WALL-E truck01
WALL•E transport vehicles
are transportation trucks built by BnL corporation for Operation Cleanup. They are used for transportation and storing WALL•E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth class) trash compactor units.

These trucks have two large wheels at front and tank treads at back. These allow them to move across difficult terrain. These trucks have a single exhaust pipe. Inside the truck's cargo storage area are rotating shelves for storaging WALL•Es. The truck is used for moving WALL•Es from place to another after they have cleaned one area. It is also probably used to store them at night when they are inactive.

The last active WALL•E still uses one of these trucks as his home after 700 years. Because the other WALL•Es are no longer active and not in the truck, there is a lot of free space. WALL•E has placed there all the interesting items he has found from the mountains of trash. He also stores important spare parts for himself. The vehicle also doubles as a practical shelter from the weather, particularly sandstorms, during which WALL•E shuts himself inside to wait out.

The truck gets damaged twice during the movie by EVE. When WALL•E tries to teach EVE to dance, she accidentally knocks WALL•E into the wall of the truck, damaging one of WALL•E's lenses and denting the wall. The second time she blasts a hole in the ceiling after she repaired WALL•E and he needed light for recharging.


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