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WALL•A (Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Axiom class) is a robot built by the BnL Corporation and usually assigned to a spacecraft. He is charged with packing and removing garbage in a garbage disposal that is delivered there by the garbage truck bots. WALL•A is considerably larger than WALL•E, but like his smaller brethren, WALL•A compacts garbage into cubes. These cubes are then loaded into an airlock and ejected into space.


One WALL•A unit was encountered by WALL•E, M-O and EVE aboard the Axiom. He mistakenly compresses WALL•E and EVE into garbage cubes ready to be flushed out the airlock. Little that he knows that M-O has wedged himself between the inner airlock doors as the outer airlock doors open, causing air to flush out into space. At the same time, EVE, holding WALL•E, reaches out and grabs hold onto M-O in an attempt to save themselves from being jettisoned into space. WALL•A takes the notice and shuts the outer airlock doors, saving the three robots. They shine the light bulbs in their eyes as they observe the trio and wave goodbye as they watch WALL•E, EVE and M-O leave the garbage area. They are later seen back on Earth with other robots and humans when the Axiom has landed.


WALL•As are also briefly seen in the short film BURN•E closing the garbage disposal airlock before BURN•E gets in and he is locked outside again.

WALL-E video game

A single WALL•A unit blocks WALL•E's path on Earth in the WALL•E video game. WALL•E works with EVE to destroy the robot's heart. Two more units are later seen aboard the Axiom just as they are in the movie.

In the PS2 and PC versions, the WALL•As are used to get to the other side of the room.


  • When asked on Twitter why no WALL•A type robots were present on Earth, Andrew Stanton replied, "Just [because you] don't [see them] doesn't mean they're not there."[1]
  • In an alternate version of the garbage disposal scene, where EVE is the damaged robot that accidentally gets compacted, WALL•E gets the WALL•As attention by demonstrating his own trash compacting cubes as a way to ask one of the WALL•As to release EVE. The robots do not understand him, but despite the obvious size difference with their cubes, the large robots show approval, give WALL•E a friendly pat on the head (which nearly buries him), and continue their work, resulting in WALL•E having to risk his life by going into the airlock to save EVE.
  • When one of the WALL-As picks the cube that WALL-E made, the two WALL-As look at each other and say, "Mmmmm" (It could have been possible that they were saying "Awwww").
  • The wall•a robots move on tracks, similar to the BURN-E robot.