, May 28, 2011 (UTC)

Never mind, I now see the difference. Pixarfandom 13:30, May 28, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, and because that the headphones are on the windows, that means that a car's windows are the ears. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 13:19, August 10, 2012 (UTC)


I am desperately looking for a picture/screenshot of Mater awakening in Big Ben...tied up / gagged. By chance do you have this? Thank you

Me saying Howdy to you

Howdy I'm Jessie sure Is glad to meet cha' I'm new to this wiki.

Jessie the Cowgirl 15:54, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

About Tomber

I saw that you changed my description of Tomber's design being based on a Reliant Regal and a Citroen Ami into a Citroen DS, that's wrong, search up a picture of the AMI and see for yourself. The Citroen DS series (The original sixties ones) look NOTHING like Tomber.

Hello. You are right, he does have a resemblence with the Citroen Ami, and I quite wasn't justified to remove that information. But it also has some resemblance with the Citroen DS, mainly the position of his turning signals. It's because Tomber is not inspired by one car, but by several French cars (see the quote of John Lasseter on Tomber's page in the trivia section.Gray Catbird 00:49, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

1970 citroen ami-pic-32533

Part of Tomber's design came from the Citroen AMI

rex in danger

I got rid of the content because I made this page wrong by accident and then created a new one. There should not be two of the same page. I'm going to talk to Raptorwiki to delete it once and for all. Daniel Macgregor 21:23, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Ok, thanks for the information ! I had seen that page in the Short Pages special page, and when I saw it in the first place, I didn't understand what had happened. I wasn't aware it was a duplicate page.--Gray Catbird 00:22, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

Hi Gray Catbird - Isa0304

Hi! you updated a new picture from cars 2 mistakes with lightning mcqueen with differents wheels, which video did you get that picture? I know one it's from the film but the other one? is it from cars 2 trailers or something?

thank you so much for answering!!! now, if you don't have any problem of course, can you help me to find the real still of this picture (I mean this version, not from the movie) because this one have been cut, I want the complete picture of this one. I'll thanking you!!!

thank you so much for help me out!! yeah! you understand very well, I've been looking for the picture complete not an equivalent screenshot, but I couldn't find it, even though I'll keep searching, thanks for help me. if you find it, just tell me and if I can find it I'll tell you!!!

Hi! I get that picture from this video (is around minute 00:36): I haven't found the complete scene just this one. and don't forget whatever you need just tell me! I don't know how much different scenes could be, I don't know for sure if there is a version with shu todoroki for japan maybe? I know there is a version with carla veloso for Brazil but I've never seen it yet.


hi, do you know how to put the table under the picture of the character that shows the performer and where they appeared in? and how do you put a picture? Paulinodelarosa 01:47, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

Rollback rights

I granted you rollback rights, since you help out so much when there is vandalism or when pages need fixing after bad edits. This will allow you to undo those changes much more quickly...less work to do on your end. I hope it helps you! Thanks for all your work! - RaptorWiki (Ryan) 13:31, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

Cool ! Thank you very much ! I am very honored. That will certainly be a very useful tool...Gray Catbird 16:01, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

Russ Gremlin

Hey, question on deleting this page. User:DJ Morris456 put up a diecast image of a purple car. Is there definitive proof this is (or is not) Russ Gremlin? I know you keep up a lot more with those characters than I do, but just want to make sure we know what diecast that is before I delete the page. Thanks! --Jeff (talk) 17:41, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

When I added the delete template to that page, I was thinking it was yet another episode of the inventing names for background lemons frenzy we had some time ago... I havn't seen until now the message Dj Morris456 put on your talk page... And I realize he is right. Many vendors on eBay and Amazon name him Russ Gremlin... These emerging names generally prove to be true... Yet, I still think this isn't a sufficient proof, since it isn't official. And so, I still think the page should be deleted, at least for now.Gray Catbird 20:50, April 2, 2012 (UTC)
So what would make it official? Are all the cars listed on a Pixar website? Or is this car being sold by an official store like Target or Toys R Us? To me, that would make it official. --Jeff (talk) 22:48, April 2, 2012 (UTC)
I have to say I don't know much on the Cars die-cast lines, and I am not sure what value give to listings on eBay or Amazon... What I have in mind by "official" is that the character is mentionned in a Disney/Pixar or Mattel official website, or on documents they published (they occsionnaly release posters). The name given to the car on its package would be a proof. There has been a lot of confusion on the identity of this die-cast: he was recognized as J. Curby Gremlin by collectors despite not colored the same way, was named "Dom Crumlin" on an European poster (could be his name in another language), and now this name of "Russ Gremlin" emerges...
I would conclude that, while the sellers certainly didn't get the name out of nowhere, I cannot say that yes, undoubtedly this car is named Russ Gremlin.--Gray Catbird 23:29, April 2, 2012 (UTC)
OK, thanks for the info. I am going to move this conversation over to the Talk:Russ Gremlin page. --Jeff (talk) 23:51, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

Time Travel Mater

There is proof for Time Travel Mater! Go to the cars 2 website and on the bottom it will say " Time Travel Mater coming this June" There is proof!

The BABAM Studios 16:23, May 27, 2012 (UTC)The BABAM Studios

Brave Cast Update

There is an update on the cast of Brave:

I don't really know how to refrence it on the Brave page so I wondered if you could or so. However for the Nursemaid Maudie (who the Triplets steal the sweets from), it says there are 2 voice actresses but I don't know who is the actual voice. JaDangerz 18:33, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

IMDb shouldn't be used as a reference, since it sometimes give false information, especially in voice casts; however in this case, they seem to be true... If the end credits of the film confirm these names, than they can be added to the wiki (which is something I cannot verify, I havn't seen the movie yet...). Gray Catbird 12:38, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

Prequel or Sequel? Sulley - Monsters, Inc.

Hi. I have a question. Why Monsters University is a prequel of Monsters Inc.? Monsters University tells the antecedent of Monsters Inc.?

Cars4ever - World of Cars Wiki, Pixar Wiki - (talk) 14:38, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

Yes. MU is set before Monsters, Inc. (when Mike and Sulley were at college) and such sequels that take place before the original are called "prequels".Gray Catbird (talk) 15:00, July 30, 2012 (UTC)
Oh, excuse me. I don't know the Monsters Series . My mistake, sorry.
Cars4ever - World of Cars Wiki, Pixar Wiki - (talk) 15:06, July 30, 2012 (UTC)
No problem. ;) Gray Catbird (talk) 16:49, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

Big Al

Hi Gray Catbird! I wanna tell you that I read the book "Cars: The essential guide" and on the page of the fans, there was the photo of Albert Hinkey. Under the picure there is wrote "Albert Hinkey, also known as Big Al, is a big caravan......". So Big Al is a nickname? It sounds like a nickname suitable for Albert Hinkey. What's your opinion?

Cars4ever - World of Cars Wiki, Pixar Wiki - (talk) 12:56, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

I'm not sure of the level of canonicity of DK essential guides. But that would make sense, Al is a diminutive of Albert, and he is big, so he could have such nickname...
But I think this would really not be sufficient enough to say that Albert Hinkey is the "Big Al" Lizzie mentions.Gray Catbird (talk) 22:52, July 31, 2012 (UTC)
In fact we have only one proof.... We'll see.
Cars4ever - World of Cars Wiki, Pixar Wiki - (talk) 16:57, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
That is actually no proof.... - RaptorWiki (Ryan) 19:58, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
Why not? The book is official from Disney Books. It isn't a fan book.
Cars4ever - World of Cars Wiki, Pixar Wiki - (talk) 11:17, August 2, 2012 (UTC)


Hi Gray Catbird! I know thatyou love brave, so can you enlarge the page of Maudie? It has three empty sections and I never saw Brave. :)

Thanks Cars4ever - World of Cars Wiki, Pixar Wiki - (talk) 09:10, August 6, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, I will try to do it, if I find time (and how to write it...).Gray Catbird (talk) 18:46, August 16, 2012 (UTC)


I have a couple of logos I hope you can make me like your avatar and all the other logos you made. Can you make me a Cars 3 logo and a World of Cars 2 Online Wiki logo. Add the word "Wiki" to this
The World of Cars 2 Online Logo
but make it so it can fit the wiki logo area. Like where it says Pixar Wiki. TheBABAMStudios (talk) 22:23, August 9, 2012 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios
This, here, is Lightening McQueen. I did see that you want Gray Catbird to make a Cars 3 logo and World of Cars 2 Online Wiki logo. But I don't know if they'll open The World of Cars Online again. Do you want these logos made because you want them as your avatar or include them on your blogs like your Cars 3 blog? I guess it would be a great idea for my Cars 3 possiblility blog as well. Also, I have a video here which is actually not a Cars 3 trailer, as it shows someone using a mini Lightning McQueen vehicle, but it does show from 0:19-0:21 a Cars 3 logo which I don't know how that was made even though that video was not made by Disney and Pixar. And I also don't know how you were able to make a Cars logo of your name, Gray Catbird, as well as I don't know how you were able to make the Pixar film logos with Pixar Wiki's name. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 13:33, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
Cars 3 - Not Official

Cars 3 - Not Official

A video which is not a Cars 3 trailer as it actually shows a person driving a Lightning McQueen vehicle, but from the marks of 0:19-0:21, it shows a Cars 3 logo which looks great.

Hello you guys ! Sorry I could not answer earlier. I'm pleased that you like my Pixar logos imitations. To do them, I used Photoshop, the original logo, and found the font used in it, to use it in my version. For some logos, like Cars or Ratatouille, I took the original design, erased the title, and added another one. Other logos had to be remade more extensively ...
The Cars 3 logo in the video is pretty clever; the guy who made it apparently took the upper part of the "2", copied it and fliped it down to make a "3"...
So, I can do a Cars 3 logo for you... I could do as well a World of Cars 2 Online Wiki one, but where exactly do you want "wiki" to be written ? Under the whole thing, or on the right ?--Gray Catbird (talk) 18:38, August 16, 2012 (UTC)
Under please TheBABAMStudios (talk) 12:26, August 17, 2012 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios
Yes, I really do like your Pixar logos imitations, Gray Catbird. Thanks for telling me where you got them from, which was Photoshop. I can't wait for you to make the logos of The World of Cars 2 Online Wiki and Cars 3, which I'm very excited for the Cars 3 logo so that I would use it in my Cars 3 possibility blog. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 20:55, August 19, 2012 (UTC)
I can't wait for the Cars 3 logo you're making so that I would use it in my Cars 3 blog. Photoshop looks cool. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 18:43, August 21, 2012 (UTC)
Photoshop looks cool. I can't wait for the Cars 3 logo you're making so I would use it on my Cars 3 blog. Thanks, Gray Catbird. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 20:06, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
Gray I have an update can you make the World of Cars 2 Online Wiki logo in a way that it will fit where it says the wiki name and can you make the Cars 3 Logo first because I am writing a book. TheBABAMStudios (talk) 20:37, August 22, 2012 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios
GC cars 3 logo
Ok, so, there you go. It was pretty complicate, not sure I got it right, but I have finally finished my "Cars 3" logo! Here it is. --Gray Catbird (talk) 23:44, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
Wow. Thank you, Gray Catbird. And Photoshop looks cool. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 08:30, August 23, 2012 (UTC)
Thanks Gray SO much sorry I didn't respond earlier I was on my iPod and I have NO idea how to edit from an iPod. And how is that World of Cars 2 Online Wiki logo turning out? And you have gotta make it in a way for it to fit where it says World of Cars 2 Online Wiki. TheBABAMStudios (talk) 12:04, August 23, 2012 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios
Yes. Photoshop looks cool. It could be used to make a Toy Story 4 logo and others. And your Cars 3 logo is great. I've used it in my Cars 3 blog, even TheBABAMStudios and Storm Brakehill have used it. I know, TheBABAMStudios is wondering how well you're doing on the World of Cars 2 Online Wiki logo. It may be great for me, but luckily I can wait for it because I was more interested of the Cars 3 logo. So I can wait. Photoshop looks great for me, though you have to get a free trial or subscription to use it so I don't know about getting an account on it and using it but it may be interesting. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:52, September 22, 2012 (UTC)
Are you making the World of Cars 2 Online Wiki Logo for me and if you are please make it long ways so it can fit where you put the wiki logo Everything goes BOOM and BABAMStudios (talk) 22:18, October 12, 2012 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios

Finding Nemo 2

Pixar has confirmed Finding Nemo 2! Have you even looked at the links to proof? It was on CBS News, Time Magazine and many more!

Pixar hasn't confirmed anything. All these websites are simply relating the news that Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter first brought, and therefore do not act as further proof, depsite some of them saying "Pixar has announced" rather than "according to Deadline and/or THR", which would be more accurate. It is true that the rumors come from important websites, that everything makes sense, that this has a good chance of being true, but it remains that we do not have any offiicial confirmation of some kind (as far as I know), and because of this, we cannot say "Pixar is doing it". Because of all this, I think we cannot make a page... Gray Catbird (talk) 19:42, August 30, 2012 (UTC)
Yes, and also, another reason why Finding Nemo 2 might not have been confirmed yet is that on the same day it was announced, Andrew Stanton said on his Twitter page:
Didn't you all learn from Chicken Little? Everyone calm down. Don't believe everything you read. Nothing to see here now. #skyisnotfalling
So that might mean that Finding Nemo 2 hasn't been confirmed yet. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 11:57, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

Partysaurus Rex to be released on home video of Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 and/or Finding Nemo 3D and 2D Blu-ray? More LEGO Cars sets and Mater's Brick Tales? More Cars Toons episodes in 2012? Partysaurus Rex to be released in the UK?

Wahoo ! That's a lot of text. Ok. I will try to answer it point by point...Gray Catbird (talk) 00:40, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

Partysaurus Rex would be included in cinemas with Finding Nemo 3D, which would be released in the United States on September 14th, 2012. But I live in the United Kingdom, not the United States. Toy World Disney Supplement 2012 says that the UK release of Partysaurus Rex is fall/autumn 2012, but Finding Nemo 3D won't be released in the United Kingdom until March 29th, 2013. And Partysaurus Rex doesn't seem to be included on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2. So I don't know if Partysaurus Rex will be released in the United Kingdom in fall/autumn 2012. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

I don't know anything on movie release scemes in UK. I think though it is unlikely UK goes through a special screening of Partysaurus Rex in advance to Finding Nemo 3D's release. It remains strange then that the website you give the link said it was released in Fall in UK... May be they made an error, and it actually was the USA release date ? Gray Catbird (talk) 00:40, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
On this page of A113 Animation, it has been revealed that Mark Walsh will be at VIEW Conference in October and will show Partysaurus Rex. However, I might not be able to go there as it is in Turin, Italy and I live in the United Kingdom and might not have enough money to do a flight to Italy, especially for when we have half term off school in the UK from 26th October to 5th November. And yes, you're right that it is unlikely that Partysaurus Rex will have a special screening in the UK. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
Also, Partysaurus Rex is now available online for free, including on YouTube. I watched it luckily, and I do like it. Especially that when Mr. Potato Head didn't believe Rex had a party in the bathroom, which was similar to Cars Toons. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:23, October 12, 2012 (UTC)
Yes, I saw it too online. It's a shame thought just because I live 50 km too much North I cannot see it in HD (on Disney Video)... But anyway, it's pretty cool ! It's a crazy short, but's for me it's the best Toy Story Toons yet.Gray Catbird (talk) 01:12, October 13, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, I know that you live in the province of Quebec, Canada. I know, only the HD version is available in the United States, but at least we still have the SD version, which at least we are still able to watch the short. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 07:36, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

Partysaurus Rex is released with Finding Nemo 3D at the cinema, so far, I don't think they've announced which home video Partysaurus Rex will be available on. I don't know if the short will be included on the Finding Nemo 2D and 3D Blu-ray coming in the United States on December 4th 2012, but unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, my country, Finding Nemo 3D won't be released in the United Kingdom at cinemas until March 29th 2013, and later before coming to Blu-ray 2D and 3D in the United Kingdom. A few websites have shown the full list of shorts included on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2, which they don't show Partysaurus Rex, Air Mater or Time Travel Mater, which the new Brave short The Legend of Mor'du will be included, which it is released on November 13th 2012 and Partysaurus Rex was released on September 14th 2012, Air Mater was released on November 1st 2011, and Time Travel Mater was released on June 5th 2012, which all three of these shorts were released in 2012 before The Legend of Mor'du, which it's weird that these three shorts don't seem to be included on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2. There are a few lines from Air Mater and Time Travel Mater which I don't understand. Will Partysaurus Rex be included on the Finding Nemo 2D and 3D Blu-ray? And will Partysaurus Rex, Air Materand Time Travel Mater all be included on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2? --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

Now that the list of shorts has been announced, I guess you finally got the answer to your question. Partysaurus Rex and The Legend of Mor'du aren't been included probably because they are way too recent. For the Cars Toons, I wasn't expecting them to make their way on the Volume, because Cars Toons used to be considered (unfortunatly) of some kind of lower level than the theatratical shorts... but finally, they did, surprisingly enough for me. Gray Catbird (talk) 00:40, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
At least The Legend of Mor'du will be included on the DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray of Brave, though may be released later than in the United States because Brave was released in the United Kingdom on 13th August 2012, less than two months after the US release, and home video releases are usually four months after the theatrical release. I don't know if Partysaurus Rex will be included on the 2D and 3D Blu-ray of Finding Nemo, as well as when Finding Nemo comes to Blu-ray 2D and Blu-ray 3D in the United Kingdom. At least Small Fry will be included on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 when it didn't become available with the DVD and Blu-ray of The Muppets, as well as Hawaiian Vacation so we've got a collection including two Toy Story Toons shorts. And I am actually happy that Air Mater and Time Travel Mater will be included on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2, so that we have a European release of Time Travel Mater and also so that we've got DVD and Blu-ray subtitles so I will be able to understand a few lines that I was unsure what the characters were saying. Oh, and Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 will be released in the United Kingdom on 15th October 2012, almost a month before its release in the United States on 13th November, so I'm lucky to be in the United Kingdom, and that is only a few weeks away, so I can't wait to get it. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

I like the Cars film series, which I like it when there's some merchandise including Cars, like a video game, and other new Cars media. I'm interested in LEGO Cars, but I'm not sure if they will make more LEGO Cars 2 sets and more Mater's Brick Tales episodes. Also, I don't know how come Mater and the computer are the only ones to speak in Mater's Brick Tales and the other characters don't.

Yeah, about more Cars Toons episodes if some will be released in 2012, yeah, that online catalogue said "new racing-themed toons to be released in 2013". Also, Toy World Disney Supplement 2012 said: "Many more toons are in development". So that should mean that the new episodes would be released daily and weekly and hopefully 2012, which most of the episodes are released on TV on their first release (with Mater Private Eye, Moon Materand Air Mater first released on DVDs and Blu-rays, then released on TV), especially that Rescue Squad Mater, Mater the Greater and El Materdor were released daily from October 27th to October 29th, 2008; and that the website said "many more toons are in development" meaning that they're planning a lot of Cars Toons episodes and working on them, and should mean they are releasing them daily and weekly and hopefully some in 2012. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

They will undoubtely do more Cars Toons, but I'm not sure it would go daily...Gray Catbird (talk) 00:40, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
Yes, they are making more Cars Toons. About it going daily, well, Rescue Squad Mater, Mater the Greater and El Materdor were released daily, and the Toy World Disney Supplement 2012 website said: "Many more toons are in development", when it said "many", that made me think that they might have it go daily. I might be able to wait for them if there isn't any more released in 2012 because we're still getting closer to 2013 as we're in September at the moment, four months before 2013, and because that they didn't mention how many episodes will be released in 2013, just many more episodes, I keep thinking that the first episodes might be released in January. We'll see. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, and also, I've been putting on a few of Storm Brakehill's blogs and his talk page about that he's made a few mistakes with a few of his images on his Cars: The Series and Cars 3 characters blog posts, as well as about that I've got his Cars 3 Home Video bonus features saved on a Word document and shown them on these pages, but I still have no word from him. I don't know how come he's not replying. Could you help please?--Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:44, September 17, 2012 (UTC)

Well, I think you did everything you could... If Storm Brakehill doesn't answer, may be he hasn't visited the site since you left your message...Gray Catbird (talk) 00:40, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, Storm Brakehill said on his talk page that he was sorry that he didn't reply because he was working hard at school and couldn't read my messages. He said he'll get his Cars 3 home video blog up soon, but he hasn't mentioned about if he will fix the mistakes he made with his images of Jason Petrolski and the Cars: The Series logo. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 10:02, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

Making a photo of a shot from a film

Gray Catbird, when you uploaded those two photos onto the page of Mater, were they new photos? As I need some help for on my Looks of stuff in the Cars world, what names are used in it and how cars are able to hold, do and use stuff blog, as I need a photo showing a better view of the look of a sofa in the Cars world, which there is a better view when it shows Professor Z still pressing the button to make the bomb on Mater explode and Holley Shiftwell is aiming some guns at him, which that is when you can see a better view of the look of a sofa in the Cars world, but I need a photo of it. Could you help me please? --Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:31, October 12, 2012 (UTC)

The photos I uploaded were some official stills Disney/Pixar published last year, when Cars 2 was coming out in cinemas. I like official stills for several reasons, (high quality, less blur for some images, unique characters poses...) so I recently started getting all of them on the wiki and in high resolution.
If you need more images of Cars 2, you can either investigate the footage released in trailers and take screenshots (I did that a lot for Cars 2), or have a copy of the film and take screenshots... There is this website called that proposes almost second-per-second screenshots of a lot of movies, including Cars 2. And, of course, if you want I can help you finding particular images... Gray Catbird (talk) 01:03, October 13, 2012 (UTC)
Wow. Thanks. I've looked at this website and it's actually a cool website, Gray Catbird. Thank you. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 07:38, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

How to make a image with stuff like arrows and additional zoom-in images, and a image with two pictures together

How do you make a image with stuff like two pictures together, arrows and additional zoom-in images? Like when you're showing where a Pixar Easter egg is and showing a mistake found in one of the films.

These examples show:


You are now a bureaucrat on the World of Cars Wiki. Just in case you aren't watching your talk page over there, I've notified you here as well. -- RobertATfm (talk) 10:49, October 18, 2012 (UTC)


Can I please be a admin?

Geosworld2011 22:52, November 19, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Where does that first name come from?

Hi, Gray Catbird. This is Graywolf2. I found Mr. Davis' acutal first name on another wiki site. However, a citation doesn't seem to be necessay, but if you want to include a citation, it's Disney Wiki.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 11:55, December 12, 2012 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Hi Graywolf2 ! DisneyWiki is great wiki, but usually a wiki cannot be used as a reference... Unless it has a source, we cannot exclude that this might have been invented by a user... I even see in the page's history on DisneyWiki that it was changed to this name because it was written on... Pixar Wiki. Therefore, citing DisneyWiki would be a circular proof...Gray Catbird (talk) 18:29, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

Andy's Mom on the DIsney Wiki

I noticed that you removed the name "Jennifer" from Andy's Mom\s page. Well done! I admire that kind of integrity, as that name is not confirmed and has been driving me crazy for years. However, the same problem is still on the DIsney Wiki, would you mind removing it from there too? PerfectionisFreedom (talk) 18:24, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hi ! I'm not a very regular editor on Disney Wiki, so I'm not sure what will happen if I try... But I will see what I can do !..Gray Catbird (talk) 03:10, December 17, 2012 (UTC)


On the page you delete the Brave heading i want to know why i put it there so someone can add Mistakes they found in BraveLeana Wright 2009 (talk) 15:08, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

Hi ! I would say a Brave section isn't necessary until a mistake is actually found in the film.Gray Catbird (talk) 00:04, December 31, 2012 (UTC)

Admin on Apple Wiki

I've seen your edits on this wiki and if you'd like, you could be an admin on Apple Wiki. I just recently adopted Apple Wiki and I need some new admins. If you would like to become an admin on Apple Wiki please reply to this message, if not please reply to the message. Thank you, and please get back to me!

 Ultimate iPad Expert Talk  14:28, January 11, 2013 (UTC)

Become a sysop?

Hey, given your great work on the site, would you be willing to become a sysop? Ryan and I would love to have you helping out in that capacity. Let me know what you think. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 17:48, April 8, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Jeff ! Wow, that is awesome ! I wonder though if I really deserve such a promotion... but if I can be of some help, then yes, I would be willing to become a sysop. Thanks for this mark of confidence ! Gray Catbird (talk) 02:41, April 10, 2013 (UTC)
OK, I have given you sysop/admin rights (and removed rollback since you have that with sysop). Really, you were already doing a lot of the tasks of an admin, with cleaning up after vandalism, reverting poor edits, etc. You've dedicated a lot of time to the wiki and Ryan and I appreciate it. It doesn't seem to make sense that you can't do something like rename a locked page. We also haven't been able to spend as much time as we'd like here so it's good to have a little more support. You also don't seem to be the type that will let it go to your head and start running rampant around the wiki blocking users and deleting pages!! :) Thanks again for your dedication! --Jeff (talk) 03:21, April 10, 2013 (UTC)
Congratulations! Your track record on World of Cars Wiki shows that you're capable (a good thin really, as I have been too depressed with the winter weather and other problems to deal with that wiki lately). -- RobertATfm (talk) 07:19, April 10, 2013 (UTC)
Welcome aboard, Gray Catbird! - RaptorWiki (Ryan) 09:17, April 10, 2013 (UTC)
Wow, thank you very much guys !! This is very special for me. I will do my best to fulfill my new functions.--Gray Catbird (talk) 19:24, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

Creating new Categorys

How do you add a category that has just been created?

Hello, I'm just jumping into this conversation. I saw the category you added and deleted it. I don't know of any films that would fit that category so that's why I deleted it. Just for future reference, we have a lot of people who want to create new categories, but it turns out those categories are not needed. If you think there is a category we need please ask one of the sysops first before creating it. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 05:14, April 28, 2013 (UTC)


Are you anticipating on a Cars 3? BP1992 (talk) 01:02, June 5, 2013 (UTC) 

If Pixar ever does a Cars 3 then I will inevitably be looking forward to it. But at the present moment I don't think they should make one. For me, one sequel is well enough, and I think shorts would be a much better way to expand the universe than taking the risk of another feature film. Cars 2 has had a negative reception for a number of good and bad reasons, and if a Cars 3 was announced now it would meet with an even greater outcry.Gray Catbird (talk) 15:30, June 6, 2013 (UTC)


Is it ok if I upload images of the basis of the characters on Cars? BP1992 (talk) 19:00, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

What do you hear by basis ? Do you mean the real-life car on which a character is based ? If so, I would say to please not put it on the character's page. Doc Hudson may be a Hudson Hornet, he is not a real Hudson Hornet... But you can do so if it is for a blog post, however. Gray Catbird (talk) 16:21, June 10, 2013 (UTC)
Ok! BP1992 (talk) 17:04, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

Toy Story 4 Creation

Sorry... ^.^; I had to after seeing the large list of deletion logs. Cuzco! Chat with me. Watch my edits. 00:44, June 21, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, that page has been deleted many, many times... But the fact it was deleted so many times should make one think twice before creating it, not the opposite... I totally understand the reason of you edit, but you realize, I suppose, that doing it for fun is not a good reason to do an unconstructive edit ? I will let it pass, you are not a vandal... But don't do it again, please. Thanks.;) Gray Catbird (talk) 01:47, June 21, 2013 (UTC)

Two pages of the same subject

There are two pages on Karen Graves: Karen Graves and Ms. Karen Graves. Which one should be kept? Also, by the way, there is a Monsters, Inc. wiki by RodRedlineM1 here. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:48, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Lightening. Thanks, I hadn't noticed that all... I haven't seen the movie yet, and I am staying away from the MU pages until I see it (hopefully today will be the day !!). I see that both pages had basically the same exact content, so one can be simply changed to a redirect. I think "Ms. Karen Graves" should be kept, as it is better formatted and has more history... So I have changed "Karen Graves" to a redirect. But maybe "Ms. Karen Graves" will have to be moved on "Karen Graves" (that is, with the move log) afterwards, because she wasn't called with a "Ms." anywhere in official material (unless she is in the film ?).
Thanks for the link to Monsters, Inc. wiki, it looks nicely set. Gray Catbird (talk) 19:24, June 24, 2013 (UTC)
You're welcome, Gray. In fact, I actually haven't seen Monsters University either as I live in the United Kingdom, which it will be released there on July 12. I too try to keep away from the spoilers when I copy the information onto the Monsters, Inc. wiki. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:48, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

Rosie Levin


It's that I'm making an article for Rosie Levin, the Eta Hiss Hiss member. I'm going to say that she is seen "dancing" with her HSS sisters; but the thing is that I don't remember in which party it was: the second, or the first party. It's the one in which Terri and Terry dance with Britney Davis and Squishy says "I've never been up this late in my life!". 

Please help! 

Thanks in Advance, 


Hi Juanmaseta. I believe it's in the second party, the one in the ROR house where the OKs are humiliated. Hope that helps ! ;) Thanks a lot for your work on the MU pages !--Gray Catbird (talk) 21:31, June 26, 2013 (UTC)




I really need your help in this one. I'm more of a Monsters Inc and MU guy, and I don't know much about Cars. So, who do you think is a better villain? Miles Axelroad or Professor Z? It's for the List of Pixar Villains article. I'm trying to arrange it in order to have the films in chronological order. 



-gonist information

I am going to continue the discussion here that was started on Talk:List of Pixar Villains since that page is likely to be deleted.

When it comes to "deuteragonists" and "tritagonists", I understand why people are using them. They're thinking "dual protagonists" and "three protagonists". However, the definition of both refers to actors, not characters. So every person who uses those words is using them incorrectly because very few movies have characters in them that are actors in the context of that movie. I can't think of any by Pixar or Disney or DreamWorks that is a movie about actors. And this gets expanded to where people have invented "quadragonist" to try to mean "fourth protagonist".

Mid-edit update: RaptorWiki pointed me to the page on TV Tropes that is listing both as valid uses for characters, so I guess that it would need to be decided which takes priority: an official definition from a dictionary or a common-use definition from a wiki that is user-editable and is known for having a high level of snark or just plain humor.

Referencing that discussion you had about antagonists, many times these are being mis-used also. The three definitions I got from for protagonist refer to leaders and being first: Leading character, hero/heroine; leader of a movement or cause; first actor in an ancient Greek drama who also played other roles when his main character was offstage. For antagonist, it's opponent, adversary.

In most movies and stories, there's a few main characters and one or more main villains, then you start getting into supporting and minor characters. To start calling someone a "tertiary protagonist" is trying to make them a part of the leading roles when they aren't at that level of importance in that story.

I know of at least one person who has been putting this kind of information in as a means of vandalism and is blocked on Wikipedia and a few other wikis because of it. But for everyone else who may not understand what they are saying, here are examples of what I have seen that show how ridiculous this is getting:

  • Changing statements of whether someone is a secondary or tertiary protagonist/antagonist.
    • In the case of that vandal, starting to get angry that people were changing which type of protagonist/antagonist a character was, when that vandal couldn't even make up his mind which one it was going to be.
  • Putting in what are essentially rumors or unsupported speculation: X is "constantly thought to be the" (fill in the blank as to which level of protagonist or antagonist that person thinks they are).
  • Statements like "the (former) main, but semi, antagonist", "the tertiary, but true, antagonist", "the hidden, but true, antagonist" and "the (former) fourth, but semi, antagonist".

Now, if it's decided that what's on TV Tropes is a valid definition for this wiki, then some or all of what I have removed can be undone. But I would still recommend looking into this so you can cut back on what seems to be ballooning into ridiculousness. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 21:41, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

By the way, what I posted from TV Tropes (which I've never heard of before), was just the first place I looked and saw it refer to characters. I believe the word may originate from the Greek dramas, but has come to mean more than that over time. - RaptorWiki (Ryan) 22:23, June 30, 2013 (UTC)
Thanks for these explanations. Wikipedia's manual of style discourages the use of "-gonists"... and I understand why. For me, while I don't know much of the definitions of "-gonist" words, I think it is valid to apply them to characters... Of what I know, "Protagonist" and "Antagonist" are often used for characters other than actors, so "Deuteragonist" and "Tritagonist" could apply too ?... I don't think TV Tropes is the only place using these words...
I think "-gonists" can be used on the wiki, but only to some extent. Because if taken too far, everything gets blurry, subjective, and silly.
Pixar films often have large casts, with many supporting characters, and many antagonists; Trying to do a ranking of all of them becomes quite speculative, and involves a lot of personal choices. While protagonists and "deuteragonists" are often clear to identify, I think starting with "tritagonist" it is no longer that obvious. It's at this point additional wording like "secondary", (or even "tertiary"), "one of the three", "true but hidden", appear. Too often have I seen this falling into ridicule, almost absurd designations, like those you pointed out.
In my opinion, protagonist, deuteragonist, antagonist, tritagonist, are acceptable. But all the the rest is excessive. --Gray Catbird (talk) 01:57, July 1, 2013 (UTC)
After seeing the seeing the typical vandal pattern, I might have been treating all instances like this as vandalism. (Typical vandal pattern = someone keeps doing a specific thing, you tell them not to, they never answer or say why they're doing it, they keep doing it, and when you do some research you find they've been doing the same thing on other wikis and are often blocked for that.)
Since you've decided that those words can apply to a character, I can live with that. I won't automatically correct those any more, but I might correct a few if it actually does look like vandalism by the same person across multiple wikis. For the casual vandal, that's often all it takes to get them to stop: make it not worth their while or make it stop being fun.
Keep an eye on this, please. You've already had one instance since yesterday of the same person trying to change what level of antagonist a character is. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 14:22, July 1, 2013 (UTC)
I think you have done a good job overall. Perhaps we will keep the "-gonists" (at some extent), but I think you did well in removing the rest. Recently there has been one user going crazy that seemed to want to classify and rank all characters... That was really exaggerated. Sigh... Perhaps we will have to post him a warning. I have usually passively watched "-gonists" evolve and change erratically without doing anything, because I see no use in them, but also, most of the time, no harm... I don't quite know what to do with them. Gray Catbird (talk) 21:07, July 1, 2013 (UTC)
To my mind the various -agonist terms are (or ought to be) quite clear in their meaning: "protagonist", "deuteragonist" and "tritagonist" are Greek for "first character", "second character" and "third character", thus mean "main character", "major supporting character" and "minor supporting character" respectively. And since these are Greek-derived terms we're talking about, if there were a fourth level (insignificant character?) it would be "tetragonist", not "quadragonist".
"Antagonist" may be vague but I don't know any better word for an opposing character who isn't actually a villain (such as AUTO, who is just doing what he sees as right).
As for classifying all characters, this is definitely important for protagonists (as long as it's borne in mind what the word actually means, so we don't get idiocies such as "main protagonist") and probably important for (most?) deuteragonists, but when it gets down to tritagonist level it's getting to be a stretch, and as for tetragonists (if there even is such a word, which I doubt), it's just nitpicking; tedious and pointless.
Maybe there should be an official policy/guideline page explaining exactly what the terms "protagonist", "deuteragonist" and "tritagonist" actually mean, including making it clear that they are unquantifiable; so that although it's possible to have more than one (even of a protagonist), terms such as "main protagonist" or "secondary protagonist" are not (the first because it's a tautology, the second because it's a contradiction).
RobertATfm (talk) 17:38, July 9, 2013 (UTC)

Wikia Community Podcast

Hey there!

I mentioned this to RaptorWiki and Dvcnut already but Community Development is running a biweekly podcast and we wanted to feature an admin from Pixar Wiki to discuss Monsters U. If you're interested we'll be recording tomorrow (short notice I know), so let me know if you're interested!

Kate@fandom 20:47, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

Hello Kate! It's too bad Dvcnut cannot do it, I think he would've been the best of us for this... But if no one is available, then I am willing to do it. Even though I have never done anything like that, and as such the perspective of doing it is a bit worrying for me. I don't really know what to expect regarding what I would have to do ? But currently I essentially have no schedule constraints, so I am free anytime...
However... I have a thing to note: I am not a native English speaker, and this may cause problems. I'm usually able to get along correctly (I go to an English-speaking university after all), but there are times where I have a good deal of difficulty to express myself, and I get stuck... At worst, it gets me stammering a lot, at best, I have a big French accent. :/
Also, if the recording is made via Internet, I have to mention my connection at home is incredibly bad; but I can arrange myself and go elsewhere where there is a better one.--Gray Catbird (talk) 02:40, July 3, 2013 (UTC)
Hey there!

Thanks for getting back to me, it will be a very informal and casual chat and we basically just want to discuss the impact of Monsters U and what a great wiki Pixar Wiki is! Please don't worry about the fact that you're not a native English speaker, and we'll guide you through the process every step. It would definitely be helpful if you were in a location with better wifi. We would like to record at 11 AM PST (I'm not sure what your time zone is) so please let me know if you'd be available then and we'll start then!

Cheers, Kate@fandom 16:45, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Hi. I live in Quebec on the Eastern coast, it's currently 12:50 PM (EST I guess). So... Basically that's in hour ? I am not sure I can get ready so early, I haven't have lunch yet. Is it possible to do it at 11:30 AM PST ? I would have more chances to be there. However, I have no idea how I am supposed to contact you. Skype I guess ? But who ? But outside of that, sounds good for me, I accept to be there :) Gray Catbird (talk) 16:57, July 3, 2013 (UTC)
11:30 works! Email me at and we'll get you set up. Thanks so much!

Kate@fandom 17:47, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

The Incredibles wikis

When I was looking at the wikis that Jorellhammond1 has been on, I saw that two of them were wikis for The Incredibles. They are listed below:

Lightening McQueen (talk) 12:31, July 9, 2013 (UTC)

I see... It is a bit annoying how there is often more than one wiki per subject... "" seems to be the oldest and biggest one, so the best of the two in my opinion, even though both seem to be very small and have very little activity. But why are you mentioning them ? Are you thinking they could become affiliates ?--Gray Catbird (talk) 23:37, July 9, 2013 (UTC)
Yes, I think I am saying to have affiliated with this wiki. And I will try to put more of the information from this wiki onto there. I might have to tell Jorellhammond1 something about the other wiki. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:03, July 15, 2013 (UTC)
For me, I think it's OK to have it affiliated, even though it is quite scarce... However, since I am a relatively new admin, I would recommand asking User:Dvcnut first. Thanks! --Gray Catbird (talk) 03:26, July 23, 2013 (UTC)

About Carla Benitez


Today I checked the Carla Benitez page, and I saw it was renamed to just Carla and that it was entirely blank. Do you  know what happened? Who did that?

Thank you in advance,


Hi, Juanmaseta. I took a look at it, and everything seems normal for me ? I checked the history and appears there has been no vandalism. However, apparently the page has recently been renamed Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez, making "Carla Benitez" just a redirect... Maybe that's the source of your problem ? --Gray Catbird (talk) 23:37, July 9, 2013 (UTC)
I believe there was a temporary caching issue earlier today due to the renaming of the pages, which was causing "Carla Benitez" to get redirected to just "Carla". It doesn't seem to be occurring any more, and I think all is in order. --Jeff (talk) 04:09, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, well, phew! It's just that I wanted to show to a friend, and I kind of freaked out when I saw that the page was blank... but well, just after I left the message, I checked again and there it was. 



A Movie Navigaiton Template?

I have a suggestion for a temaplate. You could put it on all of the movie pages so that users can navigate back an forth through the films. Just like the Next island template on Poptropica Wiki, a wiki I'm a bureaucrat on. It works similar to this:

<-Previous Brave Next->

For instance, if you click the previous button it goes to the Cars 2 page, if you click the next button it goes to the Monsters University page. The word Brave in the middle could be replaced by the Brave logo. I believe this would be beneficial to the wiki and easier the navigate through the Pixar film pages.

Thanks,  Ultimate iPad Expert Talk  01:52, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

Dvcnut and I had a longer conversation on his talk page, check it out on this link.
 Ultimate iPad Expert Talk  02:51, July 17, 2013 (UTC)


Your an admin now? Yay! Your like the best contributor on this wiki!

Well, thank you very much! :)--Gray Catbird (talk) 03:26, July 23, 2013 (UTC)

Donna Soohoo


Today I was checking the new MU characters pages, and I saw that the one Donna Soohoo had also had Brynn Larson in it. I searched to see if I was able to find a picture that showed Donna only, but they all were really small. So I thought I could use the Designer to make a Donna picture. 

Should I? Or should we just leave it like that?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Juanmaseta. Yeah, the current image isn't great, it is too small and could be better cropped. But in my knowledge there's no better shot of this character availble than this one (except maybe on this file)... If you can find an one that is better that would be great! But I don't know what " Designer" is ? --Gray Catbird (talk) 03:26, July 23, 2013 (UTC)

Well, the Designer is a webpage in which you can design your own characters or drawings from Disney and Pixar films. They have a Brave designer, a Monsters University designer, a Finding Nemo designer and a Toy Story designer. They also have fashion designers to design your own outfits. I can't send you the exact link, since I live in South America they always redirect me to the Disney Latino page. But I always use the following shortcut:

  • First, I go to the page. 
  • I go to the menu on the upper part of the page. It opens up and shows a category called "Create". Below it, there is an option that says "Apps". Click on it. 
  • Then, there's a large page with all the creation apps I mentioned before. The MU one has Mike and Sulley running. When you select it, there's a blank page for you to start creating. There's a menu on the side of the page, it has pencils, crayons and markers. It also has an item with the shape of a seal placer. It has all the students in the Scaring Program, filtered by sororities and fraternitites. They're not the same as the ones in the movie, they look kind of like a sticker. But well, they're the same characters.

Maybe you can find the page easily, but I always have to use this shortcut. 

Can I use it?


OK, thanks, I succeeded to get to it (URL seems to be Unfortunately, I think it would be best to have an image closer to how they appear in the film, so I don't think it can go for the image in the template... But thanks anyway for the link! --Gray Catbird (talk) 19:03, July 24, 2013 (UTC)
Oh, well. I guess well just keep swimming! Ha. Dory....
Thanks!! I am a cars fan too!!! I love mater!!! 
Tow mater

This is me

Uh oh

Oh, sorry I didnt put that in a new section.

JWPengie (talk) 23:29, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

It's alright ! That's the great force of wikis: that everything is editable and correctable.;) --Gray Catbird (talk) 15:15, August 2, 2013 (UTC)


Can  u add music to your userpage


Can  u add music to your userpage

JWPengie (talk) 11:45, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Hi, sorry for the late answer. I don't know how to add music, there is no option on the wiki that enables to do that easily...--Gray Catbird (talk) 15:15, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

International Release Dates

Hi Gray Catbird,

I'm Joseph Lu, the new member of Wikia. I just want to ask you, do you know all of the International Release Dates for the movie "Planes"? You see that I upload lots of flags and it's for the release dates on the blog. If you don't know it, just look over the blog, find my name, and you see the title says:" Planes (2013) International Release Dates". Notice that I interested in flags, "Planes", and others, so I am so talentive.


Joseph Lu

Hi Joseph Lu. Unfortunately I only know the release date for the US and Canada, August 9... Outside of that I don't know much. But it should be possible to find out more on the official websites, and I think IMDb is reliable on that matter. And yes, I did see your blog post. ;) --Gray Catbird (talk) 15:28, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

MU Faculty & Leadership


I was wondering if there could be a page with all the teachers and professors at MU. I found a page that says their names, in A to Z order. I thought we could make a page about this... Here's the link:

I guess it'd be kind of nice to have all the faculty in one page... Tell me what you think, please. 


Juanmaseta (talk) 04:13, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Would you like to affiliate with us?

Hi, I'm from the Disney Infinity Wiki. We've been discussing the idea of affiliating with your wiki, since our two topics are related. What is your answer?--The World's Smelliest Onion (The World's Smelliest Message Wall) 23:19, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

I was puzzled as to why you had not responded before I noticed that the messages on your talk page are arranged oldest top, newest bottom rather than newest top and oldest bottom. So what is the answer?--The World's Smelliest Onion (The World's Smelliest Message Wall) 17:49, August 2, 2013 (UTC)
Sorry for that... This morning I started answering the unanswered messages on my talk page, starting with the oldest ones, but I didn't have the time to finish. I am coming to you ! ;) I think it would be great to have Disney Infinity Wiki affiliated; but before I give you a final answer I would like to get a confirmation from a fellow admin. Thanks ! Gray Catbird (talk) 18:37, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Monsters University Fearbook


Today I was reading the Monsters University Fearbook, and I noticed that in the first pages there are a bunch of notes and signatures from teachers and students to Mike. There's one from Carrie Williams, from Big Red, from Professor Brandywine, from Brynn Larson and some others. Maybe we can add what they write to Mike in their pages...

Tell me what you think, please! 

P.S.: They also reveal that Mrs. Squibbles' first name is spelled Sheri. 

Juanmaseta (talk) 22:28, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Juanmaseta. While I find it pretty cool the fearbook does that, it's not really the kind of stuff I would put on the page... 
Thanks for the info regarding Ms. Squibbles' name! I've decided to renamed it as such. Gray Catbird (talk) 22:23, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Toy Story wiki

I've noticed that a user called Darzlat had made a Toy Story wiki (although the "s" needs to be capitalized) on August 25. Here's the link: --Lightening McQueen (talk) 18:09, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Didn't see this before, sorry for the late reply.It isn't necessary to give long links to Wikia wikis (or to some other sites, such as Wikipedia or IMDB) — there's a syntax for shorter links, namely w:c:thetoystory:. Or if linking to a long-established Wikia, created back when they were called Wikicities and it was still feasible for the staff to manually add every new one to the interwiki map, the prefix can be dropped, thus — doom:. — RobertATfm (talk) 11:51, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Deleting Inside Out Trivia

Antoine, You're being bad from deleting Inside Out Trivia! Because you hurting my feelings! It's you're fault!! No one will deleted THAT page in our wiki! Gray Catbird, YOU'RE FIRED!!!! --Red hair (talk) 15:21, September 10, 2013 (UTC)

The only content of the Inside Out Trivia was three statements regarding the protagonist of Inside Out and that assumed it is Riley. As you know, we agreed it is too early to say who is the protagonist of this film, so they shouldn't be there. With them removed, the page is essentially blank. I deleted it for that reason, because there was no information to justify its existence. Please don't take this personally... If I am hurting your feelings, I am sorry. But please understand. It will be created in due course, when we have more information. But now it is too early. --Gray Catbird (talk) 23:48, September 10, 2013 (UTC)

Check It Out

The above is bizarre: it had no header until I converted the leading phrase into a header, and the three artcles are just placeholders with no content except pictures. Perhaps by "check it out" whoever posted this meant "delete this rubbish". — RobertATfm (talk) 03:38, September 18, 2013 (UTC)


I saw you removed the PAGENAME part of the Timeline category from this page, I was wondering why? I think the other Timeline pages have PAGENAME in them. But the more I think about it, I don't see why it's necessary. If that's the case then we should remove it from all the pages. I see that on that page there was a space before the PAGENAME, so I don't know if that was causing issues? Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 03:57, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

Indeed, the space actually was the problem. Because of it, the page wasn't categorized properly: on the "Timeline" category page, instead of being in order with the others in the "1" section, it was alone in its own section at the beginning. The PAGENAME shouldn't be doing any problem at all, but I thought it wasn't necessary, since when there is no parameter pages already are categorized according to their name.. --Gray Catbird (talk) 18:51, September 23, 2013 (UTC)
OK, I think I'd run into that before. I don't know how we started putting the PAGENAME into the category, I started creating the timeline very early and wasn't always sure what I was doing. Maybe I saw it somewhere else and thought it was needed. In any case we should be consistent, either keeping PAGENAME in, or removing it from all the pages. I don't see a reason it needs to be in there so I'd lean towards removing it. But I realize that might take time, so if you want, put it back in on the page and we can clean it up when we have time. Thanks! --Jeff (talk) 21:38, September 23, 2013 (UTC)
Ok, I don't really care whether there is a PAGENAME tag or not, since it doesn't make, I believe, any difference. So I've put it back, at least for now. --Gray Catbird (talk) 22:26, September 27, 2013 (UTC)
OK, thanks! --Jeff (talk) 01:27, September 28, 2013 (UTC)

Category sorting

I noticed that (a a day or two ago as I type), the Buzz Lightyear page was edited to add "Lightyear,Buzz" to each and every one of the Characters category tags on this page.

Surely a far more efficient way (especially if there are several tags, as in this case) is to add a DEFAULTSORT template to all pages which need one? Then the category pages would get sorting information from that instead of the category tag.

However, I've noticed that the DEFAULTSORT template has been removed from the "more +" button at the top of the editor screen. To my mind this was a major mistake and this template needs to be reinstated. To my mind, the MediaWiki:Edittools page which provides this button is drastically cut down from what it ought to be (compare and contrast doom:MediaWiki:Edittools for instance) and at least some of this functionality (DEFAULTSORT at the bare minimum, possibly other stuff as well) ought to be restored.

RobertATfm (talk) 10:25, October 1, 2013 (UTC)

Indeed, DEFAULTSORT is superior, unless for some reason not all categories need the same name (which is not the case here)... I usually use it, but some users might not be aware of its existence (Is there any place where all these fancy tags are listed ?).  I don't know why our MediaWiki:Edittools page is so scarce; it seems our founder created it himself with only what is currently in it. It certainly wouldn't hurt to add some more in there. I'll try to look at this. Some common tags like <ref>[]</ref> could be useful too. Thanks! Gray Catbird (talk) 14:10, October 2, 2013 (UTC)

Amazing Edits

I am quite amazed at how well you edit your movie titles! I have been dying trying to make a Cars title edit for my son (Cars fanatic). How did you do it? I downloaded the font but couldn't get the color to look metallic. Jaocb is turning 4 and I know he would freak to see a Cars title with his very own name!

Xrellyx (talk) 19:55, October 8, 2013 (UTC)Relly

Hello! First, thank you very much, I really appreciate that you like it! I've gone through many iterations myself before getting something that looked metallic, but, I've somewhat done it
I did it using Adobe Photoshop CS2; not the most recent version, but it works well. If you have Photoshop, I can explain you how to do, or give the .psd file. If not, I'm not sure how it can be done... But I could do it for you, without any problems; the file is fairly easy to edit. Gray Catbird (talk) 21:47, October 8, 2013 (UTC)

  I don't have photoshop but if you could do an edit for me I would be forever thankful!!!!! I am sure my little guy would be super happy about it :)
Xrellyx (talk) 15:21, October 10, 2013 (UTC)Relly

LEGO Cars 2 Pages


Today I was checking through the Wiki, and I found a bunch of LEGO Cars 2 pages that talk about characters that already have pages. They only have one sentence, and no more information than "LEGO Grem is the LEGO version of Grem" or "LEGO Flo is the LEGO version of Flo". I was considering we could actually delete this page and add the text to the characters' page. 

What do you think?

Juanmaseta (talk) 03:29, October 20, 2013 (UTC)

I agree, no need for pages with 1 line of text. Many of them didn't even have an image. I removed all the individual character pages but there is still clean-up work to be done. The main character pages could be updated to include the information and images. Plus, there are LEGO set pages that still point to the deleted LEGO character pages; those should be updated to point to the main character pages. Not sure if/when I'll get time to work on that. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 13:13, October 21, 2013 (UTC)

Vandalism to this page

I've already reverted it, so check the history.

A few hours ago, Vanrussel.tadena added two instances of the same Mickey Mouse video clip to this page. Apart from being wildly off-topic (I have also flagged the video for deletion), the markup was wrong; "thumb" does the same thing as "right" so using both is overkill, and a width of 670px is not what I would call a "thumbnail". Checking this user's other contributions, some of them are also nonsensical, such as claiming that Glenn McQueen was an animator on Toy Story 3 and Brave (both of which, I'm sure, were years away from starting prduction when McQueen died). Looks like a vandal user to me. — RobertATfm (talk) 12:29, October 21, 2013 (UTC)

It's happened again. Not only has the same user added the same video clip, despite it having been deleted, he also added two more clips which likewise have nothing to do with Pixar that I know of. Again, I've reverted the edit and marked the videos for deletion, but to my mind this is clearly a vandalism-only account and should be dealt with accordingly. — RobertATfm (talk) 18:55, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

Cars 3 wasn't fake!

I don't know if it was you who deleted the Cars 3 page but it was real because Michael Wallis did confirm Cars 3.

I deleted it. Michael Wallis does not work for Disney nor Pixar, so he is not an official source. Wallis may have it wrong, maybe they are working on a TV special or a short film. Maybe it's still very early in development and will never make it to production. There are many reasons why this is not "official", so until Disney/Pixar makes an official announcement there's no reason to create the page. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 23:27, October 24, 2013 (UTC)
I guess you have a point. Everything goes BOOM and BABAMStudios (talk) 23:00, October 25, 2013 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios

Is this good enough proof?

I found a page that said that Disney/Pixar are creating a another sequel to Cars 3:  I just wanted to show you so I could have permission to create another Cars 3 page. Everything goes BOOM and BABAMStudios (talk) 18:25, October 26, 2013 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios

Oh, wait nevermind I just saw that it was made on April 1st, 2013.

Yeah, I actually went in the same trap myself when I tried to verify Wallis' claim... Funny that an April' fool joke still works months later...--Gray Catbird (talk) 19:16, October 26, 2013 (UTC)
Hahahaha! So true! Everything goes BOOM and BABAMStudios (talk) 21:36, November 1, 2013 (UTC)TheBABAMStudios


I'm afraid I disagree. As usual D13 is thinking too small and on closer examination, they're bit on the blurr side. I got a good a eye for these things. --Kyurem147 (talk) 19:45, November 20, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for explaining this. True there are some artifacts and that the image are not the largest possible. But still, I don't how they are so unacceptable. They are not blurred nor distorted, nor 150px wide. I would actually say they are of good quality, compared to some other stuff we have.
Now we don't have any clear policies on images, so I can't really go beyond personal preferences here... I usually go by the rule a not-so-good image is better than none, until we get a better one (Especially if their flaws are only visible on "closer examination"). If you really think these are unacceptable, then you are welcome to upload better quality files (Improving weak content is always better than deleting it). I thought there were a bit too many images, but they are definitively some I would prefer to keep--Gray Catbird (talk) 23:11, November 20, 2013 (UTC)
I still think they are no good. I'm not trying and don't mean to brag, but the images I load are bigger and high quality. Depends on the video I get them from. Don't believe me, ask Graywolf. --Kyurem147 (talk) 23:36, November 20, 2013 (UTC)
If you have better images, then it's perfect. But as far as I know, you havn't uploaded any better version of these images... And that is my point: if there's nothing better, then I believe it's better to have it than have nothing (as long as its not junk). We had images of Hardscrabble, now, we don't have any. 
I don't really, really care about this image problem -as I said I thought anyways there were too many- but I usually think removing content is not the best thing to do, and that's why it bothers me.Gray Catbird (talk) 15:07, November 21, 2013 (UTC)
A similar problem has happened to me, which is that I'm trying to upload all of those images onto Monsters, Inc. Wiki, which it gets difficult for me upload all of them with DI34 always uploading more and more images. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 16:29, November 21, 2013 (UTC)
I have blocked user DI34. That is way too many images - over a dozen images just for Karen Graves. There's no point to it. I will unblock the user if he agrees to remove and clean up the majority of these images. I don't have a good feeling for how many images is too many and would be open to discussion on it. Personally, the few I looked looked to have good quality so I'm not concerned about that, just the number of images. --Jeff (talk) 19:21, November 21, 2013 (UTC)
^Agreed. However, maybe blocking him's a bit brutal?... Sure, he perhaps needs to be stopped, but, he wasn't a vandal... (EDIT: after seeing your message on his talk page, I think it's fair enough... So, yeah, OK) Anyways, in this perspective, perhaps we should do some major cleanup. There has been tremendous input of images lately, at times three or more per shot. I'm usually tolerant towards images, because we don't really have rules; but I really don't like "frame by frame" galleries - it's way too much.--Gray Catbird (talk) 23:19, November 21, 2013 (UTC)
Yes, blocking was a harsh action, but I have found that many people ignore comments written on their talk pages, and just continue doing the offending action, whether it's uploading images, creating categories, etc. I don't know if people don't look at their talk pages, or just choose to ignore. I didn't want this user to continue uploading images since it would likely require additional work to remove them all. So in this case I used the block just to get him to stop and hopefully look at his talk page, and give him the opportunity to reply. And so far, there hasn't been any response. --Jeff (talk) 00:53, November 22, 2013 (UTC)

Why don't we have franchis pages?

Why don't we have franchise pages?

Hello, this issue was discussed some time ago, and the users involved agreed it wasn't needed.--Gray Catbird (talk) 23:58, November 25, 2013 (UTC)

Block requested on Aadit.arora (and possibly others)

Back in July, we discussed whether descriptions like "deuteragonist" or "tritagonist" should be kept and the general feeling was that it can be hard to pin down exactly which one a character is, but we should go ahead and keep that kind of info.

In that discussion, I pointed to an edit where a person had begun changing the antagonist level. Since then, that person has continued fussing with the character descriptions. When a different person changes it, they change it to something else. Sometimes they change it to a different antagonist level, which contradicts the previous edit they made or it contradicts what they said weeks or months before.

That person is Aadit.arora. You and RaptorWiki had to leave warnings on his page back on July 3rd because his edits. Since then, I have determined the following:

  • He never leaves a reason in the edit summary to justify why he makes a particular change.
  • When someone will revert his edits, sometimes he hides the fact that he is changing it back. This is confirmed by checking the differences between the three pages (his initial change, the revert, and his edit that goes back to his initial change), showing that there are zero changes, with not even one character or space different.
  • Cannot decide what kind of antagonist or protagonist a character is.
  • Contradicts what he put previously.
  • This is pretty much the only kind of edit he makes on all wikis he goes to, so he has nothing to offer a wiki beyond fussing with antagonist/protagonist levels.

It's gotten to the point where it's pretty much clear that this is vandalism. If you look at his talk page, you can see the contradictory edits he's made for Randall Boggs, Johnny Worthington III and Dean Hardscrabble.

I have already blocked him on a couple other wikis for similar behavior. Since he is showing no signs of changing, I have changed those blocks to permanent. I am also requesting that you block him on this wiki. Whether you make it temporary or permanent is up to you, but I recommend it be made permanent.

Frankly, if you want to get ahead of this situation and reduce the amount of time spent reverting edits that fuss with the character descriptions, then you might want to also block Lesasu and Mctalwolfer. Lesasu also seems fixated on trying to come up with new theories as to why Ripslinger is a bad person, going to far as trying to claim that Ishani is his slave, which was not supported by what was shown in Planes. With Mctalwolfer, I determined that he was deliberately hiding that he was having an edit war with other people, along with those same five characteristics above.

I cannot confirm that all three are sockpuppet accounts, but there is enough similarities and overlaps in their edits that they might as well be. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 18:16, December 21, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for letting me know. And thanks also for taking care tirelessly of his edits. I'm sorry for the trouble this must've been. Aadit.aora has been left on the run for way too long. He had been blocked for three months already, but none of us really monitored him afterwards. I didn't notice this much because, as I said back then, I find "-gonists" stories pretty ridicoulous, and I tend to ignore them because of this.
I've decided to be "kind" and give him a final warning, since none has been formally given by an admin since the lift of his block. But maybe one of my fellow admins will be not as "kind".
I've seen Lesasu has a tendancy to make bad edits, but they seem to be good faith. I believe most of Mctalwolfer's edits on the wiki have been reverted, which is not a good sign; however, he has only been sporadically active, and right now he hasn't edited since September. Since I want to see blocking as a last resource measure, I for one would wait until there is some havoc wreaked and after a warning is given before considering blocking them. But thanks for this, I'll keep an eye on them. Gray Catbird (talk) 18:35, December 21, 2013 (UTC)
Yeah, Aadit.aora and Mctalwolfer even did similar things on Monsters, Inc. Wiki, although Mctalwolfer last contributed in October, and Aadit.aora's last edit was on putting Mike Wazowski above Sulley in the characters and cast list on Monsters University, along with removing all of the content on the page beneath the Oozma Kappa characters and their actors in the cast section. And I'm not also sure about Lesasu, who has also contributed on the wiki. Aadit.aora even did a similar thing of removing some content on World of Cars Wiki, which he removed the Infobox Character template on the page for Professor Z, and even put random text or something on the image tab in the infobox template for Miles Axlerod. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 21:13, December 21, 2013 (UTC)
I have done the same thing, given people a last chance even after they've gone way beyond that point. It's part of being a responsible administrator. I also have the hope each time that maybe they'll listen. I've been disappointed every time, but it's important to go through the steps so that other admins can see what happened if a person causes problems on other wikis.
Regarding Lesasu, his tunnel vision in his editing makes it hard to see how much might actually be good faith edits. It's a case of how much of a nuisance do you put up with before you have to act. For me, he passed that point a while ago, and if he was trying to make good and honest edits, he would have responded to messages with something along the lines of "I didn't know, sorry" or "how can I do this better?" He never did.
Mctalwolfer is a different case. His edits were deliberate vandalism. If three people edited a page after he did, the next time he edited it, it went back to exactly how it was the previous time he edited it. He wasn't editing the current version to put his info back in. He was going into the history of the page to the version he last edited and re-saving the page, and with the edit summary was always being blank hid the fact that he was doing it this way. This wiped out changes by the other people, even if they had nothing to do with his edit.
Anyways, Aadit.aora has been given his official warning. Now we get to see if he's willing to change his behavior. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 16:59, December 22, 2013 (UTC)

More instances by Aadit.aora

There have been just over a dozen more instances since that warning and he did not reply to it. I believe we can take that as his answer that he is not going to stop making these kinds of nuisance/vandalism edits. His first block was for 3 months, so 6 months would be the next step.

Sadly, this appears to be yet another person who, no matter how much you work with them and try to help them see a better way of contributing to a wiki, is just going to ignore what people say and continue doing exactly what he has been doing. I think you might as well skip a 6 month or 1 year block and just go right to a permanent block. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 06:44, January 2, 2014 (UTC)

I have blocked this user for 6 months. --Jeff (talk) 14:42, January 2, 2014 (UTC)
Why am I actually surprised at this? There's about three dozen wikis I'm either actively participating in or have an interest in. I went to one of them this morning and Aadit.aora was there yesterday, making another edit fussing with the antagonist level, and when I checked the history, that edit contradicted what he had put several months before.
So, he gets blocked here and goes right on to another wiki to do the same thing there. That confirms it. He's making these contradictory changes just to make changes, not because it is a more accurate description or makes the wiki better. It's being done as vandalism. He is no longer welcome on any wiki I'm an admin on. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 17:21, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

Pixar Studios Visit

Hey there! I wanted to let you know a really awesome opportunity has come up for a couple of Wikia Staff members to visit the Pixar Studios in Emeryville. We thought it would be fun if we could get the community involved and see if they have any questions about behind-the-scenes things that happen at the studio. Just a head's up to let you know that we can post a blog soon about it to give people a chance to ask some questions. Let me know if you have any as well!

Kate@fandom 18:26, January 9, 2014 (UTC)

Add new language

Hi Gray,

I have a question. I'm Iranian and my language is Persian or Farsi, and decided to translate Pixar wikia. but I couldn't find a button to creat persian language and start translation. I mean now there is these language:

Deutsch, Español, Français, Nederlands, 日本語, עברית

and I want to add persian or farsi to this list. How can I do that? Should I contact someone in Pixar wikia or there is a button that I can't find?


AminVertigo (talk) 04:27, February 21, 2014 (UTC)

Hi AminVertigo. I see RaptorWiki and Gcheung28 already both answered your question. I also see that you went on to create your wiki, so that's great!
I would add to that if you want your wiki to be added to the language list, it would first need to have a certain amount of content; at least 10-15 pages with content. When you have that, just contact an admin here, and if it gets accepted, an interlanguage link will be created to your wiki.Gray Catbird (talk) 22:05, February 21, 2014 (UTC)


Dilster101 added some new Ball images that are neither from Pixar nor Disney sources. Could you please delete them. Only Disney and Pixar images should be allowed on this site. I left him a reminder message telling him so.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:15, April 4, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Commandeer Cartoon

This wiki user seems to be making poor or unnecessary edits and he hasn't ceased doing so. You might want to block him for a short while until he learns his lesson when and when not to make certain edits to articles.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 17:44, April 18, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I can't find a user named "Commandeer Cartoon". I guess you are talking of CommanderCartoon ? He had a little block history here, and was finally permanently blocked last February. It's true much of his edits had to be corrected or reverted, but it's his stubborness to keep adding back categories this wiki doesn't use that earned him this block.Gray Catbird (talk) 22:34, April 18, 2014 (UTC)

When She Loved Me and Emily articles

I transferred the text and trivia that focuses mostly on Emily in the "When She Loved Me" song article to the "Emily" article and vice versa. That ought to make both articles more accurate.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:39, April 19, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I think it's very good. It makes sense to have all that on the Emily article, and now it actually has some content. Thanks! Gray Catbird (talk) 17:28, April 20, 2014 (UTC)

Woman on Pizza Planet P.A. System

Could you please delete that above article which is a candidate for deletion because according to  wiki user A113, it is not really needed.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 15:40, April 23, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

A Bug's Life - The Bird Attack

A new wiki user named Lisajayne*10 keeps adding an unneeded article that pratically gives away part of  "A Bug's Life" with the article "A Bug's Life - The Bird Attack" because she adds the quotes of every single character during that bird attack sequence, which is wrong. Could you please delete said article and block Lisajayne*10 if she ignores my message and keeps posting that unneeded article? I'd really appreciate it.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:09, May 5, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Protecting that article to stop it being re-created might also be a good idea. That is what I would do (and have done) under such circumstances. — RobertATfm (talk) 02:35, May 5, 2014 (UTC)

"Universe" article and possible Admins position 

Reece0123 created an article called "Universe" that has nothing to do with Pixar whatsover. Could you kindly delete said article. Also, I was wondering if I could possibly be promoted to Administrator because I have been very helpful on this wiki site, made very good edits on articles, and I would like to be able to delete unwanted articles or block vandals that are vandalizing wiki articles on Pixar Wiki. Please consider granting me Admins rights if there is an opening available because I really think I deserve to become an Admins on Pixar Wiki. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:10, May 12, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Nathan Stanton

We have another article "Nathan Stanton" that needs to be deleted because it has hardly any info and is possibly not Pixar related. Also, please consider my previous message about granting me Administrator privileges. At least inform me whether or not you can make me Admins or if there will be any Admins openings in the future. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:17, May 14, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2


There is a new user, TrustaMann, whose edits appear to me to consist solely of abusing this wiki to post fanon in the form of YouTube videos he has made. I think a block is in order. — RobertATfm (talk) 21:20, May 29, 2014 (UTC)

And another: Michaelljohnson. — RobertATfm (talk) 00:44, May 30, 2014 (UTC)

I have blocked both users. Thanks for the heads-up and cleaning up their messes. --Jeff (talk) 13:00, May 30, 2014 (UTC)


Could you please block Mfaccas? He is vandalizing the wiki articles from "A Bug's Life" by altering the Character infoboxes whose voice actors don't exist at all, and changing the unnamed Bug characters to a non-canon name. He ignored the messages I sent him previously, so I believe blocking him from the site (possibly permanently) is the only other solution. Please and thank you.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 01:15, June 3, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Mctalwolfer is vandalizing the wiki articles again! I don't know if his block was lifted somehow, but he needs to be blocked permanently! Please and thank you. Repeat, urgent!

GrayWolf2 (talk) 16:40, June 3, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Mfaccas

Mfaccas is doing it again! He's vandalizing the "A Bug's Life" articles. he obviously ignored the message that Jeff left him. Block him permanently. He is a disgrace to this wiki site. Please and thank you.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 01:49, June 4, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Renaming title of Cars 2 Paris clip video

Can you please rename the title of the "CARS 2 - Extrait Paris (avec le titre de Bénabar" video to "CARS 2 - Extrait Paris (avec le titre de Bénabar "Mon Coeur Fait Vroum") - VF"? It's because on Pixar Wiki, it hasn't got the full title as on YouTube (especially with the bracket left open). --Lightening McQueen (talk) 22:04, July 12, 2014 (UTC)

Done!--Gray Catbird (talk) 22:27, July 12, 2014 (UTC)

Cars 3

Do you know What Cars 3 is about?? MrSeanWii

I don't, unfortunately. The official sources said nothing about it... If we believe Michael Wallis, they will come back to Route 66, but that's about all we know. Also, the film probably still is early in early development, so it's possible even Pixar has no definite idea of what it will be about.--Gray Catbird (talk) 13:47, July 28, 2014 (UTC)

Toy Story of Terror Giveaway

Congratulations, you are one of the winners in our Toy Story of Terror Giveaway! To receive your prize, please e-mail with your name, username, and address by Wednesday, August 27! Thank you for participating. Grace @fandom (profile)•(talk) 23:34, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Re: Recent Changes

I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I saw Pixar 3 add that category and I didn't realize it was one that we didn't need on account of it being redundant. I was just following Pixar 3. It won't happen again. Again I apologize profusely.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 22:58, August 27, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

It's alright. Simply keep in mind everything that gets on a wiki isn't necessarily "good" (i.e. something we support). But nevertheless, thanks for helping cleaning up the category! Sorry for the late answer. Gray Catbird (talk) 18:46, September 2, 2014 (UTC)

Franchise Pages

Hey. Why don't we have franchise pages? ~ CARTOONSROCK

Hello! There was a discussion regarding having something like that some time ago, and the users involved decided it wasn't necessary.Gray Catbird (talk) 18:46, September 2, 2014 (UTC)

Video renaming

Can you please rename the following Disney Infinity videos due to having their titles changed on the Disney Infinity YouTube channel:

  • "Disney Infinity -- Official Trailer" to "Disney Infinity -- Official Trailer (UK)"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Trailer" to "Toy Box Trailer - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box World Creation" to "Toy Box World Creation - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Adventures" to "Toy Box Adventures - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Game Creation" to "Toy Box Game Creation - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Unexpected Pairings" to "Toy Box Unexpected Pairings - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Power Discs" to "Power Discs - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Combat" to "Toy Box Combat - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Destruction" to "Toy Box Destruction - DISNEY INFINITY"
  • "DISNEY INFINITY Toy Box Vehicles" to "Toy Box Vehicles - DISNEY INFINITY"

--Lightening McQueen (talk) 21:07, September 15, 2014 (UTC)

Did you get my message? Also, I'm not sure about which versions of the Cars 2 turntable videos to have on the wiki so that it's the same video on World of Cars Wiki and Disney Wiki, along with the names of Cars 2 clips like the "Topolinos" clip. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 16:10, September 17, 2014 (UTC)
Sorry, I did get your message; I just didn't have/find/take the time to process it. I don't really have any objections to the changes you ask for, so I will try to do them when I can.
As for the turntables, I am not sure what you mean? I think ideally we should use official versions, that is posted by official accounts on YouTube (preferentially "DisneyPixar")... I believe that's the case for all our pages, so I don't see a problem?...
As for Disney Wiki, I don't know how they deal with videos, and it's not particularly of my concern... Neither do I for WOC wiki, even though I am a bureaucrat there, so I suppose it concerns me somewhat. Is it that you think these other wikis have better versions of the videos than those we currently use?--Gray Catbird (talk) 20:36, September 17, 2014 (UTC)
For the turntables, I meant that they have a different title on Pixar Wiki to their actual titles on YouTube (e.g. Francesco's video on YouTube has the title "Cars 2: Turntable "Francesco Bernoulli", but its title on Pixar Wiki is "Cars 2 Vidéo Showroom de Francesco Bernoulli- Le 27 juillet 2011 au cinéma") except the ones of Luigi, Guido and Fillmore. And I have uploaded the same videos onto Disney Wiki, but with YouTube's title (without the colon due to that it won't be counted in video titles on wikis, but I'm all right with that).
It's also been the same with the Cars 2 movie clip of Uncle Topolino. The video of Frosty had also been renamed by Disney's Australia YouTube channel, and on my blog of videos with animation not used in the Pixar films, I didn't know that I had uploaded the same video, but with the current YouTube title, with currently two duplicate videos of the different title on Pixar Wiki. Additionally, Disney's German YouTube channel had added in "Disney/Pixars" at the beginning of the name of Sebastian Schnell's movie clip when he replaces Jeff. And Fernando Alonso's clip had been renamed to "Disney Pixar España | Escena Cars 2 Fernando Alonso y Lewis Hamilton conocen a Rayo McQueen" on YouTube (again, the "|" will not be counted in video titles on wikis, but I'm all right with that as well). Jan Nilsson's video also had the rest of his name added in the title on YouTube.
Also, some of the videos Dumbrads had put on World of Cars Wiki back in 2012 are ones on different YouTube channels to the ones on the other wikis, but I've now figured out that I could solve that by renaming and replacing them with the versions on Pixar Wiki since I'm an admin on World of Cars Wiki. Disney Wiki has the same versions of the turntable videos, just the current YouTube names to Pixar Wiki, and some of the versions on World of Cars Wiki are the same to Pixar Wiki. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 19:34, September 18, 2014 (UTC)
By the past we didn't have to care about whatever name a video file had, since it didn't appear on the page... That's why the videos have all these extravagant names. Several (like the Francesco one) have the title of a first version we used, before it was later updated with the version from "Disney/Pixar". Now that the file name is displayed on pages, I definitively can see how it is problematic; the name of some videos has nothing to do with the version currently used... And others are almost gibberish. I wouldn't think it is absolutly necessary that the videos have the same title here as they have on YouTube (although this could be discussed); on the other hand, by the past it was that title from YouTube that appeared on the page instead of the file name.
I will try to go through the videos and rename those I find too inadequately named. If you upload videos on other wikis I don't think you need to consider the names they have here. Their are named so more for historical reasons unique to this wiki than to follow a particular logic. Sorry again for the late reply.--Gray Catbird (talk) 15:34, September 29, 2014 (UTC)
That's okay of replying late, as I didn't really expect you to reply. Anyway, great work on changing a few, even though your new title of Francesco's turntable video (Cars 2 - Francesco Bernoulli Turntable) is still a bit different to YouTube's title (Cars 2: Turntable "Francesco Bernoulli"). --Lightening McQueen (talk) 20:28, October 2, 2014 (UTC)

Block OhJay

Please block Ohjay because he is inserting additional categories which are NOT allowed on this wiki site and plus he ignored the previous messages I left him, telling him not to. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 22:09, September 17, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

User: Durquin

Quick! Please block Durquin from this site, hopefully permanently. He is inserting false info and vulgar language into the article "Chalooby" and a couple others. He ignored the message I left him, so please block him now. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 19:55, October 1, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Blocked him permanantly. Thanks!--Gray Catbird (talk) 21:27, October 1, 2014 (UTC)

Hey there

Hi, I'm KeybladeSpyMaster, editor at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. I was hoping you could meet us on the wiki's IRC channel sometime this week. It's on #KHWiki-social on the freenode network (you can use the webchat if you don't have an IRC client). There's an issue pertinent to both our wikis that the staff and I would like to discuss with you. Thanks! {{SUBST:KeybladeSpyMaster/AutoSig}} 21:41, October 7, 2014 (UTC)

Hi there,

there's a picture on your wikia, which I would like to print as a wall sticker. Therefor I'll need a permission of the picture's author. Can you tell me, how I get the permission?

The picture can be seen on the following link

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

So, we just want to discuss an idea that we want to propose, one which I'm not at liberty to discuss in public. However, what we would discuss would not require a decision right then and there. In fact, we'd greatly appreciate it if you discuss it with this site's admins and other users. However, because of the seriousness and importance of the issue, I cannot presently discuss the issue in public. The meeting on the IRC would be simply to introduce the idea. We also plan to further discuss the idea with other admins and users from this wiki, but right now, I came to you because I think you're the right person to talk to first. I will be busy this weekend, so I won't be able to discuss it this weekend. I'm available for an hour or two tonight, otherwise, it would be sometime next week. Thanks! {{SUBST:KeybladeSpyMaster/AutoSig}} 01:53, October 11, 2014 (UTC)
Ok, that's great. I'll be available on the IRC next week between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM MDT (11:00 AM and 5:00 PM EDT or 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM UTC). {{SUBST:KeybladeSpyMaster/AutoSig}} 14:38, October 11, 2014 (UTC)
Ok, that's fine. It shouldn't take an hour, though. As for connecting to the IRC, I don't know at all if it's possible via iPad, though I would imagine it'd be fine, since it's a web chat, not an app. I don't know if there are apps for the IRC, nor do I know if it makes it easier to use. To connect to the IRC via the webchat, you just click the link I gave above. Then, in the nickname, you put in a nickname. In the Channel, you put in "#KHWiki-social", without the quotes. Then you just enter whatever is in the CAPTCHA and it's done. It'll connect first to the IRC network and then, a second or two later, to the channel. Like I said, it shouldn't take much time, so if there are any problems, I'll try and be short and sweet about the issue. Thanks for you cooperation! {{SUBST:KeybladeSpyMaster/AutoSig}} 04:00, October 15, 2014 (UTC)

Hi there, it's me again. I'm just here to notify you that we'd like to meet with all the wikis this Friday at 9:00 PM UTC on the wiki's IRC channel again. We'd sure appreciate it if you and/or other staff and editors could join us at that time. If your wiki won't be able to be there, we'd still love your opinion about what should be done beforehand. Thanks! {{SUBST:KeybladeSpyMaster/AutoSig}} 17:30, October 29, 2014 (UTC)

Great! We'd still like to avoid publicly talking about it, because we'd like to avoid those people from coming. However, we realize it's a little harder as time goes, and if needed, we'd be able to move the location of the meeting after everyone appears anyways. So, if you need to, you can discuss it on their walls or whatever. Thanks! {{SUBST:KeybladeSpyMaster/AutoSig}} 22:56, October 29, 2014 (UTC)


Thanks For Welcoming Me. Anything That Needs Editing, Let Me Know. Ohmyheck (talk) 02:59, October 13, 2014 (UTC)

Toy Story 4 Cast

I am guessing the cast memebers of the first three movies will return.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by CARTOONSROCK (talkcontribs) 23:41, November 6, 2014 (UTC).

It is indeed very likely that the main ones (Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack...) will return. But the more minor ones, it's very uncertain at this point. Keep in mind that only a handful of characters from the first two films made it in Toy Story 3... Currently, nothing has been officially announced regarding the cast, and since we want to have factual information only, we can't say anything for now.--Gray Catbird (talk) 23:49, November 6, 2014 (UTC)

Randall Boggs and Henry J. Waternoose

There has been some dispute about Randall Boggs and Henry Waternoose in terms of which character was the main antagonist and which one was the secondary antagonist. There is this wiki site called PixarVillains which shows that Randall Boggs is the main antagonist and Henry Waternoose is the secondary antagonist. I'm not sure if you agree that PixarVillains wiki is a reliable enough source, but if it is, perhaps their actual antagonistic roles may be allowed on this PixarWiki site as well. Please check into PixarVillains wiki articles and and please let me know if their analysis are accurate enough in terms of their antagonistic roles. If so, those two articles on PixarWiki should be updated.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 12:44, November 23, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Candidate for deletion

Fumihol/Fumahol. The article is not needed. Please delete. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 18:40, November 30, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2

New Categories

Meme99 created a few new categories: "Toyline", "Buzz Lighyear of Star Command Toyline", and "Woody's Roundup Toyline". If these categories are unacceptable or not needed, then please revert the character articles containing these categories and then deleted said categories. Please also inform Meme99 about creating new categories on this site. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:13, December 4, 2014 (UTC)GrayWolf2 


Just like to say thank you for adding Hyperlinks to the page I recently edited about Mason. You really saved me a job, as I edited it on my Iphone and it wouldn't do links, so I would've had to get out the PC. Thanks again (JC9)

No problem! Thank you for augmenting the content of the Mason and Angel Kitty pages!--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 17:40, December 11, 2014 (UTC)

Animated Wiki

Hey I've created a wiki called Animated Characters and their Franchises Pedia Wiki. I've like you to join. You could add pages of the Toy Story characters.

CARTOONSROCK (talk) 20:38, December 14, 2014 (UTC)CARTOONSROCK

Hello! Thanks for the invitation, but unfortunately I'd have to decline. I tend to concentrate my efforts on one wiki, and can't really edit more than one. Nevertheless, I may give it a look if ever I can!--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 00:16, December 17, 2014 (UTC)

Unneeded Images

Could you please kindly delete the Pumbaa image and duplicate image of Lightning disguised as Stanley. The former image is NOT Pixar-related at all, and the latter image already exists. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 19:08, January 15, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Please block RebeccaTaylor 1972. She is vandalizing the Billy Oilchange article, she recreated that Pumbaa image, which has nothing to to with Pixar, and now she's blaming me for reverting her edits on the Billy Oilchanger article, which I had nothing to do about because RaptorWiki was the one who reverted them, and she even threatened to block me for 9 months. She is the one who needs to be blocked, so please do so if you kindly would. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 19:22, January 15, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

See also the four dumb posts below. The last one in particular is mind-boggling; has she stopped taking the dried frog pills, or does she need stronger ones? She has also edited a user page which isn't hers (to my mind, only admins have the right to do that, except in obvious cases of abuse), unless of course it's a sockpuppet of hers, which is just as bad. Is the ban hammer called for here? SHe's certainly not welcome on any of my wikis. — RobertATfm (talk) 19:58, January 20, 2015 (UTC)
Yes, I saw that edition. What is strange though is that no user of that name has ever edited this wiki; they might very well be no account for that name. Not sure what was the intention, but it seems to be a good faith edit... But perhaps we may need to delete the user page in question. Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 22:23, January 20, 2015 (UTC)

Q and D

Stop renaming the templates Q and D. Second of all, the Cars Race-O-Rama (funfair ride) IS Pixar. It is from the movie CARS!! It is all RaptorWiki's and YOUR fault for deleting this page. You should learn your lesson from now on, eh? Rename this again or I am going to get real superb-angry.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rebeccataylor1972 (talkcontribs) 18:51, January 20, 2015 (UTC).

Grey Catbird is an admin, that is, one of the people who runs this wiki. Who are you? You don't even have a track record here, much less admin rights. And if you stop your vandal-renaming of these templates, the admins won't have to change the names back — simple, problem solved. — RobertATfm (talk) 19:43, January 20, 2015 (UTC)

Die! Die! DIE!

Go on, try and kill me. Someone (2005EvimothCity, I think from Peppa Pig Wiki) helped me and YOU are the ones getting blocked NOW. You should forget about that source you just put on and Q and D are stupid names for a template. Now we have some random guys called RaptorWiki, Gray Catbird and GrayWolf2 trying to block me and edit the stuff their way. Think about what you've just done. If you don't, I WILL KILL YOU, REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rebeccataylor1972 (talkcontribs) 19:02, January 20, 2015 (UTC).

Random guys

Do you know what happens when you block this here Rebeccataylor1972 and edit her stuff YOUR way? She gets angry! I am going to KILL you. Yeah, really. Dinocoblue2003 is my friend and he is this here Wiki Contributor. I am 700000000000000000000000% extreme-angry now!—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rebeccataylor1972 (talkcontribs) 19:02, January 20, 2015 (UTC).

Boy, you're in a heap of trouble.

I have been talking with the Sheriff and HE just said you, GrayWolf2 and RaptorWiki are in a real heap of trouble.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rebeccataylor1972 (talkcontribs) 19:05, January 20, 2015 (UTC).

My friend, please calm down. I am sorry that you are hurt to see your editions being reverted. Please understand that there is nothing personal in that your edits were reverted. It's just that we strive to have the best content possible on the wiki, and as such, there are particular guidelines to follow.
The funfair ride page was deleted because it does not seem to be notable enough. Also, while it uses licensed material like official images, the actual ride does not look like it's licensed by Disney/Pixar.
As for the "D" and "Q" templates, the main reason to why I think we should not rename them is that they are used on hundreds of pages; if we renamed them, then we should go through all the pages and change the name, which would be pretty tedious. In my opinion, Q and D are valid names, they are short and say what the template is for ("Q" for "quote" and "D" for "dialogue").
I will not block you for the messages you sent on my talk pages, as it seems you were a bit taken by your emotions. Just keep in mind what we have told you on your talk page to help you make better contributions to the wiki. Thanks.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 22:23, January 20, 2015 (UTC)

That's good


Can are edit fanon??? Copyza123 (talk) 10:53, January 21, 2015 (UTC)

If your question is whether fanon is allowed on this wiki, you cannot on articles, which must cover only official Pixar material. However you can post fanon on a personal blog post.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 16:41, January 21, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Zebra Mater

Please delete the "Zebra Mater" article if you kindly would. It is unofficial Pixar material.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:19, May 7, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Hercules (1996 film)

Please delete Hercules (1996 film) because it is NOT Pixar material at all. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:57, May 8, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Hercules (1996 film)

Still waiting for you to delete that unneeded wiki article.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 14:10, May 9, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Cbbazinga12 is fussing with the antagonist role in articles on Cars, Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, etc. Could you please block him for a good long while, because he ignored my message and is continuing to vandalize said articles with such antagonist fussing. Please and thank you.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 19:07, May 30, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Urgent!

Cbbazinga12 is fussing with the antagonist role in articles on Cars, Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, etc. Could you please block him for a good long while, because he ignored my message and is continuing to vandalize said articles with such antagonist fussing. Please take care of him immediately.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 01:17, May 31, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


CARTOONSROCK is getting out of line with the *tagonist issues, and is making unneccesary revisions in the text in certain articles. You might have to block him for a while because he needs to seriously cool off.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:47, June 9, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Please block CARTOONSROCK if you kindly would. His edits are unnecessary and out of control! I can't keep up with him. He needs a LONG time out.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 01:12, June 9, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Please block CARTOONSROCK right away. He's vandalizing articles with his antagonist wars or inserting info that is not necesssary to include in articles, plus he ignored the messages Dvcnut left him previously. He needs a LONG time out. Repeat, please block him.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 17:40, June 9, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Hello, I see Dvcnut has been taking care of this issue. I'll keep an eye on it on my side. Sorry for my lack of response to your last messages. Thanks for your help! --Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 00:14, June 10, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Shorts Characters

Sorry about that. I'll stop. CARTOONSROCK had the same idea and I thought were were doing a good thing on this site by adding said category to its respective articles. Please forgive me.

Thank you, and no problem. I know your edits are good faith. Just be careful, you probably know by now that we are pretty minimalistic with categories on this wiki... Anyways, I sent a message to Dvcnut to check in on his opinion; we may have to remove all those pages from the category.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 19:17, June 11, 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for your help reverting the categories! --Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 22:29, June 11, 2015 (UTC)

How could our church acquire a movie poster for Inside Out? Our pastor is preaching a sermon (the first of a series based on current movies) based on this movie. We would love to decorate our altar area with movie posters for each sermon. We are purchasing tickets for 20-50 people to attend this show at Celebration Cinema in Lansing MI on June 23.

Thanks, Becky Jamros

Kathy Coates


I am editing to correct a mistake to the voice work that I did in the movie Cars. I did the voice work for the Kathy Copter. I am Kathy Coates. I have an IMDB page. Please contact me at my email address if you have any questions.


Kathy CoatesKathycoates (talk) 23:52, June 17, 2015 (UTC)

Hi Kathy, thanks for the information! I will create a page for you and update Kathy Copter. We usually use the official press release for our credits, and unfortunately it doesn't specify an actor for Kathy Copter, it has your name in the additional voices section. So I'm really glad you contacted us so we could fix this. Thanks again! --Jeff (talk) 00:24, June 18, 2015 (UTC)
If you have an image you would like us to include on your page please let me know. --Jeff (talk) 00:28, June 18, 2015 (UTC)

Do you know me from somewhere?, I think maybe even yes because in reality it is a dark and terrible wizard named Acheron and I'm 16 years old and after 7 months I'll be 17 years old. 😊😀

Three articles with no source in relation to Pixar media

David Doyle, Cloris Leachman, and Miss Thomas need to be deleted. The wiki user who created them had no genuine source to prove these article were in fact related to Pixar media. I left him a message about it being against the rules. Hope he listens to it. Anyway, please kindly delete those three articles as they have no significance whatsoever.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 03:08, July 17, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I would like someone's help with a Pixar-related issue on the Disney wiki.

On Talk:Riley's Mother, I have some links to what's going on. Basically, one of the Disney Wiki admins is insisting that Riley's parents names are Jill and Bill, without concrete proof, and he's being draconian in keeping that info in. Short of a tweet from someone at Pixar, I don't know what to do to get him to stop. What can you do? What should I do?

(Also, there's inconsistent capitalization on the related pages on our wiki here.) Dogman15 (talk) 08:11, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

I've answered your message on Riley's Mom's talk page. From what I find, there is indeed a source for the names, but I for one am not sure of its reliability. As for your problem with the Disney Wiki admin, it's good that you started a discussion with him. But ultimately an admin can practically do whatever they want (even though they shouldn't) so you can't really "stop" one. Still, you can still try to seek the opinion of other admins and users on the wiki.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 17:09, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

Joy article

Joy is the only Emotion article that you haven't created her role in "Inside Out". I haven't watched the movie, so I can't do it myself. Please add Joy's role in "Inside Out" as soon as you possibly can. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:53, July 17, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Yes, indeed! I've trying to work on it in the past few days, but it is a bit harder to do it for a protagonist, so it's taking some time. But I'm working on it.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 17:06, July 18, 2015 (UTC)

PortableInfoboxes changes

I don't know if you saw the recent comment on my talk page about updating Infoboxes to make them look better on mobile devices. Do you have any experience with this or have any concerns? Sounds like a fine idea to me, just wanted to check. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 21:43, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

After giving a quick look to the help page, I think it should work fine. Of what I understand, it would change the styling somewhat, but I don't think it would be too problematic. Consider me interested by this.Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 17:33, July 23, 2015 (UTC)
OK, good. I glanced through the help page too, seems it should be OK. Thanks! --Jeff (talk) 00:13, July 24, 2015 (UTC)

Another comment on my talk page

If you get time, you might want to look at User talk:Dvcnut#Reducing antagonist fussing, hopefully I can read it over the next day or two but since we have had so many issues it might be something we could use and be consistent with other wikis. --Jeff (talk) 04:27, July 24, 2015 (UTC)

User: Oliviadibenedetto1234

This above user is adding new catergories, which is not allowed on this site and I told him/her to please stop, but he/she ignored my message, so could you please block him/her before he/she causes more mayhem. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 13:47, July 25, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I decided not to block him now, since he has stopped and it's his first time on the wiki. Thanks for cleaning up the categories! --Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 14:42, July 25, 2015 (UTC)

Re: User: Oliviadibenedetto1234

She's doing it again. She hasn't paid any attention to the messages we left her yesterday. She needs to be blocked forever, so could you please do so, and I mean right now?

GrayWolf2 (talk) 13:39, July 26, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

RaptorWiki just took care of blocking the user. Thanks! Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 13:42, July 26, 2015 (UTC)

Timothy Spall and Igor Kayako

Please delete these articles: Timothy Spall and Igor Kayako, as they are not related to Pixar in any way. Wiki user Mentlege created them, and I left him a message to tell him to please stop creating articles that have no official source whatsoever. You might want to leave him a similar message as well and hope that he obeys, or else block him.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 21:20, July 28, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Timothy Spall, Igor Kayako,  Michael Bell, Police Officer Edwina and Cloris Leachman

Mentlege completely ignored my messages and recreated Timothy SpallIgor KayakoMichael BellPolice Officer Edwina and Cloris Leachman, which have no official source regarding Pixar. Please delete them, and then please block Mentlege if you kindly would, because he obviously doesn't care about the Pixar wiki rules.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 15:14, July 30, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

URL Structure Change


I am contacting you to inform you that effective mid-day Thursday (about 36 hours from this message being posted), Wikia will be changing the URL structure of this community to have the /wiki snippet re-added to the address. This wikia has previously been one of just two dozen that has a URL structure without the /wiki snippet.

To be transparent, the reasons for this change are two-fold.

First, Wikia is continuing work on our new skin called Mercury. Mercury is not a re-skin of the basic Desktop look, but rather an adaptive skin that will port key Desktop functionality over to Mobile (in fact, Mobile Web is mostly running on Mercury as it is). By having all of Wikia on a single URL structure, we can eliminate a lot of coding use cases, making the skin more lightweight in terms of performance and friendly to newer engineers trying to build new services on top of our platform. In addition, moving forward as Wikia continues to grow as a platform, it may make sense for us to delineate parts of a wikia through URL structure instead of namespaces. For instance /admin could bring you to the Admin Dashboard. Nothing like that is set in stone by any means, but at the very least having everything unified on URL structure will help future development.

Second, the /wiki snippet has been proven to help with SEO when we compared similar communities with differing URL structures. Based on our research, it seems many people tend to search for "(TOPIC) Wiki" instead of "(TOPIC) community" or "(TOPIC) page". Having the /wiki URL snippet dramatically increases the visibility of your wikia on search engines.

We have done a number of tests to prevent any bugs. If anything seems out of whack Thursday with the URL structure, please let me know either by replying to this or sending a message to Special:Contact. Please also remember to check your CSS or JS files to make sure that you are pointing to the right URLs. Old URLs should redirect, but it never hurts of course to have the most accurate URL in your files. --DaNASCAT@fandom (help forum | blog) 04:53, August 5, 2015 (UTC)


Emergency! Wiki user rachelMack13 is creating articles that are NOT related to Pixar and Pixar movies that have no official source whatsoever. She ignored the message I sent her. Please block her right now before things get worse and please delete ALL the articles that were created by this user if you kindly would because they are false and/or illegal.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 01:21, August 14, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Might03156

This is an emergency! He is out of control. He is creating articles that are not related to pixar and inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages. Please block him permanently before this escalates.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 22:21, August 21, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Thanks for blocking Might03156, if you are the one who did it, but you still need to delete all the articles that he created, which are not related to Pixar at all. Please kindly do.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:57, August 21, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


He is at it again with the creating of articles that are NOT pixar related, and just created a sockpuppet of his original account, which is illegal as well. Please block him at once if you kindly would and permanently disable his account if you can do that as well.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:03, September 4, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Brian Smits

Hi, I'm trying to add words in front of an external link. In other WIKIs that I've used, the format was either a colon or a pipe but that doesn't seem to be working here. so I want to do this [Example words about the Link:Http://] How do I do that within this Wiki? Thanks Rmeyermn (talk) 15:27, September 7, 2015 (UTC) Rose

Hi, I saw the page you create and made some edits to it, you can look at what I did to see how to add words to an external link. We use a single set of brackets, and the words come after the link. Hope this helps, and thanks for adding the page! --Jeff (talk) 16:24, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

Antagonist Policy

Hey, I added a new topic - Category_talk:Primary_Villains#Antagonist_Policy, if you get time take a look at it and let me know what you think. --Jeff (talk) 22:35, September 18, 2015 (UTC)

Parent Page

Hiya! I just wanted to let you know that I created a Parent Page for The Good Dinosaur. I’ve filled in a few fields, but feel free to edit and add what you know. Let me know if you have any questions. Your PP can be found at: Pixar_Wiki:ParentPage/The_Good_Dinosaur Witnessme (talk) 20:25, September 28, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Might031509

That wiki user Might031509 is at it again. He created another sockpuppet of his old account, which is illegal, and is vandalizing the articles by inserting false info into them. Please block him immediately before this escalates. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 01:13, October 4, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Periods

Sorry about that. My computer is somewhat glitchy. I was actually trying to revise certain text or punctuation in some articles, but accidentally removed a peroid instead of editing the actual punctuation or text. Please forgive me. I'm not trying to be a nuisance on this site. However, there have been quite a number of vandals on this site, which I had to notify you, Raptor Wiki, or Dvcnut about, and wish that I could actually be promoted to admins because I have been a very good contributor on this site and think I have earned enough rights and privileges to become one according to the edits I make and the revisions that I undo by other wiki users when they are not needed. I know you don't have space for one more admins, but I wish you did because I really would like to be granted as admins if that were possible.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 16:04, October 18, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

OK, thanks for your answer. I would simply ask to please try to minimize it if it's possible. And as I've said before, I know your intentions are good faith. ;)
You have been a helpful editor to this wiki, and it's true I've been rather busy with school and all lately. But I think we've still managed to deal with things. I think you can carry out efficiently your edits without needing admin rights right now.
I don't think being an admin should be seen as a privilege... You can still be a great editor without having "admin" displayed next to your username. And also, I don't have bureaucrat rights. :P
And I'm sorry I haven't answered to your messages lately. I'm generally not very good at answering rapidly to messages... I didn't mean to sound like I was dismissing what you're doing for the wiki.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 16:43, October 18, 2015 (UTC)
Being an admin isn't like being a president, it's more like being a janitor. Being a bureaucrat is like being the guy who has the keys to the cleaning supplies cupboard. :-) I speak from experience on other wikis.
I agree that GrayWolf2 would make a good admin, if you need any more that is, and perhaps you could mention this to whoever is the bureaucrat here. — RobertATfm (talk) 17:52, October 18, 2015 (UTC)
Thank you for your input, RobertATFm!--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 19:56, October 18, 2015 (UTC)


Might03159 has created yet anothet sockpuppet of his account and is putting false articles on this Pixar wiki site. Please block him at once if you kindly would and get rid of "Songs in Inside Out 2".

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:04, October 31, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Erased the page and blocked the account. Thanks for the notification!--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 02:30, October 31, 2015 (UTC)

Naked Riley

A new user named BanjaminDKersting hase created a "Naked Riley" article, which DOES NOT need to be included. Please delete it. I left him a warning message on his talk page. If he continues to make unneeded edits or articles, please kindly block him.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 18:34, November 1, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

He completely ignored my message and is still messing with the "Naked Riley" article that needs to be deleted. Please block BenjaminDKersting right away and get rid of said article.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 18:37, November 1, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Hello, I see Dvcnut has taken care of the page. I wouldn't block him just right now as it would a bit too draconian, considering his edits seem to be good faith.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 19:48, November 1, 2015 (UTC)


Pleas kindly delete the timeline article "2020", as it has no media to do with Pixar whatsoever.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 03:02, November 8, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Utility Belt Buzz

Ms354494 keeps removing important content from the Utlility Belt Buzz article without explaining why after you and I keep reverted his edits to said article. You might have to block him for a while because he is starting an edit war on said article, which is against wiki standards. Please consider because he will likely keep vandalizing the Utility Belt Buzz article.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 21:18, November 12, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf

He still is removing content from the Utility Belt Buzz article without good reason and is not stopping his unruly act. Please block him immediately before this escalates. He needs a long time out.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:07, November 13, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Considering his edits appear to be good faith, I have sent him a message. If the problem happens again though, we may have to block him. Thanks. --Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 00:41, November 13, 2015 (UTC)

Anger, Fear, Joy, Disgust, Sadness images

Please remove the images of Anger, Fear, Joy Disgust, and Sadness with a Winnie-the-Pooh character, as "Winnie the Pooh" is NOT Pixar releated. See Special:NewFiles. I'd appreciate it.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:13, November 24, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Special:NewFiles

There are numerous images from the end credits of Toy Story 3 that ANIMATION ROCKS uploaded, which are NOT needed. Please kindly delete them. Also please delete the three non-Pixar See n' Say images including the one related to Sesame Street, which is NOT Pixar related.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:56, November 24, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Unneeded article

Please kindly delete Paramount Pictures Corporation, as it has no significance to Pixar whasoever.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:56, December 11, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

left you a message on PixarPost forum

Not sure if you were notified but I left you a message on the PixarPost forum.

I just left you answer over there.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 22:15, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

Cars 2 Credits

The full credits of Cars 2 is incomplete and needs to be revised. Please kindly update that article when you find the time to do so. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 20:34, December 13, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I agree ideally it's something that should be done, but it would be so incredibly time-consuming I never got myself to try... Usually User:Dvcnut has taken care of credits pages, and I think he knows better than me how to do it.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 03:33, December 14, 2015 (UTC)

Hello! I'm Rigby3000. I have a big imagination and I like romantic movies. My favorite romantic movie is The Reef. I like Monty Python and I also like writing stories. I dislike new-school drama films and Bruno Mars, though.~~Rigby3000~~

Unneeded article

Please kindly remove the article "Child (monsters university)", at it is unneeded.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 14:05, December 16, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2


JFGfan2002 re-created that unneeded article "Child (monsters university)" and sent a threating message that reads: "Don't delete this, or I'll cut your head off!" Please delete said article and block this user at once for using harassment on this wiki site and edit wars with this article that had already been deleted before. He MUST be blocked because of what I just said above.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 03:58, December 17, 2015 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I think it's worse than that. Looking at the Recent Changes, especially the file uploads, it is fairly obvious that User:Rohan2002 and User:JFGfan2002 are both sockpuppets of User:ToyStoryRules (who admits on his user page that his real name is Rohan). I think the first two should thus be subject to an infinite block, and there should be an IP (range?) block on this kid. — RobertATfm (talk) 05:27, December 17, 2015 (UTC)]
VSTF report filed. — RobertATfm (talk) 06:00, December 17, 2015 (UTC)


This is another recently-joined user whose only edits so far have been vandalism. A warning and perhaps a cool-off block is in order. — RobertATfm (talk) 05:44, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

The Incredibles 2

So, what do you think The Incredibles 2 is gonna be like? Will Tony Ryderski have a bigger role (whether it's as Violet Parr's love interest or not)? Will Syndrome return, or will there be a new bad guy? Last question; will there be any songs? Because I think there will be a song called "Heading for the Light" about Mr. Incredible realizing how we was a jerk to "Incrediboy". There should TOTALLY be an Easter Egg that has Spot at the playground burying something in the sandbox at Jack Jack's daycare! :D ~~Rigby3000~~

Where on earth does this persistent "Syndrome might/will return" idea come from? At the end of the first movie, he got sucked into a jet engine — Mr. Incredible might be able to survive that, being intrinsically super including near-invulnerability, but Syndrome's powers are purely extrinsic (resulting entirely from possession of super tech, like Batman or the Green Lantern), so unless he just happened to be wearing something capable of shielding him from even the extreme heat and mechanical trauma of being sucked into a jet engine, there's no way he could possibly have survived. Just this morning, I read of an airport worker to which this happened, and his body was so badly mangled that an autopsy was impossible. — RobertATfm (talk) 23:29, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

The Incredibles 2 Trivia

Could you please temporarily delete The Incredibles 2 Trivia article because it's much too early to have such an article yet. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 04:30, January 9, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Image Replacing

Hi! Should I replace any image with this image. that I have created by myself? Or I can upload to the wiki, for my profile page.


Superb37 10:16, January 9, 2016 (UTC)

Sockpuppet user

We have a sockpuppet user named "IWasHavingTroubleLogingBackInMyAccounts". Please block him immediately because he made rules on his talk page about not deleting or undoing any of his edits to articles. He doesn't make the rules here, plus he made a sockpuppet of account. Please take care of him right away.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 07:02, January 11, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

The editor in question openly admits to being a sockpuppet of ToyStoryRules. It's fairly evident that User:TeletubbiesLover2002, User:Rohan2002 and User:Rohan2016 are three more, although it would probably be best to have the VSTF check to make sure. — RobertATfm (talk) 09:50, January 11, 2016 (UTC)

A113 in The Good Dinosaur

I've added to the "Appearances in Pixar Films" the A113 symbol seen in "The Good Dinosaur"; however, you might have to describe this A113 location in better detail.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:15, January 15, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

I've given a try at it. I don't it's that well worded, though, I with revise it sooner or later.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 02:20, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

Block Gchrome

Wiki user Gchrome is adding unneeded categories to articles, and he completely ignored my warning message. He needs to be blocked before this escalates, as there are a lot of articles that need to be reverted. Please block him immediately for a VERY long while.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 06:24, January 17, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Suspect usernames

From the names, it appears that User:AmandaK77 and User:Mandi77 may be the same person. Although as far as I know she(?) has not (so far) done anything else wrong, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on this situation. — RobertATfm (talk) 07:19, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Remove Blog

Pleas kindly remove the blog "Jurassic Park is not a Disney movie" that Disneysaurus created because it doesn't need to be there. Many scenes from Pixar films have been parodied by other non-Pixar movies. So that blog is completely useless. Delete said blog if you kindly would.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 18:48, January 18, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Two Unneeded Categories

Please kindly delete these two categories, which are not necessary to include: "Category:Movie References", and "Category: Toy Story That Time Forgots", the latter category being a typo.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:07, January 19, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Please kindly delete the article WALL•E/Transcript, as well as the Category:Transcripts, as neither of them are needed at all. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 16:24, February 21, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

The Pixar Theory

The Pixar Theory article has been previously deleted, as it is NOT needed on this site, but wiki user Dr spartan keeps recreating it. Please kindly delete that article and message Dr spartan, telling him to stop recreating said article as it is not needed and if he does it again, he will be temporarily blocked. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 21:11, February 21, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Book Subcategories

Please kindly remove these subcategories: Toy Story Books, Monsters, Inc. Books, The Incredibles Books, Cars Books, Finding Nemo Books, Ratatouille Books, WALL-E Books, and Up Books because the categories "Books" and "[Pixar film title] Merchandise" already covers them.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 22:14, February 21, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Above message

Did you get my above message, and could you please kindly take care of what I stated above?

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:20, February 23, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2


Piratehat1234 keeps removing much of the factual credits from the article "Toy Story 2 Credits". I asked him nicely to please stop twice, and he completely ignored my messages. You might have to block him for a while, because he is causing problems with this unnacceptable behavior of deleting factual info from articles. Please kindly see to it. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 13:24, February 25, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2


This user has got himself renamed as User:MikeWazowskiROR, and has somehow managed to use this to come back and delete all the warning messages from his talk page. Is a rollback called for? — RobertATfm (talk) 18:24, February 25, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Piratehat1234

You HAVE to block Piratehat1234 immediately! He still hasn't learned his lesson and is still removing factual credits from the Toy Story 2 Credits article. He needs to be blocked permanently because he keeps causing problems and has ignored my warning messages. Please kindly take care of him at once.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 14:49, March 12, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Re: Piratehat1234

He's at it again! This time he is creating people articles that are not necessary to include, plus they have no official sources, and he ignored the message I sent him. You have to block him, and I mean RIGHT NOW, before this escalates. Then please kindly delete all the latest articles he created, which are not needed.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 17:24, March 12, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: VillainMatthew.Mira

You might have to block user VillainMatthewMira if he continues antagonist fussing with the Pixar characters. I left him a message about it, but he seems to have ignored it. Please kindly take care of him if you would. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 20:39, April 15, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Fanon rename

For at least the second time, the article Ms. Davis and its talk page have been moved (this time by User:Cartoonman25) to "Emily Davis" on the basis that "she was Jessie's former owner in flashback sequences". As far as I know, this is pure fanon/speculation; the only basis for this claim is that the two models (Emily and Ms. Davis) slightly resemble one another, there is absolutely no official source for this. The page "Talk:Emily Davis" needs to be moved back to "Talk:Ms. Davis" (the contents of "Emily Davis" have already been moved back to "Ms. Davis"), and possibly also "Emily Davis" and its talk page should be deleted and locked down to prevent this happening again. — RobertATfm (talk) 20:46, April 16, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Ms354494

You might have to block Ms354494 because he keeps making unneeded edits to the "Inside Out Trivia" article and a few other articles. I don't think leaving him a warning message will be enough in this case, as most users nowadays are too unwise to correct their behavior. Please kindly take care of him if he continues, which he most likely will.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 04:02, April 17, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

One of his latest changes (the deletion, for at least the fifth time and for no (stated) reason, of the "Riley's bedroom stars" trivium) was despite a warning by me to stop doing so. I reckon this is a clear vandal account, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. — RobertATfm (talk) 05:43, April 17, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Giant squid

Wiki user DH2002 created an unneeded article "Giant squid" with poor quality images. Please kindly delete both the article and the poor quality images relating to it. Also, you might have to permanently block DH2002 because he is apparently a sockpuppet user of a previous account of which he was blocke from for the same reason. Please kindly take care of this sockpuppet user. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 14:04, April 22, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Cartoonman

You might have to block wiki user Cartoonman because he attempted to change "Ms. Davis" to "Emily Davis" in the Toy Story 4 article, and he vandalized the Wheezy article as well. He might be a sockpuppet of a previous account so I thinks it's best that you permanently block him before this escalates. Please and thank you.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:27, May 8, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Thanks for letting me know. The user seems to be good faith and hasn't engaged in edit warring when his edits were reverted, so I only left a message on his talk page for now. As for this account being a sock puppet, do you have any precise idea who it might be? I glanced at the history of the Ms. Davis article, and found no previous case of similar edits there. Thanks, Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 05:52, May 8, 2016 (UTC)

Request for Inside Out Character Render Image Source

Request for Inside Out Character Render Image Source

Dear Gray, my name is Bekah and I am working on a thesis paper about Inside Out and its characters. I was wondering if you could verify the image sources of the following character renders. (I originally left a message on Alex's wall on Disney Wikia and was left with an answer that the images were taken from the Pixar Wikia)

I realize that they look quite official and are of excellent quality. But it is important to convince the board that it is indeed a reliable source. I know this must be cumbersome.. but it would be a great help if you could verify the source or even how you acquired these images.

Thank you!

BEKAHBEKAH (talk) 11:56, May 17, 2016 (UTC)

Re: It's a small world

Could you please kindly delete the article "It's a small world" that was created by user Small World fan2000 because it has nothing to do with Pixar whatsoever. Then you might want to message Small World fan2000 about creating articles that have little or no significance with Pixar. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 22:51, May 17, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

User:Gabriel P. S.

Keeps adding to Incredibles articles, what looks to me like fanon; has even engaged in edit warring over the Phylange article, restoring the exact same content after it got reverted. A warning, if not stronger action, is clearly in order. — RobertATfm (talk) 12:27, May 20, 2016 (UTC)

I don't think a warning message would be enough. Gabriel P.S. continues to do edit wars on those articles and he is not stopping, so I think he might have to be blocked for a while, so please kindly do.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 22:28, May 20, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: A Bug's Life 2

Please kindly delete "A Bug's Life 2" because it is completely fanon, and the source it came from is fanon as well. Also, please tell wiki user Surártico, who created said article, that it is illegal to create false Pixar film articles with fanon sources. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 15:17, May 21, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Gerald (Finding Dory)

Please kindly delete the article Gerald (Finding Dory) because there is no official source provided for this character whatsoever from the wiki user who created said article. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:08, May 25, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Never mind. Wiki user MarioLuigiKart said that this character came from an official Finding Dory trailer source.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 00:36, May 25, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Never mind my above message because of what Dvcnut left MarioLuigiKart on his message wall.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:19, May 25, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Bluebird565

Wiki user Bluebird565 is doing an edit war with the Monsters University (song) article, claiming that the lyric "Alma Mater" is related to the Pixar character, Mater from the car franchise, when the term actually means "university" or "college" in Latin. I left her a message about it and she ignored my message completely and continued to highlight "Mater" in the song lyric, thinking it has anything to do with Tow Mater from cars, which is does NOT, not even his customizations because I double-checked the Tow Mater article itself. You might have to block her because she won't stop reverting that edit that I undid to the Monsters University song article.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 20:34, May 28, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Re: Alexbgames

Please kindly block Alexbgames because he keeps vandalizing the Toy Story Credits article, Finding Nemo Credits article, etc., and completely ignored the messages that you or other admins left him. He may need to be blocked permanently before this escalates, so please kindly do so. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 03:38, May 30, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

He's still at it with vandalizing the Credits articles and completely ignored Dvcnut's warning message. Please block him, possibly permanently.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 15:23, May 30, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Unneeded article

Please remove the article Cruz Ramirez because it is too early to create such an article, plus there is not enough official info to confirm said Pixar character. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 23:27, May 30, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Another unneeded article

Please remove the article Gloom because there are no official sources to confirm this Pixar article. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 02:07, June 2, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Pointless duplicate article

A user has created the stub article Pixar Animations Studios, presumably not realising that we already have a much better article Pixar Animation Studios. Please delete the duplicate. — RobertATfm (talk) 19:44, June 2, 2016 (UTC)

Seperate Articles

May we create seperate articles for all the characters who are listed on the Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Mater-National Championship articles such as Gerald, Philip, and Tommy Joe? Superbaddy4 (talk) 15:26, June 15, 2016 (UTC)

I answered your question on your talk page.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 15:48, June 15, 2016 (UTC)


CARTOONSROCK is vandalizing articles and making unneeded edits to them, plus this user is a sockpuppet account of ANIMATION ROCKS. Please kindly block him permanently and I mean forever, because he hasn't learned his lesson at all from the past messages, and I don't want this to escalate any further.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 13:22, July 19, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Fanon: action needed

User:Dinosaurgames has added what I think is a self-promoting and fanon link to The Good Dinosaur. I have of course reverted this, but I think further action may be needed. — RobertATfm (talk) 00:49, August 4, 2016 (UTC)

More edit warring

User:Cutie Doggy keeps editing the Long Ge page, changing "who" to "that", despite it persistently being changed back by others (and despite being told that the Cars characters are anthropomorphic, so "who" is the correct term). Maybe something needs to be done. (And incidentally, instead of having to post separately to all admins' talk pages, wouldn't it be better to have a Requests for Admin Attention page?) — RobertATfm (talk) 19:42, August 9, 2016 (UTC)

Movie footer

Hi, Gray Catbird!

A user nominated Pixar for inclusion in our movie footer program. Would you be interested?

Best regards,

Raylan13@fandom (talk) 20:45, August 12, 2016 (UTC)

Hello! I answered your message on your talk page so you would get a notification. --Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 03:17, August 13, 2016 (UTC)
Thanks :) I'll add Pixar momentarily! Raylan13@fandom (talk) 17:30, August 15, 2016 (UTC)

Permanently block CARTOONSROCK

CARTOONSROCK is at it again with him making unecessary edits to many Pixar articles. Whoever unblocked him shouldn't have AT ALL. He needs to be permanently blocked because his behavior is NEVER going to change. He has had enough chances, so please consider permanently blocking him before this escalates. Thanks.

GrayWolf2 (talk) 12:09, November 12, 2016 (UTC)GrayWolf2

Problem user

I just deleted from the Merida article, an arbitrary date range which had been tacked on to the lead paragraph, but which was without explanation or context and thus meaningless.

However, looking at the edit history to find if there was something about this date range which gave it meaning and thus needed to be added, I found that the editor who added it was User:Ice~thwiki, and the name rang a bell; so I checked the "Recent changes" of Coasterpedia, and sure enough, he had done the exact same thing there (added a meaningless date which had to be reverted). So I skimmed through a few of his other contributions on his favourite wikis, and it turns out that adding meaningless dates to articles is just about all he ever does. Because of this, he has been banned from at least two wikis (an infinite ban on the Disney Wiki), and I have now banned him from Coasterpedia as well.

I would suggest that we keep an eye out for him, and block him if he does it again here. — RobertATfm (talk) 04:45, November 20, 2016 (UTC)

FYI: Disneysaurus

As the headline indicates, this is just a For Your Information post; no further action needs to be taken.

In case anyone is wondering whether the ban of Disneysaurus from this wiki is justified, Disneysaurus has removed all cause for doubt by abusing my talk page on the His Dark Materials Wiki to protest (in strongly offensive terms) his block here. Evidently, among his many faults he's too dumb to realise that I have no admin privileges here so his block here was nothing to do with me. (I may have suggested it, as any user can, but implementing it was outside my powers.)

Result: Disneysaurus has now earned himself another block, this time from the HDM wiki, and I've taken down his post including the image he posted as part of it. — RobertATfm (talk) 23:51, December 14, 2016 (UTC)

OK, thanks for letting me know! Thanks for your input, it's very helpful.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 03:12, December 15, 2016 (UTC)

User:Paige_EM again

Despite previous warnings (and blocks), and despite being told four times (twice by Jeff and twice by me) that The Pixar Theory is fanon and thus not welcome here, Paige_EM has posted two more videos of this nature. Also, a check of her contributions list shows four previous videos of this type which I reported at the time, but which for some reason have not been deleted. Perhaps the fact of these remaining convinced her that the "no fanon" rule is toothless, or unimportant, or doesn't apply to her, or all three?

Clearly, action needs to be taken. — RobertATfm (talk) 19:44, January 6, 2017 (UTC)

I blocked the user for 6 months. I also hopefully deleted the videos marked for deletion. Thanks. --Jeff (talk) 19:56, January 6, 2017 (UTC)


Hi there, Just wondering if/how I can get permission to use images from this site - specifically images of the 5 emotions from Inside Out, for a work project of mine. I wish to use them simply to help people easily recognise emotions (this is for a group program which will help people be more aware of their emotions). 

- Taryn

Hello, I answered your message on your talk page. Thanks!--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 01:39, February 2, 2017 (UTC)

Renaming image

Can you please rename the image "CARS 3 RGB a325 55a pub.pub16.130.jpg" to "Cars 3 11.jpg"? Because I was given a reminder on the Disney Wiki about the file name which the image had from the Pixar Post website, and I wonder if the file name has to be changed on this wiki as well. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 14:58, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

On a related subject, did you see my post (I think it was on RaptorWiki's talk page; as the three of you supposedly watch each other's talk pages, I save time and effort by posting only to the page of the admin who appears to have been most recently active) about a proposed Image Policy? Jeff seemed to be very positive about the idea, but nothing has come of it. — RobertATfm (talk) 16:21, February 24, 2017 (UTC)
Hello both. I'm really sorry for being rather inactive these days. Currently we don't have an image policy, so that name wouldn't necessarily require a name change. (FYI, it's the original name of the file as was sent to the press; I find those names kinda interesting, as the number (in this case a325) is the number of the scene from which the shot is taken, which can sometimes reveal the order of different scenes, since usually the numbers are in order) RobertATfm, yeah usually I follow what happens on other talk pages, however somehow I had missed that specific message... I like the idea. I'm not too demanding about how images are named, really, but giving at least a few relevant keywords is better than gibberish.--Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 23:41, February 26, 2017 (UTC)

I add the voice cast to Cars 3: Driven to Win.

Sarah Heffley

What plays before coco now that they pulled frozen fever? Does it play a featurette or does it go straight to the movie?

Hello Sarah. I’m not certain, but it is my understanding from the articles that have been published on the topic that it will go straight to the movie. Cheers, --Gray Catbird (talk) 25px-Gray_catbird_cars.jpg 20:44, December 13, 2017 (UTC)

Coucou, pour commencer bonne année 2018, pourrais-tu me mettre bureaucratte sur Wiki Pixar FR pour que j'ai toutes les clés de la maison? :)


Add the image is Io Sadness standard.jpg

You have to add the image is Io Sadness standard.jpg. Please! Thank You!

Block Seahorsetroop

I am so sick of this user vandalizing the Remy page with objectionable language. This is a family-friendly wiki about Pixar films, for heaven's sakes! Please block their account. Buzzfan120 (talk) 23:14, August 27, 2019 (UTC)

Wrong User,VideoGamer 234245 (talk) 23:18, August 27, 2019 (UTC)

My bad. I meant Seahorsetroop. Please block their account, as well as other accounts they have created, such as Fishtroop, Guppytroop, Sharktroop and Supahstah. Buzzfan120 (talk) 23:20, August 27, 2019 (UTC)

r/ToyStory Partnership

Hello Gray_Catbird!

I am a moderator from the r/ToyStory subreddit and discord. I want ask if we may affiliate with the Toy Story pixar wikia. It would be an honor if you would would consider our partnership. If you are interested or need additional information, please contact me here or check out our new server: Subreddit: Djcarnation (talk) 21:59, May 3, 2020 (UTC)

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