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WALL•E was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 18, 2008. The 1-disc package includes commentary with director Andrew Stanton, deleted scenes, featurettes (Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds from the Sound Up, Sneak Peek: WALL•E's Tour of the Universe), and a new BURN-E animated short. The 3-disc combo pack adds to this; additional deleted scenes, 3 featurettes (The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks, BnL Shorts and WALL•E's Treasures and Trinkets), a Lots of Bots storybook, additional "making of" featurettes, Bot Files and a digital copy of the film. The Blu-ray edition includes all of the 2-disc features (minus the digital copy) plus various viewing track options and interactive games. WALL•E was re-released in a 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack on July 5, 2011. The re-release includes all special features available on the previous 3-disc release.


This film has a very unique DVD case: rather that have the case be made of plastic with paper cover art inside a soft plastic pouch that opens like a book and contained within a paperboard slipcover, WALL*E's DVD case is made entirely out of paperboard and has the DVD tray slide out of the case (a special hinge inside the case prevents it from falling out).

Scene Index

  1. Out There
  2. Walk Home
  3. WALL-E's truck
  4. A Day at Work
  5. EVE Arrives
  6. Confrontation
  7. La Vie en Rose
  8. Courting
  9. WALL•E's Favorite Things
  10. Bad Date
  11. Time to Go
  12. Space Travel
  13. Docking
  14. Welcome to the Axiom
  15. Bridge Lobby
  16. Captain On Deck
  17. Define Earth
  18. Repair Ward
  19. Rogue Robots
  20. Escape Pod
  21. Cruising Speed
  22. Spacewalk
  23. The Lido Deck
  24. It Only Takes a Moment
  25. Code A113
  26. Garbage Airlock
  27. Eve to the Rescue
  28. The Captain vs. AUTO
  29. All Feet on Deck
  30. Homecoming
  31. Back Together
  32. End Credits

Easter Eggs

Disc One

  • On the main menu, move to 'Bonus Features'. Move left then up to highlight the red BnL logo. Select this to see a short feature called 'Geek-O-Rama'.
  • On the main menu, move to 'Set Up'. Move right then up to highlight the circle at the top of the screen. Select this to see a title animation test Andrew Stanton created in 2004.

Disc Two

  • In the Humans section, select 'Behind the Scenes'. Move to 'WALL•E and EVE'. Press down once, then press right. You will be on the red WALL•E. Select this to see a development test created in 2005.
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