Wingo is a character in Cars. He is a member of the Tuner Cars.


"In grade school, Wingo's outrageous, inappropriate paint schemes didn't comply with the school's strict paint code, and got him into a lot of trouble. These days, Wingo makes a good living designing paint schemes for an illustrious clientèle at his own custom paint shop. Now that his paint doesn't get him into trouble, Wingo and his gang find new ways to get into trouble."[1]

Wingo appears as one of the members of the tuner cars who cause Lightning McQueen to fall out of his trailer. He is caught by Sheriff at the end of the film and forced to fix the road.


  • Vehicle Type: Gashi/Wingo.
  • Sports headlights that blind other cars.
  • Swooping side and front panels add extra resistance.
  • If spoilers pressed him any closer to the road, he'd be flat.
  • Sheriff nabs him for zooming through Radiator Springs.



  • Wingo's license plate simply reads "WINGO", and it also says he's from Spoilerville.
  • Wingo, as well as an impound version of him, has been released to the Cars Die-Cast Line.
  • Wingo can be downloaded as a playable character in Cars 2: The Video Game.
  • In the Italian version, he is voiced by Formula One driver Emanuele Pirro.



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