VN-GO is a paintbot aboard the Axiom. There is a rejected VN-GO unit numbered "03" shown in the Repair Ward that tracks paint wherever he goes.


  • VN-GO 03's name is a pun on Vincent van Gogh, a famous painter.
  • While following WALL•E and EVE, VN-GO plays a few of the notes of "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" with his wheels and brush.
  • Another unit can also be seen in the film painting a wall when WALL-E was trying to find EVE. A Steward also supervises him.
  • VN-GO 03 is later shown hiding in a small room, where SECUR-T finds him. When WALL-E and EVE arrive, the Steward captures them. EVE then locks the Steward inside, and release VN-GO.
  • He makes a minor appearance in the Wall-E DS game. The player has to rescue him from a cell in the third round of Robot Rescue. But for an unknown reason, his colors are orange in cutscenes and grey in the actual game.


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