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"This 1960's VW Bug, as known as Vroomaroundus Bugus, is usually indigenous to warm dry climates. Though they have a relatively short life span, their miles to the gallon are quite low. It's also worth noting that they can haul up to four times their own body weight. Pretty strong for such a small bug."[1]


He is seen in a post-credits scene where he bumps into the screen and then flies away.

Heavy Metal Mater

In Heavy Metal Mater, Vroomaroundus Bugus is seen flying near the Drummer Pitty, who tries to shoo it away, but keeps hitting the drums and cymbals with his drumsticks, causing Mater and the band to change their style of music.


  • The buzzing sounds used for these bugs are actual VW Bug sounds sped up.
  • The markings on the wing, if highlighted correctly, form the letters "V" on top of a "W".
  • They are flies, who are changed to mini-cars with wings.
  • The Vroomaroundus Bugus is a literal interpretation of the Volkswagen Beetle, the car the insect appears to be based on.
  • While the first Cars film portrayed all VW Bugs as literal insects, the sequel for some reason retconned this so that there are also "human" VW Bugs instead. It also featured "animal" planes and trains, but we have yet to see "human" farm and construction equipment.
  • He might be similar to the car version of Flik, except that he only has wings.



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